Von Braschler is a former faculty member of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, lifelong member of the Theosophical Society and author of several books. His latest book is Mysterious Messages from Beyond, which reflects on the collapse of many ancient civilizations alarmingly like our own in an effort to direct us away from that lethal historical pattern of self-destruction.

He returns to join us on Dreamland with this fascinating and empowering discussion. Von and Whitley discuss a series of convincingly real and verified messages from nonphysical sources – including radio, telephone and other means. One of these messages changed Von’s life forever, and possibly even saved the life of famed author Dean Koontz.

Instead of continuing with Von in the third half hour, Whitley takes subscribers through a powerful and joyous version of the sensing exercise. More guided meditations can be found in the subscriber section of Unknown Country.

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  1. Thank you, Whitley. Wonderful, wonderful meditation.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Love the meditation – thank you. Fun thing- one of my little rescue mutts who has never kissed me before, came up to my leg with a sweet little kiss and a wagging tail as I was doing this. ❤️🐶. They are quite perceptive as well.

  3. The wisdom in Carlos Castaneda’s ‘Tales of Power’ is an Ancient Tradition. I am unable to imagine anyone coming up with it, even a student of world religions. It contains keys beyond modern wisdom. There are a few obscure passages in Black Elk Speaks which verify that it transcended a modern writer’s ingenuity. Others have claimed to be from other lineages, such as Don Miguel Ruiz.

    Note that according to the timeline, after ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’ the first part of the third book ‘Journey to Ixtlan’ happens (and here one finds advanced practices), then the second book ‘A Separate Reality’, which is more like field notes, then the second section of ‘Journey to Ixtlan’ and then ‘Tales of Power’.

    After that things seem more disjointed, but several of the women of the group also have books.

    1. Thanks for the time line. There are many useful practices mentioned in his books.

  4. This meditation reminds me of the exercise Stephan A Schwartz offers in his online remote viewing and non-local consciousness course on Glidewing. I have also gained much from an early morning meditation. In my case – it was simply the most effective time to do it. The challenges of daily life seem less impactful in a negative sense – and I think the positive events have a greater impact. Can’t prove it – but it seems that way to me. There is actually no need to prove it. It’s mine. Thank you, Whitley.

  5. Whitley, you must remember when Art Bell had his audience focus on changing the course of hurricanes in Florida, and he had such overt success that it sobered him… Remember, he stopped because he was at fraid if the kind of power he was proving wasnpossible, afraid of inadvertently changing something that should not be changed.

    1. I remember it quite well!!! but we NEED to actuate this POWER….you know it already is being done…w certain “collectives” “out there” already…and on going……whitley should lead his own collective on an experiment….start with a simple task…….

      as a targeted whistleblower for a securities fraud that effected my self and my co founders re: IProp we created, now used in support of the Iphone and other…the corruption of the local and state courts was just appalling…i had a big fantasy about community coming together to give voice and time for another sort of court “hearing” for those disenfranchised….effecting those who were derelict of duty to hopefully do their job….i guess they call that w craft..ahahhh!!! but anyways… the collective power is REAL

  6. There’s something strangely fitting about seeing your interview with Von Braschler directly follow our conversation: he was my first supervisor when I started working at Quest Books (at the Theosophical Society) back in 1989. Small world indeed.

  7. Aleister Crowley also had a shocking synchronicitous experience involving a beetle! Castenada became a very dark figure later in life (a bit like Crowley, actually), and his immediate female followers are all believed to have committed suicide after his death, but I’m prepared to accept that his first book has some basis in some actual experience working with shamans, though I doubt the historicity of Don Juan Matus or the ethnological purity of his content. The Buddha also refers to “them whose eyes are covered with dirt.” Aurobindo also believed that he was influencing events in World War II using Yoga, and recorded his experiences in this regard, which I haven’t read. An Albertan indigenous shaman documented in *The Cry of the Eagle* was well known as a rainmaker and a healer. R. Buckminster Fuller believed that the eyes radiate and receive ultra-high frequency electromagnetic thought signals.

    1. oh…i think it was all real….i think he became increasingly candid with age and what happened with the estrogen tribe is real intriguing……a mini cult of sorts or a coven that knew what was up and which way was which…..

  8. I would think if I had 2 mysterious phone calls telling me to go to India, followed by specific instructions on how to meditate and then discovered who this person was and found an actual book he wrote……I would think I’d remember his name and the name of the book that profoundly affected me. Just saying.

    1. You’re saying what I was thinking…

      Anyway, I did a Web search yesterday evening and found an intro to a book by Sivananda Saraswati, that mentioned him going on a “lightening tour of India”.


      Apparently he has written over 200 books and died in the 1960s, which is roughly about the right time, according to the story. I’m not saying it is definitely him, but it could be…only I can’t find any real reference to a book of his yet about meditating in the morning sunlight, whilst being next to running water.

