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We start with an earthquake special. Did last week’s quake increase the danger or not? Then Lloyd Pye has proof that the “Starchild Skull” he has been working on for ten years is a mix of human and nonhuman DNA. In this historic edition of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber brings his deep knowledge and direct observations of alien human hybrids to the table, resulting in an interview of extraordinary power and importance.

Listen as Lloyd Pye tells the poignant story of a death and apparent suicide 900 years ago in northern Mexico, as a very strange man died, and was followed into death by the woman who loved him. They lived together in a cave in what was then an almost totally unpopulated area, and left their remains to be discovered in the 1930s.

Their skulls ended up in the hands of some MUFON members in El Paso, and 10 years ago, they were given to Lloyd for analysis.

There follows one of the great investigative sagas of history, culminating in the astonishing proof that Lloyd now offers, that the “Starchild Skull” (actually that of a mature adult) is not and cannot be the result of deformity, but does contain human and nonhuman DNA, as well as fibrous inclusions that could only have resulted from genetic design, and are there to strengthen the very light bone.

This is the first of two extremely important Dreamland interviews. If you never, or rarely listen to Dreamland, be sure to join us this week and next, when Dreamland will present proof that a recently recovered implant cannot be of earthly origin, but must have been created from materials from another planet.

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