Over the course of her 27 interviews with close encounter witnesses for Unknowncountry.com, Anne Strieber has heard stories from witnesses whose experiences have involved Native American wisdom keepers and elders. Here, Anne and Nancy Red Star discuss some of these stories, which marks the first time that a Native American expert has been made aware of the fact that people outside of that community are being drawn to it by the visitors themselves.

Nancy also reveals a surprising fact, which is that some tribes have compacts with the US Government not to discuss their experiences outside of their own group.

Some very deep material is exchanged between Anne and Nancy in this exceptional and powerful discussion.
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Nancy Red Star brings the theme of the ‘sky elders’ from Native American tradition and discusses the rich relationship native peoples have with them. The wisdom of the sky elders is a deep part of the native American traditions, and here Nancy Red Star explains those teachings to us and reveals what she describes as a survival plan for walking into the next world.

Nancy is a daughter of the Cherokee, a descendant of the Red Man, Vann, Parker Mathews bloodline. She is a frequent guest on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and is the creator of the feature documentaries Star Ancestors and the Trap-Line Song. read more