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Ever heard of the mantis factor? More than one close encounter witness has come face to face with these extremely strange, enormous apparitions. But what do they mean? What is their message? What ARE they? Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber take you down a road to some very unexpected discoveries, including a haunting one about the future.

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  1. I have my own Mantis
    I have my own Mantis experiences and I have to wonder — as I have no memories of my childhood and can only remember my life starting as a teenager — does this all somehow tie together that I was replaced with a step-in? It is fine if that is the case. Clearly this is about my soul and it’s required learning before moving on to the next level. I accept that there is a bigger plan and it will all become known after I leave this life. Listening to your piece today was no accident (I am behind several weeks and after Anne’s passing it was hard to listen for awhile), as something told me to log on and listen right away. I appreciate Linda being given information to pass on to so many of us that helps everything make more sense.

  2. Walk-ins…Yes, I have
    Walk-ins…Yes, I have wondered about myself as well. I have always been very different from my family and others, with a very out-of-the-ordinary perspective of life and reality. When I was about 18 months old, the doctor was not sure what happened to me, except to say that my temperature had probably spiked extremely high in the middle of the night then mysteriously plummeted. The next morning I was lethargic and cross-eyed. My eyes remained crossed for weeks, then gradually became normal. More to that story, but I won’t go into it now…

    As for shape-shifting, there are lifeforms on this planet that do it it regularly and almost seamlessly within their own environment, cuttlefish in particular. They not only change color, but pattern and shape as well.

    It’s difficult to fathom that beings from another reality or world could be any stranger than many lifeforms on our own planet! Perhaps by getting to know, understand, and LOVE all of earth’s lifeforms, we will begin to get it. Maybe this is why there are varying points of view between humans and their perception of their ‘alien’ experiences, mainly involving the fear factor. When you see a cuttlefish, or one of its highly intelligent cousins, the octopus, do you get the ‘ewwww’ feeling, or view it with awe and sense of wonder and beauty?

    From the time I was very small, I was fascinated by plants and animals. Insects, spiders, lizards and toads were endlessly fascinating, and I still take time to observe them to this day. A few weeks ago I came across a praying mantis on a chair on my deck. I got up really close and watched and even talked to the ‘bug’. It was aware of me, turned it’s little triangle head and observed me too.

    It can be pretty easy to feel affection and love for a warm, fuzzy kitten, or a cute puppy. But are you able to feel love for other creatures that are more ‘alien’ and less pleasing in appearance, intelligence, or temperament?

  3. Whitley, looking into a
    Whitley, looking into a future of over a billion years on our planet, as was shown to you, I am wondering how many times the physical bodies might have changed?

  4. Unless I misunderstood – I’ve
    Unless I misunderstood – I’ve listened just once – I was quite suprised to hear, Whitley, that you seemingly agree that human souls reincarnate into animal and plant forms. Didn’t the Master of the Key, or perhaps yourself, state that, on earth at least, only the human mind provides the necessary complexity of structure to allow for the opportunity for continued growth of the soul? Curious how time spent in animal or plant form could allow for the advancement of our souls. Or perhaps consciousness, and the opportunity for soul growth, is as varied as the forms that inhabit the earth. Another fantastically interesting show. Thank you, as always.

    1. That is the impression I got
      That is the impression I got from the MOTK as well. I wonder what Whitley would say about this?

  5. Thank you for a fascinating
    Thank you for a fascinating Dreamland episode and the new series on “Awakening”.
    I am going to watch a download of “The Hunger” tomorrow. David Bowie is in it. So is Catherine Deneuve!

  6. I related to this show. I
    I related to this show. I have also had an experience with a mantis-being, when I was born, my family was told the baby is dead and they were trying to save the mother and I am very different from my family. My experience was a dream that was not a dream. It occurred before I had any contact experience or had any knowledge of anything having to do with aliens. I was standing side-by-side with other humans in a room that was very sterile, clinical. There were aliens overseeing us. The mantis-being entered the room and I could tell he was in charge and treated with reverence by the others. All of the humans standing with me were in a trance and I was supposed to be as well. The mantis would approach each human and peer deeply into their eyes. When he approached me and leaned forward to peer, I leaned toward him and peered deeply into his eyes. He was startled and jumped back. I started laughing and he did too. There was a special exchange between us. That is all I remember, but unlike other dreams, this one has stayed with me and feels so real. It was shortly after this that I had my first visitation while awake.

  7. This show has come at a time
    This show has come at a time where more than one synchronicity suggests it contains keys to a topic that I have spent some time and effort researching: soul anatomy, and the mechanisms of our aliveness and form taking upon the earth.

    Thank you Whitley and Linda for a truly amazing show.

  8. Linda is fantastic as usual.
    Linda is fantastic as usual. Great Show!

  9. Government cars packing a
    Government cars packing a street due to an invasion joke… I had a good laugh on that one. Just what do they think is going on ?

  10. Remember that we are

    Remember that we are traveling in the mandala of being. On the dark side, we gain knowledge. On the light side, we process and understand it. The physical world is the dark side. It is dark because we are embedded in time so that we cannot see our future and therefore will act spontaneously, out of our own inner truth, as our lives unfold.

    We are taught to see the dark side as evil, and evil certainly does happen here, but that is by no means the whole story.

  11. Awakening and next week’s
    Awakening and next week’s Dreamland on David Bowie reminded me of this:

    Excerpts from the Subscriber’s Special encounters mp3 number 3: “We make the dark side evil by the way we deal with it. Surrender to and respect the dark side. Do not forget this! Do not forget this! There will be tremendous energies. It will be important to understand how to process negative energies, not to turn it into positive energy, but how to surrender to it in such a way that it kisses you instead of burns you. You may not know exactly what that means (…you will…) Everyone’s hyper-dimensional consciousness is different. It is a society that absorbs and processes the same energy, but in a different way, that is grounded, not in violence, but in wisdom and insight into the true nature of being.”

  12. They’ve been bugging me, too.
    They’ve been bugging me, too. Out of nowhere.
    Very curious to find this episode, at this time of my life.

    And, I think the more that we are able to define or at least agree upon, maintain focus with…. collectively …what we mean when we say “soul” or “spirit”, the stronger the shield we may possess, in trying to defend it.

    I also believe we must be careful not to take all supernatural experiences as surfacing from the same source.

    Deep appreciation, here, for Whitley’s efforts to keep the dialog moving in a positive direction, after all he’s been through this past year. Going through some very difficult trials, myself, along the same timeline.

    Very helpful.

  13. I also think to myself, on
    I also think to myself, on this topic… “For what reason, other than our experience here on Earth and, perhaps, our intellectual capacity, would they want us for?”

    Is this the famous bird lady madonna, from Sumeria, where humans were supposedly made of clay (jars)? Or beakers…

    Were we slaves to these beings, or to the tall bearded ones?

    Is this where we meet out maker?
    What sort of task could we fulfill for these creatures, other than some sort of ambassador or counselor? Stewards, perhaps.

    Is it necessarily a bad thing?
    Some sort of karmic reparation being made, perhaps.
    I don’t know.

    But I wonder. I’m not crazy, you know?
    This stuff is real.

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