Are the beings we call “Visitors” and “aliens” more like conjoined twins sharing our own invisible dimensions? What does it take to know them as equals? And is our own universe constantly trying to stop us? These questions may sound crazy at first, but in this stunner of a follow-up to his last solo show, Jeremy Vaeni uses his own personal experiences to make the case and shows us what it takes to find out for ourselves! Then, for subscribers, Vaeni answers questions from listeners.
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  1. Jeremy, I have no ill intent and yet disagree with some things you have said. I have had countless experiences and know non-duality experientially, yet can only type words from my understanding. I do not think you or anyone is superior or inferior, everyone is learning lessons from where they are at. I enjoy books and scholarly wisdom, but I know silence. I know consciousness is timeless, yet I do not have the same extrapolations from my experience about ‘the future’ in my mental constructs. I experience it as a multiverse and consciousness collapses it into the past. Consciousness is here and now even in any experience and being outside of time does not negate time. I am open to being wrong, but for every timeless experience we return and think up these words to symbolize the mystery..

    You stated you did not know exactly what the block universe theory is, but use the term. It is a theory within philosophical material in which there is no such thing as consciousness: consciousness is an illusion created by chemically generated electric patterns in the physical brain. In the block universe theory everything is predestined and you have no free choice because you are reduced to the result of past experiences. Work on yourself as much as you want, that was also predetermined and every choice you make is the result of what you experienced in the past! The block universe theory has nothing to do with cosmic consciousness or any type of consciousness at all. Therefore, I do not think using the term in some redefined manner is useful. From your talk I do not think you have any belief whatsoever in the block universe theory.

    I do believe there are extra-terrestrial species who have gotten off their planet who are not ‘Enlightened’ or aware their hyper-dimensional nature. I believe there are others who have physical bodies and yet are fully aware on many dimensions, who know each other when they live lives, when they are dead, and when the transcend. Words are tricksters, these are classic three states of living which allow words, but the mystery is much vaster. Yes stars, planets, and galaxies are conscious, but as a cell experiences a body, so our experience of that consciousness is limited regardless of grand experiences.

    Finally, once one is egoless, one can do art, play music, and create movies … as co-creators with the Cosmos (or Cosmic Sentience or the Way or the Mystery or…). Do it for the love of it. It seems you love giving these talks and I believe you are on to an aspect of what meeting advanced beings is like and that those who are truly advanced are seeking to open us to parts of ourselves that exist in higher dimensions. They do want us to crack our bubble of philosophical materialism and experience the Sentient Mystery directly (as opposed to with our minds).

    Finally I would like to say we also have ducks and they joy that they have when I let them out of the duck house in the morning is amazing. They have a zeal for life. Nature is predatory; they have learned and want me to lock them in the duck house every night. We can learn a great deal for whatever animal companions we have and also from the wild ones…

    I love to think and dialog. Peace…

    1. I would also tend to agree that the Earth does not filter its output…any more than a gardener might crush a flower because it has the ‘wrong’ colour. Or any more than a good parent would prevent their child from going out of the house, because they were not ‘enlightened’ enough. It could be said that the very act of travelling outside of the Earth’s bounds, might actually tip one away from egocentricity, and towards an epiphany of consciousness. Look at the experiences of the astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, eloquently described in the book “The Way of the Explorer”. I can prescribe to the idea that the Earth might manifest phenomena indended to increase the coherence of our conscious state…but if there are other forces preventing us from leaving, I suspect they could be trying to emulate the parenting nature of the Earth but to an unwarranted, borderline abusive degree, and to their own ends…rather than being bourne of a nurturing, conscious Earth.

      1. We seem to need the Earth’s gravity, magnetic field, etc. to be healthy and functional. I very much hope that we can travel far in spacetime, but we’ll have to find ways to substitute for the conditions our bodies depend on. We already have issues with astronauts losing muscle mass and even developing swelling in their brains, and we haven’t taken any really long journeys yet.

        1. I completely agree. For example, living on Mars would mutate humans to such an extent that surviving for long times would be unlikely. Possibly a year or so with serious health problems, as those who were in the space station for a long time.

