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Long time UFO investigator Timothy Beckley met David Bowie and discussed his UFO experiences with him. Here, Whitley Strieber taps those memories to explore and honor the life of the most magical rock and roll artist of all time.

Of course, being that Whitley is involved and Timothy has direct knowledge of David’s experiences, this conversation will be the most extraordinary one you will hear about David, rock and roll, magic dark and light and the visitors. Whitley has always been deeply grateful to David for appearing in his second movie, the Hunger, and honors him now with this journey into the wonder that he brought to this world.

He truly was the man who fell to earth. May his journey home be filled with joy and new discovery!

Timothy Beckley’s YouTube Channel is Mr. UFO’s Secret Files.

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  1. I really liked David Bowie.
    I really liked David Bowie. I didn’t really know what Ziggy was all about until he died. I went online and finally looked it up and watched a lot of You Tube videos about David. I guess you could say I loved all the songs that were popular from his collection of albums over the years. He was totally fascinating to me. Loved his look and style later on in his life especially 90’s and early 2000’s. Okay, I was a sucker for his Serious Moonlight album era also. I never knew that Whitley was a writer of The Hunger!!!! I love that movie and entire soundtrack including the intro from Bahuas’ Bella Lagosi.

    However, and strangely, to me his death is extremely odd. There is a picture of him online two days before his death in a suit and hat (that looks like his John Blaylock character of The Hunger). He looks fine! In no way does he appear to look like having cancer. Along with that his is Black Star album gives me the creeps to listen to the song Black Star and to view. It came across as Satanic to me. It seems full of Illuminati symbolism and it appears to portend Planet X. As you can surmise, there is much being posted online that David is not dead. As well, it was his time to go as a sacrifice, and TPTB wanted to cash in on his fame. His final work, is disturbing. And it leaves many unanswered questions. What is also really odd is it was a Friday evening (January 8) and I was online and suddenly the thought of David Bowie popped into my mind. I began to watch a few videos and an interview Susan Sarandan had with him. I decided to go to Amazon and purchase a few DVD’s of performances. I said to myself: “I’d really like to have these and watch them while David is still alive.” Then on Monday, January 11, came the news.

  2. Regarding appearances,
    Regarding appearances, Najara: My father died of pancreatic cancer over 20 years ago, and he died with grace and did not appear obviously ill on the day that he died. My guess (and it is only a guess), is that maybe David was not taking extreme measures (chemo, radiation, etc.) to beat his cancer, especially if he knew it was terminal, and may have relied on palliative care, as did my father. My father was in the hospital only briefly, for exploratory surgery at the beginning, then lived out the rest of life at home, where he also passed.

    David’s final work is disturbing (and some say, “creepy”) and if you have seen the video of ‘Lazarus’, as well as ‘Black Star’, you should also realize the incredible amount of courage that it took for David to write and perform them, knowing his days were short. He was always a ground-breaker and no more so than when he was facing his own mortality. Although some may see ‘Planet X’, Black Star is more likely a black hole (or possibly a wormhole to another reality). Both videos are striking in their intimacy, and capture how surreal life must feel when death is truly confronted and cannot be denied and they touched me on a very deep, empathic, and emotional level.

    … And his timing was perfect!

    1. I have thought some of the
      I have thought some of the same things you have printed above. I, too, thought Black Star is a wormhole. I guess I’ve been getting things on my YouTube feed that have me asking some questions, though. Like The Simpsons ran an episode the day David died and it was about David Bowie. Then I went to his wife’s internet page and what is on there is odd. There are other things I’ve watched as well. I guess I just don’t believe he died. It’s just all odd to me.

  3. What connection did Mr Hope
    What connection did Mr Hope have with UFO’S ? this is the first I’ve heard of this. Does any one know …. can someone throw me a bone ?

    1. Hope apparently knew Howard
      Hope apparently knew Howard Hughes and they shared a mutual interest.

  4. What a great interview,
    What a great interview, Whitley.

    (i edited my original comments )

  5. A WONDERFUL interview, I only
    A WONDERFUL interview, I only wish it could have gone on for another hour. Celebrities have such a POWERFUL influence/impact on the population all over the planet…..Especially movies where the subliminal can be projected into mind.

