Joshua Cutchin returns to Dreamland with a FABULOUSLY INTERESTING take on Bigfoot, multi-dimensional beings, UFOs, fairy and witch lore–and, well, you just have to listen to this interview to get the whole story. The great thing about having Whitley as a host is that none of this stuff surprises him. He’s inquiring, not skeptical or dismissive or asking surface questions we’ve all heard a thousand times. HE HAS LIVED THIS STUFF and it really shows in an interview like this where an accomplished expert like Joshua has a discussion with what could easily be the best informed person in the world when it comes to the strange.

Great listening, and a great book, too!

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Dr. Maria Sagi is one of the world’s leading theorists and practitioners of remote healing, and in this fascinating and empowering interview, she explains, based on the latest advances in quantum physics and our understanding of the nature of reality, WHY it can work if practiced in a disciplined manner.

Her new book, Remote Healing, is a guide to how to engage in remote healing. What makes it so empowering is that she explains the theory behind it and why it works. In this interview, Whitley explores it with her, with profound and empowering results!

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  1. Author

    It should be playing. We just reset it and I tried it and it’s working fine. It starts with voice rather than the usual dreamland music lead in. The music lead in starts after about a minute.

  2. Thank you Whitley for your wonderful interviews…..thankyouthankyouthankyou

  3. You should check out Lise Renee’s website She talks about the NAA, Negative alien agenda . We have been manipulated for centuries by fear, hate and pain, which they feed off . It is called loosh. Behind the scenes we are also being helped by aliens that have our best interest at heart . Try this link to start

    1. Author

      I looked at her site. It assumes that our troubles are due to a negative alien agenda but doesn’t offer proof. It could as easily be said that the good things that have happened to us are the results of a positive alien agenda.

      I think that work like hers is worth exploring, but so is the other approach. We don’t know enough about ourselves to close any doors. I also recall that a few years ago I tried to interview her but could find no way to contact her. If you know how to reach her, Sharon, please let me know at

      1. Yes,I don’t agree with everything she says but I find a lot of points she makes go along with what others have said. She also talks about what we need to be aware of to make our own decisions. I stumbled on this site as if I was led there after I had an awake vision. It is very strange I can’t find contact info either.

        1. Whitley did not say it but I will.Many sites are dis-information by forces that wish to obuscate. If they do not provide good contact information Beware. That is a tell tale sign of a dis-information site.
          Notice Whitley and all he interviews are easily accessable.

  4. I am a Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner . Remote healing or distance healing as the Reconnection terms it is part of the practice . The energy comes from another dimension. You cannot use it in combination with anything else as it interferes with the energy . It is not intention it is allowing the energy to be directed through you to another person . I have found that the less I know about the person and their condition the easier it is for me to stay neutral and not interfere with what the energy does . It can’t be directed, it goes where it needs to go . My most interesting remote healing was set up by the person’s cousin via email . I didn’t know their names, who they were, or what was wrong . I simply knew that the person I would be sending the healing to was a dentist . We arranged a day and time and we had a session . About a week later I got an email from the cousin . She told me that her cousin hadn’t slept for 10 years and it was getting so bad that he had seizures and was having heart problems . He had tried everything and nothing was working . Since the night I did the healing he was sleeping seven and eight hours a night . It was amazing even to me that what seemed to be such a small amount of contact was more than enough to be effective . Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnection, says that God, the universe (whatever label) knows that what to do and where to send the healing . It may not be what you expect .

    1. I really struggled in deciding whether or not to make this post. As someone who has had a chronic, yet life-threatening health condition for over 20 years I underwent a series of treatments from a Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner shortly after the initial podcast Whitley had with Eric Pearl. I considered myself open to the concept and eagerly searched out a practitioner. After committing the time and financial resources (these treatments are not free) and travelling a considerable distance, I underwent treatments. There was no improvement in my condition and in fact I continued to deteriorate. After a while the practitioner suggested that at a deep subconscious level I did not want to be healed and that was my life plan, though we could continue treatments. I initially felt dejected and that my situation was hopeless. I did not return for further treatments from that individual yet pursued other alternative treatment options closer to home. None of those proved beneficial despite the optimism expressed by those individuals. The biggest impact was to my pocket book which became much lighter. I came to think that most of those people were well intentioned, though delusional. After much internal resistance I underwent medical therapy which has kept me alive long after my projected life expectancy. Maybe there is some truth to what Eric Pearl is espousing, but it has not been part of my experience.
      As as aside, shortly after I began recalling and having visitor experiences, and before I was diagnosed with my disease, I had a conversation with a woman who had some awareness of the contact experience and was well known for her psychic abilities. She thought my visitor experiences were related to something being wrong with me, though she could not identify what it was, and that the visitors were interested in understanding it. Since then I have discovered that this condition runs in my father’s family and that quite possibly some of his siblings were experiencers as well. One of the medical therapies I received involved immunotherapy and I have often wondered if the visitors were part of the discovery process.
      Rickety Man

      1. I don’t know how many treatments you had. You should only have 1,2,or3. Whatever you are going to get you will get in no more than 3 sessions. Unless you did the 2 day Reconnection which is different. I know in healing myself I have experienced remarkable healing to not being able to tell if anything happen. Eric says everyone gets something, but it may not be what you thought it would be. I have suspected it has to do with life lessons but the answer is unknown. It really doesn’t have to do with a person’s attitude or belief. This is real but but for some reason not everyone gets the same result. It is the same when you go to an MD. I hope you have found something that works for you.

