We have broken down 19 specific statements of information made by the three witnesses in answer to committee questions during the historic hearing on UAPs held by the US Congress on Wednesday, July 26 and Whitley has analyzed each one on a statement by statement basis. As an experiencer and a researcher, Whitley is uniquely qualified to do this, and his conclusion provide an unforgettable record of insights into this world-changing hearing. There will not be anything remotely like this anywhere else. Do not miss this important show.

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  1. This question is somewhat off-topic since it is more closely related to the reddit post. According to that post, the EBO (the visitors) are manufactured, bio-engineered beings. Has there been any discussion about who is doing the engineering? Would that be a different, more “natural” species, the praying mantis perhaps? Or, are the EBO managing and manufacturing themselves? Also, regarding the paragraph about the religious beliefs of the visitors (which Whitley commented in his latest live session): are we talking about the beliefs of the biological robots? They might have a soul, unlike man-made robots. Or are we talking about the beliefs of the program managers, whoever they might be?

  2. If you’re like me and had never heard of the ‘Holman Rule’, that the Congressman was threatening to invoke, if their plans for a SCIF session were blocked… then here is an extract from the Wiki link below to explain it…

    “The Holman rule is a rule in the United States House of Representatives that allows amendments to appropriations legislation that would reduce the salary of or fire specific federal employees, or cut a specific program…”.


  3. Great show Whitley! While watching the hearings live I could recognize a few faces behind the three men giving testimony. For those who watched does anyone know who the older bald man with glasses is ? He seems very familiar but can’t place him. Thanks, Adam

    1. I’m not completely convinced but searching for a match online, just now, it looks like it could be the US former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

      He stood out to me straight away, whilst watching it on C-Span the other day. My intuitive impressions of him at the time, without knowing who he was, were that he looks pretty shifty…and exuded an aura of knowing more than a few secrets. Another impression was, that I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. All meaningless impressions to a point, but hey.

      1. It was Clapper, and I don’t trust him— at all. He thought it was ok to do surveillance on Americans’ phone calls and internet servers, among other things, and the fact that he was there was sending a not so subtle message for many of us, and those in the know. I recognized him immediately. Yeah, my radar turned on, and over the days that passed since the hearing, I’m casting a wary eye on it all (see my posting below on the 29th.)

  4. All I could think about while watching the hearing unfold was how unnatural the weather has felt. Whitley, I ‘ve only known of your work for the past two years, but you introduced me to the consistent stories you hear from so many of the experiencers.

    Global warming is no longer a distant curiosity… Just like with life that exists outside of earth, we were mislead when we were told it was too far away to ever be a part of our reality.

    I wonder, is this how desperately humanity needed a lesson in humility? That both these distant realities we thought we could always ignore, should come waltzing up together? As if both wider realities got tired of waiting for us to acknowledge them.

    I’m sure the visitors are here to help in some way, but it still feels like an ironic fate, especially for those who might not ever see it coming. But I guess every intelligent species has to grow up sometime.

    And honestly, almost anything is preferable to going through life always believing that nothing exists outside of the material world. Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll be able to laugh about it.

    1. That WaPo piece is definitely an exercise in cringe: many commentators I’ve encountered have long since resorted to outright ignoring fundamental details to skew the reality of what’s going, making it seem like it’s nothing important.

      Also note that it’s just an opinion piece; basically, its “contents do not necessarily represent the position of The Washington Post…” their get-out-of-jail free card.

      The reason the NYT piece is far more fair, however, is that it was penned by Helene Cooper, Kean and Blumenthal’s co-author on the December 2017 expose on AATIP, although it looks like she either might have been ordered to end it as it is, or her editor tacked on a comment from the sole skeptic from the proceedings.

  5. I watched all of the hearing the other day, and I had questions about so much, and whether or not it would really make a big difference going forward. I didn’t hear anything new. I do hope that it piques the interest of the American public to where they think more broadly about the topic, as well as our ‘leaders’ and what they are, or not doing, or are willing to do.