  6. Here are a few things but was
    Here are a few things but was not able to find anything more on his Missouri comment.

    Well, it turned out David was in luck then. If he went to a little town in Missouri at a certain time, he would be able to see in a seemingly empty field a fully equipped flying saucer repair shop at work.

    David Bowie: A Constellation of 7 Stars…….

  7. When I listen to David’s last
    When I listen to David’s last album, “Dark Star” I am frankly awe struck. There are lessons for all of us in the album. I don’t get a feeling of “kreepyness” with Dark Star and Lazarus – it is deeply thought provoking, and magnificent – but no feeling of evil…… When I watched the video for “Dark Star” part of what I saw reminded me very much of “The Right of Spring” (Le Sacre du printemps (also occult) – A ballet set by Najinsky with music by Stravinsky) David truly truly was an alchemist, taking dark and turning it into light. I could easily see a ballet set on Dark Star…… (Right of Spring caused a near riot when it was first performed) Yes there are parallels – David was in some – perhaps many -respects like John Lennon – who coincidentally was also an “experiencer” Which he mentions in his song “Nobody Told Me” – it goes “There’s UFO’s over New York, and I ain’t too surprised…..” Look at his cover art that he did for, I think it was “Walls and Bridges” On the cover printed it specifically says that he saw a UFO.

  8. Whitley I bare my throat to
    Whitley I bare my throat to you. For the second time in a row I have heard you proclaim Sir Alister Crowley a deceny man an good family man.
    Just what am I missing?
    I am not a bible thumper or judgemental. I believe each man takes his own path. In my life I have felt and crossed across very evil entities.
    My belief is when you invite evil into your life OR give it power by promoting it, you are under its influence.
    Alister promoted evil on a very large scale. He gave it power not only in his life but in his followers lives.
    Goebels was a “good” family man until he had his entire family take cyanide?
    Your subject today was David Bowie. I liked David. I liked his music. I enjoyed his cable documentary on his life very much. I have his greatest hits album. I liked his movie work. Did I say I liked David Bowie?
    I viewed his last music video Dark Star on You Tube.
    It shook my soul. The Luciferian imagery is unrelenting and the mockery of the crucifixion is like being hit with a sledge hammer. He potrayed three scarecrows being crucified.
    I do not judge David. That is not my place.
    I will pray for him as I pray for all of us. We are all in the same boat. The path each takes will be of our own choosing.

  9. Interesting comments Eugene
    Interesting comments Eugene and I can see that they come from your heart. There are usually at least two sides to every story and so observing and learning as we go along, sometimes witnessing strange films or activities needn’t call us to judgement. I understand that you are not judging anyone, just speaking from your heart.

    I took a look at that infernal, devilish and confounded ‘invocation of my demon brother’ film. Well, I understand that there is intense, tunnel boring ritual there and also that it could be taken very seriously indeed.

    My take though, is that a perfectly reasonable view of all that demon invocation claptrap, is that it is a load of old cobblers. I understand that Aleister Crowley was as much a showman, out to shock and offend the brittle veneer of society, as much he was a confirmed occultist, whatever that actually means…

    All that said, I no longer sleep with the light off… waking up one night in a moonlit temple with a sari wearing woman with four arms in front of me, and an hypnotic and mystical flute playing, was enough to convince me that a little respect shown to this very occluded area of human knowledge isn’t a bad idea at all.


  10. To really understand Crowley,
    To really understand Crowley, you have to dig for the truth about him. He was a showman who skillfully indulged the public taste for lurid sensation and made a lot of money doing it. To consider him a magus of any kind is simply absurd. Mastery is about finding balance, and Mr. Crowley, in all of his writings, evidences no knowledge of this at all. All of these occult groups, with their silly ceremonies and such, are little more than childish fantasies. Fearing them is a form of superstition and self-entertainment.