          On an Earth size planet, the chemistry would also take its tole. If there was life there, I wonder if the virus and bacteria might have a field day with us.

          We would need a lot more science to deal with all this. meanwhile there are reports of all kinds / species of ET visiting here?

  2. Hmm currently no downloadable file availabe.. 7am Britain.

    Looking forward to listening.


  3. Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing your experiences and views. It really helps us to open our minds to new understandings and possibilities for a healthier expression as humanity.

    1. Can you clarify what you mean there?

      Do you mean, that you sincerely feel this is all gibberish…or that what Jeremy is saying is gibberish because it is spoken from the heart?

      1. Jeremy is stuck in a box of thoughts that only he thinks is true. Maybe he is the one.

        1. It only takes one person outside that box to think he is correct, for that suggestion to fall apart.

          Only the Oracle knows for sure. In the meantime we can enjoy a few cookies.

  4. Hello. I’d like to hear more… during the episode you asked for people to let you know if they were interested in hearing more & yes I am. Thank you.

  5. A very thoughtful show and certainly what I needed right now.

    I’ve a tendency to prefer to view the World through rose tinted lenses and Jeremy took me into new regions of consideration that acted like a breath of fresh air.


  6. Jeremy, the issue is not the microphone, it’s the accoustics of your environment. Hard surfaces create echo as the sound waves bounce around. For example, 2 walls facing one another create a “standing wave”. test your microphone when you are standing in your closet, then in the hard room we see in the video. Compare the sound.

    If you can hang something soft like fabric on the walls (tapestry, rug, acoustic mats, duvets, paintings, matresses, racoons, people), it will reduce the ring of a hard room.

    I have a couple of small hooks in the wall to hang an unused rug from two cable ties in the corners of the rug. Mostly the echo comes from the direction the mic is facing, so behind you is a good place to start.

  7. I’ve had this quote in a prominent place in my home office for about 20 years…I see it everyday.

    “And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”
    ― C.S. Lewis

      1. Sherbet…I remember seeing that story several years ago…and I understand it. It’s a thread that runs through many faiths and philosophies around the world.

        It’s pretty simple, but most have a difficult time wrapping their minds, around it, let alone their hearts.

        Mark 12:30-31
        30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’No other commandment is greater than these.

        Matthew (7:12)
        In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. . . .

        1. I needed to read those bible quotes. Perfectly timed.
          Thanks Cosmic.

  8. Suzanne Giesemann reported an encounter with a being who identified himself as a Norse god, Odin I think. She blurted out, “But you’re not real!” He replied, “YOU’RE not real.” And she couldn’t argue with that.

  9. I’m really enjoying this series. Certainly some hefty food for thought. Looking forward to the next episode!

  10. I really enjoyed this podcast and the previous one. And like Whitely’s too, but I love the non -dogmatic open -minded talk, and it all resonates with me, I have had so many years of listening to teachers, trying to get “enlightened” etc, well this seems truthful.

    And I like the microphone used here.

    I am fairly new to just listening to podcasts in my car as I can’t tolerate the news anymore, too upsetting. So I can’t afford to sign up for everything, I appreciate it, and definitely will get the book.

  11. Hi Jeremy, Hope you are safe with all the fires in Hawaii. Let us know you’re ok! Peace

  12. Jeremy, sooo hoping that you and Carole are OK during these heart-wrenching wildfires burning across Maui. The devastation has to be awful for the people. I AM SENDING MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE.

  13. Author

    Aloha, Gang:

    We’re all good here. Live on The Big Island, not Maui. Our fires were on the other side of this island and nowhere near as destructive.

    That said, in a weird twist, we have two friends who were vacationing in Lahaina, which is the town on Maui that was destroyed. No one had heard from them since their Facebook post about how amazing everything was. Through the magic of knowing people who know people, we were able to track them down. They had fled to a Walmart parking lot across the island, not the one turned into a shelter, and didn’t know what to do. We booked them a flight last night and they’re coming here soon.

    Just another day in paradise!