    This should be treated as something involving the whole of humanity, not just one country ’taking charge’ (Which Americans love to do). We need scientists of many disciplines, spiritual leaders, people who have been involved with investigating the phenomenon, and even people like us. If our military capabilities are being scrutinized, it may be to keep tabs on our abilities to destroy our world and one another. ’ They’ are stakeholders in our future, and possibly theirs IF some of them are from here or our future, or dimensional neighbors.

    I am still disturbed that this is about government and the military, not scientists and real experts. I’m going to be a feminist here—with the government and military, the guys are firmly in charge. And this phenomenon has been with us for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, yet Grusch said the 1930s was as far back as he would say it has been observed. So, it is strictly being addressed as a threat. There were important questions that were not asked, so I’m hoping that they go further. Frankly, if ’they’ are trying to assess our military capabilities, as was asked and answered by the 3 witnesses, why would they be doing this over a period of 80 plus years? They know our capabilities. If they wanted to destroy us, could they and would they?

    Some other observations of the hearing, especially the apparent invited guests:

    1. Jeremy Korbel and George Knapp…Have they been chosen as the go-to people for the media? (No Leslie Kean, no Ralph Blumenthal, no Linda Moulton Howe——and Linda has been talking to government/military whistleblowers for YEARS.) Have deals been made?

    2. As we watched, I pointed out to my partner that James Clapper was there. Why? That seemed like a red flag to me, even though he is no longer active (ha, ha) in intelligence.

    Sorry if some of this seems like what Whitley said! I began writing some of this days ago, and before this ‘Dreamland’ aired. Whitley and I are on the same page, and it just looks like I’m parroting things that he said. Since I only have one-finger to type with, this takes awhile to do. 🙂

  6. After listening to the whole show, I see that Whitley had already answered the questions in my first comment: the greys (a.k.a the visitors, a.k.a. the EBO of the reddit post) are in charge of their own destiny.

  7. About the (im)possibility for extraterrestrials to travel form their home planet to the Earth: I think that Whitley is most likely right that wormholes are impractical for energetic reasons. But it’s important to keep in mind that wormholes are only one of the possibilities that have been suggested to achieve fast interstellar travel (and I am not counting the possibilities that have not yet been suggested due to our imperfect understanding of physics). Some of the possibilities that have been suggested include:
    1) warp drives, of Stark Trek frame but taken increasingly seriously by some physicists.
    2) The existence of an invisible universe of negative masses with a larger speed of light than our universe.

  8. Also, I would like to point out that some (all?) UFO seem to be endowed with anti-gravity capabilities of sorts. This is very relevant for interstellar travel, because it points to imperfections in our current understanding of gravity. And our best theory of gravity is relativity theory, which also forbids faster than light travel (FLT). Change relativity theory, and you perhaps also remove the impossibility of FLT.

  9. At this point, anywhere we have evidence of a compliant media, a policy of promoting sneering ridicule, and an army of weaponized pseudo-skeptics at work should be recognized as an area of likely manipulation and transparently revisited.

  10. The structure of this episode is well laid out and has made it a lot clearer for those of us not in the US about what exactly is going on with these hearings.

    From what I can gather, we (humanity as a collective) are in the process of wresting the UAP / UFO / flying saucer narrative from the hands of those that have seized upon it and made it their own.

    One could argue that this is similar to what happens when a subject/discipline at a university is managed by the faculty staff and are subject to the mandates of that institution. In other words, the matter is institutionalized and access requires the right passwords (i.e. studying with that university, passing the tests in order to do so, weeding out of non-compliance etc.)

    The problem with this is that the phenomenon is larger than our institutions and tied into our very being. With the “visitors” and their tech the very truth of our being could be at play, and it appears that someone is deciding we are not allowed to know.

    To study this complex enigma we need shamans, anthropologists, religious scholars (NOT religious devotees), biologists, physicists, artists, and a range of folks from all cultures to get on this. And this includes women!!!

    Napoleon took more than his soldiers to Egypt in that fateful expedition and as a result, Egyptology was born. We need to take a similar approach (without the war intentions I suggest) to begin to make any sense of this.

