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William Henry has made some completely incredible discoveries about the relationship between the search for the ‘God particle’ now being undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and the potential for mankind reaching a whole new level of consciousness.

Why on the day that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus do we hunt for Easter eggs and pretend a rabbit hid them? The rabbit is a well known symbol of other-dimensional travel.

Could this symbolism reveal secret knowledge about the Resurrection of Jesus, knowledge that is of incredible importance to us, ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW?

What is the meaning of Jesus’s descent into the Underworld or Inner world? Where did he go? Where are WE?

What William Henry calls ‘the ultimate Easter egg hunt’ began when the search for the God Particle resumed on March 30, when scientists at CERN successfully restarted high-energy operations. They will attempt to recreate conditions that existed just after the Big Bang. In William Henry’s article Dis-Cerning the God Particle Dis-Cerning he proposes that this is nothing less than a fulfillment of Jewish Messianic prophecy.

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