A longstanding remote viewing group called the Hellfire Remote Viewing Club decided to remote view Whitley’s implant. They have published their results on YouTube, and in this show Whitley interviews two of them, Dennis Napi and Don deCourcelle, discuss their findings with Whitley in this fascinating interview. All of the remote viewers in the group got strong hits. In his commentary on his own session on their site, Don describes his experience as “surprise and disbelief” due to the extraordinary data he was receiving. Whitley goes deep with the two remote viewers, exploring the meanings, often hidden, of what they found.

No matter how you cut it, you will NEVER hear anything like this anywhere else!

The image is a CT scan of Whitley’s head showing the location of his implant. (White dot on the ear on the right, which is his left ear. Image is reversed.)

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  1. What a fascinating show! I did not get the role of the random number generator in the remote viewing sessions. Why do the viewers need to receive this number at all? What would it change for them if the session leader just said: “now go to work on this target that I have selected”, without telling them what the target is of course?

      1. Thank you for this link! There’s one difference though between the scenarios described in the quora post and in this week’s Dreamland. In the quora scenario there are several possible targets, and the random number helps select one particular target in the list (even the task manager doesn’t know which target is selected). Whereas acording to this week’s show, if I understood correctly there was only one possible target (“Whitley’s implant”) and the task manager chose the target.

        1. My understanding of the process is that the random numbers provide a level of indirection that separate the target from any potentially meaningful or informative references that might cue the viewer as to the nature of the target. It has the benefit of providing a unique identifier for the target. Saying ‘go to work on the target i selected’ opens up the possibility of zeroing in on any number of prior (or future) targets selected by the monitor.

          1. It makes sense, thank you!

        2. None of this would prevent the remote viewers from simply remote viewing the session leader to see the target, if there is only one target.

  2. This is the club’s discussion on Whitley’s implant…


    It just showed up in my YouTube feed several weeks ago. It was fascinating, so I’m glad it found its way to Dreamland.

  3. The discussion about overcoming fear at around 1:04:00 is so familiar. The fear that the cover of “Communion” induced in me was visceral and very real. But after years of confronting it, I’ve managed that fear and turned it into a journey of inquiry and discovery. It’s taken years, as mentioned in this Dreamland, and it’s been truly rewarding.

    I still have fear, but it’s more of a motivator, and not a deterrent. Still lots of work to do.

    Thanks for the discussion. I enjoyed it immensely.

  4. There was so much to this discussion…it was great!

    Oh, boy…When Don is told that he is ‘blind’, I think that The Third Eye’ is being referenced. Being a great remote viewer may not include the use of The Third Eye. Don may want to read up on the Third Eye and learn more. The Third Eye can also include higher consciousness and enlightenment.

  5. Wow, among the top of my all-time fascinating Unknown Country shows. Thank you for making this happen.

  6. Great show. The original video is good too. Something to consider, with respect to the dead: if some of these groups are people from the future, then, quite literally, *we* are the dead for them, and they are the living.

    1. Mindblown. Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes a moment feels too real or maybe like I’m fully alive. Other times I feel like we are living history. Trapped in this version of now.

  7. Great show! Whitley I never knew you were trained in remote viewing. Awesome! I have always been curious why there seems to be a male domination of the remote viewing community, at least traditionally. From what I’ve read there seems to be a lot of ex-military and remote viewing maybe that’s why. With some of my various experiences I always wanted to train with someone in remote viewing but could never afford to. Truly fascinating what they came up with. Would be interesting to see if they started doing more of this real creative remote viewing to see what’s going on or at least get some other insights from another angle. So sorry about your problems with your eye, that must be really frustrating. Great show!

  8. Hi Anna, At least in this instance, there was a 50/50 split…as the group focused on Whitley’s implant, involved 4 women and 4 men, actually doing the remote viewing (plus Dennis as the task manager).

    1. That’s good. I’m older and I know traditionally have seen a lot of these groups are predominantly male. Maybe that’s changing and that’s good!

      1. I think it is slowly but surely changing! We are going to definitely see a rise in women in all areas of any type of authority 🙂 as we are seeing right now!

  9. Whitley could you post a downloadable version of the groups YouTube video here? You can’t download it for free from YouTube without getting ads Etc sadly. Thanks!

  10. Now this is otherworldly content! I think remote viewing is very powerful and we can use it for much more than I thought. You always have the coolest guests who share great knowledge. I appreciate you, Dennis, and Don for sharing this experience with us, we are all connected watching your videos getting all this nourishing brain food as well. To add I do believe we are in a major change Whitley like you said and how our core has come to a complete halt; and nobody is talking about it! The core stopping can’t just mean nothing! I feel like people are more open now more than ever with the otherworldly, so we are deserved answers, we are ready for them! Especially if it is going to affect our lively hood. Most of us just want to rip the band aid off so we can get to fixing things in the correct way then being able to live in unity and oneness.

    Also, I am now going to be more aware of my surroundings while I meditate! You never know when someone or something might be connecting with us <3

    Sending loads of light and love to you all!

  11. Any idea why some people have these strange experiences during meditation but other meditators (perhaps most of them) do not? Is it somehow connected to telepathic abilities?

  12. As a minor quibble about this great show, I don’t find it so clear (in my not particularly well informed opinion) that the Adam and Eve book was actually “classified by the CIA”. As I mentioned in another comment last month, there’s another (more) plausible explanation for the appearance of this book in CIA documents. This explanation can be found in a quora post by David Montaigne,
    “Historian, author on controversial topics like pole shifts”. To quote him again:
    “The CIA did not censor or classify the book. They did edit out blank left hand pages at the ends of chapters of the 57 page version (from 1965) but there was nothing on pages 2, 8, 18, 20, 30, 36, 46, 48, or 52.

    The only reason the CIA had such a classified file was not for the book about pole shifts – they included Chan Thomas’ recent book in their background check when they were considering hiring him for secret government work. The only things remaining classified on the CIA file when The Adam and Eve Story portion was declassified are part of the interviews and background checks. I’ve commented on this partial declassification in some of my magazine articles and books and intend to go into much more detail in an upcoming book about Chan Thomas.
    The Adam and Eve Story about pole shifts is just the tip of the iceberg on him.”

  13. This interview gives me hope that humankind is moving in the right direction. I can also hope the spiritual life among humankind improves with it as well. Don, while I was watching this interview, my eyes focused on what looks like a woven tan colored basket, on a shelf, while looking over your right shoulder. I had a sudden vision of a crop circle. Arecibo message in 1974 followed by a crop circle response in August 2001. This circle, at least from what I have read, has been proven to be a HOAX. NEVERTHELESS, this is the one I saw, ever so briefly?


    1. There is deception afoot.
      If you decipher the way that crop circle is made, you will see that men with boards on their feet could not have made it. It probably is not a hoax.

      1. Eugene G…You’re right. There were lots of hoaxes. That formation was the real-deal, not a hoax…I remember it very well…
        “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
        Much PAIN but still time.
        There is GOOD out there.
        We OPpose DECEPTION.
        Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]”


  14. Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening to the three of you. Please do another session, as this one was not enough. I could listen to you for hours on end. Thank you for a fascinating session.

  15. Excellent discussion! Ended way too soon. Would love a return visit to these guests. Thank you!

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