  11. I definitely read the same phrase over and over in mainstream media “little green men”. I think it’s a bad practice to gaslight any victim whether it’s domestic abuse to abductee. We need to focus on remaining compassionate and open minded to our fellow humans even when we have no way to relate to their story or point of view. I’m hoping the viewpoints on our planet will shift and accept more point of views that challenge the common thoughts.

  12. Author

    Compassionate? The media? I have lived with their cruelty and bullying for years. I know how they enjoy it. When it comes to the UFO material, they will continue to fail. Their failure over 80 years to detect the fact that they were being played means that they are essentially a worthless institution.

    1. Our trusted institutions have been falling all around us. Our government, our news media, even our religious institutions. What will be next?

    2. Yes Whitley , and also a dangerous and poisonous institution that stirs hatred and division . I come here to find information, I trust what I read is honest and shared to encourage understanding and empathy.

  13. I used to think the NYT was “THE” objective news source and the height of journalistic integrity.

    Then last summer I saw the Crop circle “analysis” and it was the same old rubbish. It was so blatantly obvious it was a black ops “plant”.

    Same old stupid Doug & Dave & plywood & ropes & pub drinks BS:


    Its rubbish…

    1. Author

      The entire conventional media is worthless when it comes to crop formations. Remember that the CIA literally raced to debunk them with the childish “Doug and Dave boards on the feet” nonsense and this was immediately believed by all the conventional media. Why, one might ask? Because their fundamental worldview is wrong and they don’t want to face that. As to CIA, it is infected with the same fears that have corrupted the military and the rest of the intelligence community. To preserve their secrets, otherwise good people have disgraced themselves with lies. It’s a real shame.

  14. The format of this dreamland puts it in the top 10 of all the decades of dreamlands.

    I’d love to see a similar formal hearing on the much maligned crop circle phenomena.

  15. I had been looking forward to your analysis of this hearing, Whitley. Having heard it now, I so appreciate your speaking to each question and answer in light of your decades of experience, study, and research. I know I can trust you, so thank you very much!

  16. Thanks for your informed perspective, Mr Strieber.

    Some people think they are so smart. I posted a summary of the congressional UAP hearing on a Democratic blog under a headline that UAP are real. Here is what happened. Republicans might respond similarly, but I’m not testing that.

    A reasonable number liked it. A few said one or two supportive things.

    Among those taking it seriously, it seemed to be mostly considered our technology observed in DoD testing, not on test ranges, but in surprise encounters with fighter pilots and jets. If it is not ours, the case was made to keep it secret so that we don’t give China, Russia or others information that might help them get the technology working sooner.

    I am for open science and support Whitley’s position on the need to end UAP secrecy. I also asked commenters if we could work together on this planet, rather than make this about an arms race.

    Back to the testimony, predictable skepticism and non sequiturs were readily cast. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence was a mild response. Extraordinary evidence requires attention, I contend.

    Others drew it into longer, self aggrandizing discussion on distance and time for interstellar travel, which was only briefly discussed in the hearing and in this dreamland in theoretical frameworks.

    A few connected UAP to aliens with incredulity.

    At the end of my piece, separated from the hearing summary, I did disclose to blog readers that I am a long time subscriber to Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, and speculated that there might be connections with abductions. I added that this was beyond the scope of the hearing and too poorly understood to say anything more.

    How much did my mention of UC draw out the predictable discarding of the hearing based on scoffing about aliens? I’d be surprised if there were none if I had left that FYI information out.

    Again, there were a number of supporting comments from curious readers open to observation and unknown possibilities. There were warnings to beware, while the possibility of taking our place in an extraordinary community was neglected, IMO. I also think we need to be aware of our own missteps. Some seem to think that we are too smart for consciousness altering, reality defying missteps, just like around 1875, when Newtonian physics was considered complete. The lack of calls for public control and knowledge was disappointing.

    Finally, I kept my political blog link out of this. It can be shared or not as readers and proprietors wish.

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