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The Auracle Healing Cards are storytellers of your soul which combine work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to connect you more deeply to the truth of who you are. In this interview with Auracle reader Leslie Sloane, Marla Frees takes us on a journey into this powerful system of spiritual exploration.


Join Marla and expert Leslie Sloane on this adventure into the power and wonder of these cards. And, in the second half of the show, listen as Marla has a reading which reveals secrets about her own inner struggle and moves her deeply.

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  1. I really like Marla Frees,
    I really like Marla Frees, and Ms. Sloane sounds like a nice and sincere person. Interesting that Marla mentioned being a skeptic during the show, and yet ended up seeming quite enthusiastic about about these “Auracle Healing Cards”. In contrast, by the end I still felt my own skepticism on high alert, even though Marla (whose opinion I generally respect) seemed to find great value in her card reading.

    Looking over the Auricle website, which at the top scrolls through many of the cards with text on what they mean, it seems to me that there’s no story that the cards could tell that wouldn’t naturally resonate with someone who is a spiritual seeker in the crystals and chakras New Age tradition, and maybe inspire some kind of sense of personal affirmation, especially for someone who’s deeply down the New Age rabbit hole. In other, more skeptical words, doing a well-received reading for someone in the intended audience with these cards seems like shooting fish in a barrel. You can’t miss.

    Perhaps one could argue that the process itself of trying to interpret all of these positive “messages”, random though they may be, helps people to bring up unresolved issues and form a more positive outlook. While that’s fine, I also feel that the cards, images, messages, and so forth have no particular power, magic, or intrinsic value; rather it’s a rehash of all of the New Age platitudes mildly reformed as something new to sell. Which goes to the fact that they have a very demonstrable value to Leslie Sloane: $75 for a deck of the cards and a book about them. She’ll even sell you a PDF file with all the images and book contents for, take a deep breath, $725. That’s right, over seven hundred bucks for a file download. I’m not making this up, see:

    Personally, I’m going to pass on this one.

  2. I find her selling snake oil
    I find her selling snake oil and calling it miracle cure laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. What is fascinating is that
    What is fascinating is that people tend to be skeptical mostly because of general distrust, which is understandable when there are “snake oil salesman” out there selling mystical, magical junk for money. I get it that people could easily mistake this “deck of cards” to be nothing but pretty photos on paper stock with a “generalized meaning” companion book. From my personal experiences with Marla, Leslie, their individual work and these Auracle Healing Cards… there is nothing but truth, love, highly conscious abilities, and the power of absolute one-of-a-kind results that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. These woman are BOTH of the highest integrity with God given gifts and the ability to help others heal themselves and completely transform with loving light. Leslie has created pure healing genius, as these Auracles are LIVING ENERGY that can be seen, felt and experienced with profound impact. Nothing else on the planet can compare with these Auracles! I have had the pleasure of having several personal Auracles readings and healing experiences, have taken Leslie’s amazing in-depth course, and have been working with these cards for about 2 years with enthusiasm. This incredible deck has been energetically encoded to speak from one’s heart and soul, heal the mind and body, and continue to bring healing light energy into the lives of users world-wide! Without personally feeling the energy of the cards and the authenticity of the creator, there is no way to qualify any kind of negative review. You have just listened to two of the most loving, gifted, high-energy forms living on this planet today. So skeptics… I can assure you that what they are offering is what I value as priceless! If you used the Auracles, you would no longer feel the need to express the lower energies of doubt, distrust and skepticism because you would feel new levels of joy with your light-filled heart. I am grateful to know about Marla and Leslie, and continue to work with them both to attain higher levels of consciousness, healing and vitality. Thank you BOTH… I am blessed to be one of the people who have been able to experience and receive your light! I’m with you 1000%!! I thank you, and send you loving living light from my heart and soul to yours! XO

  4. I appreciate skepticism. In
    I appreciate skepticism. In 1995 I was vehemently convinced that talking to the dead was a scam, a sham and a load of BS perpetrated on the gullible. I also thought that the UFO conversation, talking to extraterrestrials and the like, was for a bunch of crazy people that wanted and needed attention. Well, needless to say I got slapped and God smacked out of those ideas, and here I am. That journey was my awakening to a much more benevolent, conscious group of highly educated people. People who had experienced much more than me and who also helped me at a time when the Universe was beating me down with my own sets of fears and judgments. It’s because of my desire to learn, my humble connection to this community, Anne and Whitley and the people I have been fortunate to interview that I have the awareness that I have today. I continue to seek. So when a friend recommended that I take a look at this deck of cards, I too had judgment, but I trusted my friend and was surprised. That is why I brought Leslie on the program. I am not here to convince you, or prove to you anything. I only have something to share. That is why I have loved Anne and Whitley. They had the courage to share their extraordinary experiences, as well as the depth of strangeness, improbability, and beyond belief stories of others. That is what all of the hosts and guests do here. It is not my job to judge but give this community ways to think, see, hear and feel differently. I respect that one persons salve or message of insight might be another persons kryptonite. We all must be prudent with so much fake news in the world, and yet we are on the fringe, holding hands as we explore alternative information. Thank you for sharing and caring. Love Marla

    1. Thank you, Marla, for
      Thank you, Marla, for responding to my and other reactions that are less than enthusiastic shall we say. I believe I already accept many of the concepts you mentioned, that the dead aren’t dead, and that people who claim extraordinary experiences are not necessarily crazy. And as I mentioned at the outset, I generally very much enjoy what you’ve contributed to Dreamland. It’s obviously true that I can’t feel your experience with the Auracle cards first hand, and ultimately we’re all kind of left in that situation with our own experiences.

