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Nancy Red Star brings the theme of the ‘sky elders’ from Native American tradition and discusses the rich relationship native peoples have with them. The wisdom of the sky elders is a deep part of the native American traditions, and here Nancy Red Star explains those teachings to us and reveals what she describes as a survival plan for walking into the next world.

Nancy is a daughter of the Cherokee, a descendant of the Red Man, Vann, Parker Mathews bloodline. She is a frequent guest on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and is the creator of the feature documentaries Star Ancestors and the Trap-Line Song.

You can learn more about Nancy and her work at

The film Nancy refers to in the interview is ‘Koyaanisqatsi, Life out of Balance.’

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  1. Wonderful interview Anne,
    Wonderful interview Anne, thanks. Such a rare treat in our Western culture these days. A chance to sit and listen to the Wise Women talk.

  2. It would be interesting to
    It would be interesting to hear some more from native Americans on just exactly what these large bipeds are, running around in the National Parks.

    There seems to be a tradition, with the Iroquois at least, of sub dividing these huge bipeds into two groups: peaceful and aggressive (cannibalistic).

    It’s so difficult to source genuine Indian information on this. Maybe we can move closer to some understanding of just what exactly is abducting all those poor children in the National Parks in America.

    A show on this, with an elder being interviewed would be fabulous.

  3. *Nancy Red Star*
    Thank you

    *Nancy Red Star*

    Thank you UC for this one.

  4. Wonderful interview. Is there
    Wonderful interview. Is there any information on where this gold and red clay can be purchased?

  5. Absolutely, thank you. It
    Absolutely, thank you. It could have run another 30 minutes to an hour with Whitley and Anne…I appreciate what we were given though…really! Whitley please remember to share what you may find out about the red clay…

  6. Me likes when you have guests
    Me likes when you have guests where I find myself saving the program to my computer after I have listened more than thrice to get every nuance.

    I like the idea Nancy described herself as a “realist.” A far cry from conspiracist.

  7. I don’t question at all the
    I don’t question at all the “unearthly” experiences that the interviewee describes as they are concurrent with the studies of titans in this field such as John Mack.

    Well, I think these interviews present some interesting information, however the reference to Catholic brothers being “the military”? Not clearly explained. The military in what sense? The military of the US, the church, another kind of military? I don’t see how they could fulfill such a role- given most of the time their prime activity seems to be raping children.

    As for this stuff about clay, well, any first year pathology student globally learns about the use of metals like gold and silver in staining, for light and electron microscopy purposes, human and animal nerve cells. About homeopaths prescribing such “remedies” for nerve disease. Yes, apparently these treatments do work, but look at the mode of action. When are people going to cease ascribing wonderous properties to the practice of dosing seriously ill people with heavy metals? Destroying nerves and tissues with toxins so the patient can no longer feel pain- is not a therapy. It is charlatanism. May as well rock on down to your local GP and get a referal for high dose radiotherapy to destroy sensory nerves instead- will be much cheaper.

    I recall some health shop idiot trying to sell my mother elemental silver to “cure” the family cat of advanced stage cancer and kidney failure. People who this this way had better work on separating reality ( in this dimension or another) from superstition.

  8. Anne Strieber get well soon!
    Anne Strieber get well soon! You are a precious and extraordinary human being.

  9. Thank you so much for
    Thank you so much for including information on some challenges we are facing such as GMOs and the ongoing radiation exposure from Fukushima, which will be with us through our lifetimes and well beyond. While these are scary things to think about there are measures we can take to cope with them. Being educated about what food is relatively safe is crucial. Knowing about things like water and air filtration and certain supplements that are effective in mitigating radiation exposure is important not only for our health, but to feel that we are not helpless.

    Whitley, I really resonated with your comment during the interview that you feel trapped. Oh, gosh, that is so succinct. Between the crud raining down from the sky and food and radiation it’s tough to stay centered. But that is the discipline of it all, isn’t it?

  10. Great interviews give me food
    Great interviews give me food for thought not ( gm food) though. Im switching to bottled water after ive finished listening. living life like the hatha yogis from india sounds like a great idea 🙂

  11. Totally agree with Anne about
    Totally agree with Anne about those who obsess over “reptilians”. And thank you for giving Prince Charles kudos for his work to promote organic farming and seed preservation. The world needs more high-profile people to support small-scale sustainable farming! (Of course….good old Charlie is vilified in the mainstream press).
    In any case, having just endured two horrible reactions to wheat (it’s everywhere!) in the past month, I cherish people like Nancy Red Star, and hope that the grassroots movement towards creating a non-poisonous food system infrastructure takes hold worldwide, and Big Ag gets out of the “let’s destroy the world with GMO’s” business, and into something harmless like…..making toy tractors?

  12. My heart just tore a little
    My heart just tore a little more. I LOVE YOU Mother Earth. I Deeply Respect your Ways. Just imagine for a moment, if everybody around the world paused in silence, to hear Mother Earth breathe. Could they? Could you? Lets silence the sound together so we can hear our precious Mother breathe in and out.
    Thank You Gals interesting chat.

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