  14. Fires are everywhere…Texas is no exception, plus we are in severe drought and very high temps (108F). A wildfire near the old neighborhood that I moved from a couple of years ago destroyed an apartment building and left a lot of people homeless, but the fire is 80% contained today.
    …And there are people who still don’t get it, complaining that they aren’t allowed to keep their high maintenance lawns green…

  15. On the question on whether Homo sapiens sapiens are timeless beings, after doing 18 months of weekly counseling sessions, I realized that the human subconscious mind has no sense of time. From that perspective, the reason that long-ago psychological trauma still hurts so much is that, from the viewpoint of the subconscious mind, that trauma just (now) happened.

  16. I tried, I really did – but after 15 minutes I had to stop. I simply can’t get into Vaeni’s material or style of presentation like some seem to on this board. It started off badly enough with the well worn discussion about the apparent superiority of the (entirely unnamed) ‘nature cultures’ and their ability to understand the interconnectedness of the universe and the failure of western and/or other ‘modern’ cultures to do so and so on. I’ve discussed my issues with this characterization before and will not clutter the comments section with a repetition of the same. Suffice to say I see it as another example of a wider trend in self-hatred within the West amongst a certain class of people who tend to idealize ‘the other’ or what is ‘foreign’ (amusing considering that part of the premise here is that there is no ‘other’). After some more about the ills of modern civilization we get to this discussion about interconnecting heart and and not relying on the brain etc. Frankly, I find it difficult to hear ‘we are all one’ and ‘interconnectedness’ type advocacy from someone who once said something to the effect that ‘anyone who votes for [the former president] is a racist’ among other things. Personally, I can’t relate to blanket statements as seems Mr. Vaeni’s wont to make – and he does so quite frequently. Take your pick of (my paraphrasing of) his statements: ‘Aliens aren’t advanced how people say they are’, ‘if they weren’t [more spiritual than us?] their planet wouldn’t let them leave’, ‘we won’t get to mars because we are ‘sick’ and earth won’t let us leave’, ‘they don’t make deals with the government’ ‘if high strangeness is true in even one case then they aren’t likely to be aliens [ in the typical boiler plate sense]’ – this latter point doesn’t even make logical sense, namely if one HS event is true then all that means is that one instance of High Strangeness happened and we have no idea about the nature of that particular case. It does not validate or invalidate anything because, quite simply, the nature of the phenomena is largely unknown and often paradoxical. We don’t even really know how many phenomena we’re dealing with and how they might or might not interconnect. But Mr. Vaeni pontificates on everything in such a matter-of-fact self satisfied manner that it would seem there is no discussion – it’s simply as he says it is and that, my friends, is that. Well, I don’t find that to be a particularly welcoming, fruitful or relatable manner of dealing with this topic (or any other for that matter). Looking forward to Whitley’s next show.

    1. Author

      I’m only going to take one of these issues you find problematic because I can see how it might be confusing to a lot of people:

      The idea that I’m talking about oneness on the one hand and divisions on the other is not hypocrisy. Just as there is timelessness and time, there is oneness and separation. We live in separation and act accordingly, further dividing ourselves and divorcing ourselves from “nature” as if it is not also us.

      But when that self dissolves, oneness becomes the case. Not as a theoretical–it becomes you. The separate self-identity is replaced by oneness-self, if you want to call it that.

      That’s all well and good, but it isn’t how most of us live. So, yeah: there is division and racism and every awful thing in this divide-and-conquer mind, which isn’t to say there is not the opposite also. But it is to say that in this mind we are constantly swinging back and forth between our best and worst impulses and can just as easily choose away from what we call “the good.”

      I’m talking about seeing this so deeply that the brain dissolves the self because it sees the futility of its choices and its seeking. Seeking oneness or wholeness–whatever word you want to use. Seeking that which is not comprised of thought. It cannot find such. It can only find more thought.

      Get that to where you’re gone and oneness is the case and then we can talk about the rest. I don’t know what else to tell you except that if a self-satisfied self-hater such as I can understand this through direct perception then probably other sentient species have a good shot at it, too.

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