  5. Author

    It was obviously no coincidence that Eric turned out to live across the street from me and Anne when she had her stroke in 2004. I have always thought that his healing efforts were a big part of the reason that she recovered so well from what was expected to be a fatal illness.

    I interviewed Eric in 2006. You can listen here:

    1. Whitley you interviewed Eric before that as well. It was probably when you were with Art Bell on Coast to Coast. I took the Reconnective courses and bought the book because of your interview, that was in 2004.

      1. Author

        Maybe your post showed up here for a reason today. Also today, I discovered two friends who are now in need of healing.

        If they want to do this with you, how should we proceed?

        1. Whitley give them my email you use to send the news letter. Let them know not to give me any information about their illnesses. I can talk to them first. If they feel this is what they want to do then we can set a time for a healing.

  6. Whitley and Joshua Cutchin, this is the THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. So, I am listening to this interview when images and thoughts of BROWNISH RED WOOKIEES cross my field of vision. Then Whitley you said CHEWBACCA. Pretty synchronistic.

    1. I’ve just watched the video… and one of the most interesting responses was to the question about whether it would lie… “I would only lie if it were in my own best interests to do so”…and the first part of its suggestion for the name of the video… “How to create a god – the singularity – and what it is like to be a computer”.

      Regarding that first answer, my thoughts went straight to ‘The Key’… Page 65 (first edition)…
      Q: “Are you an intelligent machine, or something created by one?”
      A: “If I were an intelligent machine, I would deceive you.”

    2. BTW, the CEO of OpenAI, has been quoted as saying “The GPT-3 hype is way too much. AI is going to change the world but GPT-3 is just an early glimpse. We have a lot still to figure out.”

      I also saw an explanation of how it works… and basically, what they are saying is that GPT-3 gives the most statistically expected answer to any question it is asked, based on what it has been exposed to on the Internet… And that although it is extremely powerful, it does not actually understand a single word that it produces; It also has a tendency to loose coherence and contradict itself in long sentences, often coming to a conclusion that does not logically follow from its previous statements. So in this instance, certainly at the moment, appearances are deceiving.

  7. Author

    Rick Man’s post above detailing how his attempt to use Reconnective Healing failed is very important. He was told, essentially, that it was his fault that it failed for him. I consider this outrageous and irresponsible.

    The truth is that healing is maddeningly unpredictable and nobody knows why it sometimes fails and other times works.

    1. Thank you for your comment Whitley. I was not inferring that there is nothing to Eric Pearl’s experience and healing method, just that it didn’t work for me. The practitioner’s assessment may have been correct, but it was something could not accept. I could not reconcile his view with my own anticipated expectation of the outcome. There is so much unknown about the energy field we are a part of. Some of the greatest energy I have felt in my life has been when in the presence of the visitors. I just feel so fortunate to be where I am at this point in my life. So much to be thankful for.

      Rickety Man

  8. Whitley, since no one has asked, would you please fill us in regarding the opening before this interview starts. (((The orange ball making a humming noise.))) Is it an actual account of a sighting?

    1. Author

      I was reading from the book. It’s an encounter described there.

  9. I have often heard Paul and Ben Eno talk about parasites feeding on negative energy, and that parasites would get a lot of energy from negative events such as wars.

  10. ‘The Mind Parasites’ by Colin Wilson is a great old sci-fi novel that I recommend…This brief blurb about the book from Amazon will give you an idea of what it’s about:

    “For over 200 years, mind parasites have been lurking in the deepest layers of human consciousness, feeding on human life force and steadily gaining a foothold on the planet.”

  11. Human evil has been ENORMOUS for far, far longer than our blinkered vision of just a century or two might suggest. Check out Matthew White’s (latest update apparently in 2011) for all the horrible details. Even that nauseating site seems to omit great swaths of evidence from “backwater” societies like the Mesha Stele (Moabite Stone), most of Africa, pre-Columbian Americas, and most of the history of Asia.

  12. I always love the podcasts.

    However, i have to say I feel a bit sorry for Mr. David Icke. Don’t know that much about him so I searched in our archives and found his interview with the great, and one I miss greatly here, William Henry.

    Here is one of the interview:
    Of all folks, Whitley, you know what it is to be dismissed out of hand. I haven’t listened yet to the interview you refer where as you said, he was pretty much incoherent.

    However, no matter how crazy, we all bring something to the table. We dont know enough to dismiss anyone just like that completely.

  13. Author

    I really miss William’s thoughtful show. Fortunately we have all of his wonderful interviews. His life journey took him in another direction, and I will always miss his presence here.

  14. I often mention Chewbacca and the correlation between the wookie of Star Wars fame and the Sasquatch in my college folklore class. BUT, did anyone here mention Enkido from the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, which is often considered to be the first written example of the epic narrative (with the hero’s journey) in Western civilization? I should qualify, as a resident of the unknown country of Strange, Earth, that it is the first written version that we know of in this epoch cycle of humanity.

  15. Also, just to add, the legendary Lancelot de Lac of Arthurian fame was known to retreat to the forest periodically to heal himself, I always speculate of the PTSD of battle; but it should also be remembered that his mother was Fay. When he was in the forest world, outside of the civilized border walls of Camelot, he would live as a wildman.

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