      1. I did the same thing last night and found Swami Sivananda Saraswati, and also couldn’t find a matching book title.
        I had never heard of this guy before.
        He founded an organization in 1936 called the Divine Life Society along the Ganges River.
        Curiously, the emblem of the society shows the sun rising over rippling water.


        May or may not be the Indian man on the phone but these clues hint that it might be.
        Thank you Sherbet UFO.

        1. I didn’t look too closely at the emblem but you are absolutely right. Well spotted Morelight!

    2. I have even just bought the Kindle version of Von Braschler’s book “Moving in the Light”, where the whole story is recounted, more than once, and I still cannot see where the actual name of this ‘Mysterious East Indian man’ is given. I can just about buy that he can’t remember the name now… but I cannot believe that he essentially wrote a book about that Indian author’s message, he spoke to him a few times on the phone, was told his traditional East Indian name, saw one of his books, read the cover introduction, noted his birth and death year…but neglected to include any of that information in his own book, due to failing memory.

      There is a bibliography but again, I cannot figure out if any of those refer to the actual Indian mystic in question. I can only assume that Von Braschler purposefully does not want to reveal that information for some reason.

  9. Thanks. I did the excercise at the end. sometimes i do it during my standing QiGong exercise, the chakra part, anyway. the QiGong is itself a form of sensing excercise. As to memory… with a memory like mine i could imagine forgetting such a thing…. on the other hand i do remember all the important guides on my path… Castaneda, Strieber, Sai Baba, Mary Summer Rain & No Eyes, Edgar Cayce, Khalil Gibran, Rumi, Báb, Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Bahá, Shoghi Effendi.

  10. When I heard this story about the telephone calls, I couldn’t help being reminded about the telephone scene in the ‘Mothman Prophecies’ movie. Yep, that got my hackles up, especially when he asks…
    Q: “What do you look like?”
    A:” It depends who’s looking.”

    I wonder if someone else other than Von Braschler picked up the phone, how that conversation might have been different…or whether there would even have been a call at all.


  11. This came from a friend on Facebook today and former neighbor. When I saw the trees on the album cover, (OMAR) from this interview came to mind.

    Quote from my Facebook friend:
    “I love William Fitzsimmons, and WF’s cover of JD’s song makes me so happy.”

    William Fitzsimmons – “Annie’s Song” [Official Audio]

  12. What a great interview and episode. I’ve been doing the sensing exercise since I read A New World. My husband loves watching the video episodes of Dreamland with me. Tonight was the first time we did the exercise together, and all because you led it.

    He is hearing impaired from a side effect of chemo, but he loves listening/watching Dreamland podcasts because your voice he can clearly hear.

    Thanks Whitley.

  13. Well, I love Dean Koontz,- and I love the story about the phone call- I have slept with his books many times LOL but also ALSO my family experienced “the phone call” as one of the many precognitions of the week preceeding the death of my Dad, Warren Thomas- most awesome Dad in the universe. I was stopped by a barrier- a hand- something- just stopped me at the door- and heard the voice in my head “go back and tell your father that you love him” I said oooooo kkkay! and did that as a 19 year old going out the door to Tempe to see her boyfriend. And my Mom got A PHONE CALL with a wild female voice yelling and screaming in hysteria “Daddy Dead, Daddy’s Dead” she thought somehow it was me or who? but she saw him in the den; and, it up shook her so badly she went and knelt at his knee and cried and sobbed and they had a deep talk that night. My mom was the sick parent- and her illnness -from the active beauty she was- brought us to AZ from AR. That was Jonesboro close to Cape Gireaudeau, MO. They married at age 19 for my Dad and my mom had just turned 18, in WW 2 era- and built their life beautifully; and, they were the most remarkable and loving at everything, Phenomena was not uncommon in our home. Later in the next year my mom told me about the three knocks- I often felt called to simply leave that home and go drive and I would come back to a story…

  14. a sweet excercise! thanks for reminding us all of the resource of love and light- a this time I am so abashed aat the lack of compassion for some high profile suffering individuals like Brittny Griner- ” oh she knew, it is her responsibility, oh m she slandered the USA taking a knee and so sad he current suffering of Anne Heche- who may have had substances and maybe a stroke from them- and the horrible resulting accident and her terrible suffering and now there are those with the same attitude- she must take responsibility and go directly to the jail as soon as possibile- “well if she lives…”I say, “do you not know how terrible her suffering is?” Man oh Man, I am so taken back by the harshness afloat. Yes, I know she was blase about her THC oil- I think she got that now- she doesn’t need prison in Russia and, indeed, we have many here who should be released immediately from the profit prison industry. Many persons are so unforgiving and virulent- yes- it is good that no more pyhsical harm came to the woman whose home burned. Where is the love? Thank you for the excercise- these efforts are so important, Whitley. WE need your energy here doing these things, you see- please appreciate that you are needed. Anne Heche and Britany Griner are suffering. hey represent many others who are suffering similarly.

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