      I really don’t approach these shows like, “I’m a skeptic and it’s up to this person to convince me against my better judgement”. I suppose in this case that by the end of the show and also browsing the auracle website I had an overall impression strong enough that compelled me to express it. As you suggest, maybe it’s not for me but it’s the potential breakthrough for someone else.

      My question would be, if you shuffled the deck and pulled four new cards, would they be the same four (if that’s really the story of where you are in your life right now?) And what if they are four completely new cards that seem to express a whole different topic? From what I saw of the cards, it seems that any random four would create a pretty attractive story for anyone willing to believe it was coming from some higher place. I certainly can’t prove that it isn’t, nor can I prove that the Magic 8-ball doesn’t channel spirit.

      If we regard the cards as merely inspired and inspirational art, that’s fine enough. Not “Amazing”, but I can see where some people appreciate that. I have been moved by art so many times in my life. My impression of Leslie and this show was that the cards are being made out to be quite a bit more than that, and I’m afraid I still have an extremely skeptical view of that.

      Best Regards,

  5. I am rarely disappointed in
    I am rarely disappointed in the interviews on Dreamland but this one is a disappointment. A great deal of the information is out there on healing and color healing in different forms and certainly not for $725.00 for a pdf file as well as a deck of cards for $75.00. For those that are interested in further studies in color healing and therapy there is an abundant of information available at a more reasonable price.

  6. Nancy, I am not aware of what
    Nancy, I am not aware of what the costs of other things on Leslie’s site are. Leslie’s offer for Dreamland listeners, is a FREE ten minute reading for purchasing the book and the cards (which are priced together for $75.00). I think it would be great if Whitley had an opportunity to experience the cards and have a reading with Leslie like I did. That could be a powerful update to this show!

  7. Great interview from my
    Great interview from my perspective–Marla is the best guest host since William Henry dropped out–very professional and always well prepared. I have been following Whitley since Communion came out in the late ’80s. The most important lesson I’ve learned from him is not to jump to conclusions: keep your mind open and let information in whether it supports your current map or reality or not. You don’t have to believe it, just don’t dismiss it out of hand. One of the reasons that I keep on subscribing every year is that Whitley is always coming up with something out of left field that I have not thought of before. Some of the above commenters might want to consider that.

    Personally, I am willing to spend $75 for a book and deck of cards just to see what results I get. Plus I get a mini reading thrown in just for mentioning this interview. Does not sound like a big risk to me–and I am retired and getting by mostly on Social Security. I have chronic illnesses that don’t kill you, they just make you wish that you were dead. I’ve been swindled trying to find relief–mostly by licensed people with legitimate medical degrees promulgating the latest and greatest scientific discoverys that medicine has to offer. But I’ve found more relief following the advice given by another outlier–a fellow who calls himself the Medical Medium. All of his advice comes from spirit. To my “Master of Arts and almost PhD” mind, that sounds crazy, but my body tells me it isn’t. So, is Leslie Sloan the real deal? I don’t know, but I’m willing to check into it further.

    But I do know that Marla is the real deal. We are Facebook friends, so I have some superficial knowledge of her life and some of the problems she has been dealing with. From what I know of her life, that reading was spot on.

    Is Sloan’s message really any stranger than having three small beings walk out of your infant daughter’s bedroom in the middle of the night and tell you telepathically “There was a minor malfunction with the little one, but we fixed it. Go back to sleep.” And you wake up the next morning and find four “puncture wound” dots arranged in a perfect square on the baby’s neck? And that baby grows up to be a bright, healthy woman. I’m certain that happens to every parent, and they just forget to mention it.

    It was a great interview. I, for one, hope you bring more outliers on the program.

  8. Marla, I too am highly
    Marla, I too am highly allergic to antibiotics. In my studies of natural healing I discovered several natural antibiotics that I use with success, and use on my pets. Perhaps you know them, but generally *grapefruit extract* — the Nutribioltic brand has helped save my life countless times. And I use one of their formulas daily. Also *oregano oil* *colloidal silver* *echinacea&goldenseal* There’s Lomatium and the Thieves Oil … It’s probably been about 30 years of NO BIG PHARMA MEDICATIONS or over the counter medications of any kind, and I’m still here *knock on wood*.

    While I thoroughly enjoyed your interview, and the information, and resonate with those healing methods … yeah, I’m too poor to pay even $75 for the cards. After all, I do have to purchase my life-saving supplements.

  9. Thank you Sangelika for your
    Thank you Sangelika for your comment. Yes, I used everything you mentioned! The two that dramatic changed my condition was the oregano and colloidal Silver. I truly believe that they both helped me rid my body of the biofilms that held the infection. It was most dramatic for me to go through this for so many months. I feel that all of these remedies helped me, but unfortunately I had to break down an take and ‘old’ antibiotic. It was a one day dose and very hard on my body. I am still rebuilding. So good to hear that you are using these life saving supplements. Heres to health and healing!
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. This was a fun show to listen
    This was a fun show to listen to; the presence of laughter was a nice change of pace. I have no strong opinion on the cards as I don’t usually go in for that sort of thing. The most important takeaway for me was to “burn down the old in you to make room for the new”. Good advice for someone in transition. Thanks

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