    1. SO well said Whitley!
      SO well said Whitley!

  11. Strangely, I found the song
    Strangely, I found the song Black Star to have an uplifting, transcendent message. Guess much like the high talk of Yeats, it speaks to everyone according to their orientation. To me, he was saying we are the breech-born children of that 5-pointed black star, LVYTN. But in the villa…VIIIA (5 letters/7 basic lines) of Ormen – that is, within that submerged 7-headed sea serpent the LVYTN (Leviathan) – is a white candle that burns and beats and weeps upon the door to where we’ve locked our love away. His druidic voice (I noticed once on his website that he wrote DAVID in block letters, which also spells druid:) split that door open and the Orphic mysteries dawned on us, breaking loose before the eyes of our i.Magi.nation. VIIIA… between the angel’s fall to earth and ascendance home, in the centre of it all, at the “Place of the Skull” or “Place of Execution” hang our 3 eyes, the two pilloried thieves that sack the world to nourish the i.Magi.nation and between them the third ambaka-ambika “eye-mother” of that Sol.itary flame. In the video, he had already stepped aside, into the ascendant triangle, as he declared we are born upside down, turned around in Plato’s cave . . . as he revealed there’s truth in the religious straw men, after all. That seed-spark the Magi, the Ahura Mazda, the Christ, the Loaf…the Lord, the I’ m.a.Star-Star ‘mas’ meaning child, the eagle HORUS ON the HORIZON, the revelatory Son-Sun of the infinite Hidden One comes. Of course, David is a Ra-Akh Star now, not a Black Star. So, I’ll keep looking up to watch for the starry eddies made in the wake of the fetching boy on stilts who stalks on through the terrible novelty of night, while I stand amid his labors of love – his songs that remain like English ever-greens.

  12. To be fair, deeply rooted
    To be fair, deeply rooted fear, perhaps better expressed as a periphery of exquisite instinct, is hard to shake off.

    I agree that fearing the circus or snake-oil peddlar is a poor show but core instinct is like that old tar-baby. It takes time, patience and acceptance to slip its grasp. Hug it and it will melt. It’s never easy though.

    This really is an adventure… through time, through worlds, through lifetimes and of course through Mars’ and Earth’s history.

  13. Timothy! next time Please!
    Timothy! next time Please! MORE CONTENT less blah, blah, blah.
    Thank you Whitley.

  14. Thanks for the reply Whitley
    Thanks for the reply Whitley … I didn’t expect that one ! I saw the youtube video… messy, bizarre, abstract art. He’d have to be in a lot of pain to come up with that. I kind of felt sorry for him.

  15. I, too, once encountered a
    I, too, once encountered a Shivan figure, not as Ardhanarisvara but nonetheless iconic. Like Picasso’s dream of blue, I came across a smudge-faced waif in a ragged shift who was standing alongside a stream at dusk, so that he appeared to be blue, a color that blended well with his mood. Silently, I took his hand and we danced the world away on a nautilus-shaped floor that was open to the starry night. I admit that I love the Ardhanarisvara image, though…stiff and limber, aloof and apparently availing, fending and wooing, if obliquely so ― he is indeed capacious, a cosmic personality. Maybe the visitors use these archetypal images to soothe our atavistic fears. As for the dark tone of the Back Star video, remember that it was at the dark, dank fortress-castle of Duino that Rilke wrote his unnerving ‘Duino Elegies’. While meant as lamentations at the absence of his inner angel, they are full of awe, terror, love, and Solitary splendor. He must have known that ‘Dwenelo’ was the root of the word ‘Beauty’ and that he had ventured to the outer radices of his inner light.

  16. Great interview.
    Great interview.

  17. I may have a clue on Bowies
    I may have a clue on Bowies death and why he looked well and why he died right after release of his last album…all deliberately orchestrated… comments after an online article one person mentioned that his death was a legal assisted suicide death….and this person wondered why it was being kept secret …as more should talk about the subject…..that’s the only reference I found but it could explain his looking well he may have decided to leave life before the disease made him sick and weak with much less suffering….and the themes in the album n videos of death heaven rebirth etc go with his leaving….he literally made himself the star of his albums n videos and died ending his life career and music all at once….masterful if you ask me….if that’s what really happened…it could explain slot…..something to think a bout….

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