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This week we learn from Duncan O’Finioan about horrific mind control experiments that he was subjected to as a child. He believes that he was put under terrible pressure that was intended to split his personality. He remembered very little about this until a severe car accident caused a concussion and the return of memory. Whitley Strieber has not only remembered such experiences himself, he has a close friend who recalls his parents being approached to recruit him into such a program. To our knowledge, this discussion between Duncan O’Finioan and Whitley Strieber marks the first time that two individuals who share such memories have ever spoken publicly together. It is a chilling journey into a very, very strange world.

You can read Duncan O’Finioan’s blog here.

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  1. is there a reason why i can’t
    is there a reason why i can’t as a subscriber get Whitley’s reading from his new non fiction book, or connect to the subscriber section with his continued talk with Duncan?

    1. send them an email and ask to
      send them an email and ask to reset your password perhaps? If your logged in it should say” Log Out” at the top of page.If its none of these then i dont know.

    2. The fact that you are
      The fact that you are watching this means you are logged in, it should be above this youtube interveiw,click on mp3 download and click open.

    3. Scroll down from the
      Scroll down from the Dreamland show description and you will see the “Special Interviews” post. If you don’t see the download/listen links for the Special Interview, be sure you have logged in as a subscriber. Press “Subscriber Log In”
      on the right side of the masthead to open the login dialogue, then input your username and password. This will open access to all subscriber material.

    4. I don’t find the continued
      I don’t find the continued interview with Duncan either and I am in the subscriber section also and don’t tell me it is the youtube deal ? Please Witley can you show us how to find it, this is why I joined your site to hear the whole interview………. several people would like to know……. help!

  2. The pc game F.E.A.R (First
    The pc game F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault Recon) is about the same thing,its about psychic super soldiers with paranormal abilities,truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. Interesting stuff, not that I
    Interesting stuff, not that I don’t believe in the mind control program, I do. Good interview Whitley but the interview on Project Camelot leaves something to be desired, Kerry as usual brings in her airy fairy garbage to make it sound un-credible, these interviews would be great if she left out her personal agenda or left it to Bill to conduct them.

    Thanks for the link, normally I only listen to Bill Ryans shows.

  4. Whitley I just finished
    Whitley I just finished listening to the third chapter in your upcoming book
    ‘What is to Come, the Solution to the Communion Enigma’ will be published in January 2012. Excellent and look forward to reading it next year, wish it were coming out much sooner.

    Very intriguing but sad that children were being used and experimented on, I pray it isn’t going on today. Whitley it is a miracle they you have stayed sane after all you have been through and what you’re still going through today.

    Peace and Light

  5. Sorry posted twice
    Sorry posted twice

  6. I too am logged in and also
    I too am logged in and also don’t see a download link to the extended Duncan interview – unless it has been tacked onto the end of the subscriber version of the Dreamland show. Otherwise no problems.

  7. The extended interview is not
    The extended interview is not on this page. Both the links listed under the heading:
    “Find more Dreamland shows like this: Duncan O’FinioanMind Control”, are just repeats of the main Dreamland interview. If someone else is able to find the extended interview, please post a link here.

  8. I’m looking for it also.
    I’m looking for it also.

  9. Looking for the extended
    Looking for the extended Duncan interview as well.

  10. This was a fascinating
    This was a fascinating interview. Duncan seems like a fairly credible guy. As far as I can tell, these mind-control victims live on a completely different level of reality. Perhaps on an edge that no one can possibly comprehend other than the people that have actually walked in those shoes.

    MK-ULTRA did exist, and to what extent the people involved were exposed is coming out little by little.

    Thanks Whitley and Duncan for your bravery in exposing what is still a hidden and ignored issue all these years later, and is still a pertinent issue to this day. This does effect us now and will until it is brought to light.

  11. I too am looking for the
    I too am looking for the extended interview w/Duncan. I was beginning to criticize the new web site, which my jury’s still out on it…don’t know if it’s really that easy to navigate. Anyway, I love UC.

  12. Also have not found the
    Also have not found the subscriber interview with Duncan. I agree on the PC interview from the conference, but there is aat least one, perhaps two interviews on Project Camelot with Duncan … they are excellent. Granny

  13. I’m missing something. Duncan
    I’m missing something. Duncan O’Finian was in the first program before Whitley?
    Whitley’s experience was the early 50’s, and Duncan’s 1966?

    1. Duncan explained that his
      Duncan explained that his program was the first program deemed a success; while he acknowledged that Whitley’s program was a generation earlier, it was designated a failure.

  14. Is anyone out there aware if
    Is anyone out there aware if Howard Hughes was ever involved in any of these child mind-control programs? My father was an engineer for TWA during Hughes’ reign, and my family lived in Cairo during the late 1940s. I wonder if it could explain some of the debilitating illness and erratic behavior of my older brother (born in 1940) that plagued him his entire adult life until premature death in 2001. He had been considered a child “prodigy” and therefore could have been a likely candidate for any “accelerated” program, and I can see my parents jumping at the chance if it were presented in a positive light. Anyone who would know is now long dead.

  15. Boy, Ruth, that sure does
    Boy, Ruth, that sure does resonate with me. BOTH of the kids who I feel pretty sure were in the program with me had exactly the same things happen to them as your brother. One of them died a premature death at 54. The other has been in a nursing home since the age of 63, and is essentially a basket case and always has been. However, the boy I mention–also a prodigy like the other two–whose parents REFUSED to put him in the program is now one of the most successful people in the world.

    Everyone who endured this and suffered ruined lives because of it deserve compensation, and it is shameful that the United States Government will not admit the truth of what was done to us.

    Unfortunately, whatever was done to us, it left us with such bizarre memories that we sound completely crazy when we testify about our experiences.

  16. I am logged in as a
    I am logged in as a subscriber, as suggested above by Whitley, in order to find the subscriber’s extended interview of Duncan OFinioan mentioned at the end of the Dreamland interview with him, but I cannot locate it anywhere! Has anyone found this please? If so, please reveal the location! Thanks. Very interesting interview.

  17. thanks

  18. Riveting stuff. Wish it were
    Riveting stuff. Wish it were 3 hours long though, lots of extremely interesting stuff that had to be kind of washed over for the sake of time.

    I am in the subscriber section and cannot find the extended Special Interview with Duncan either. I would love to hear more obviously.

  19. Thanks Larry. I wasn’t being
    Thanks Larry. I wasn’t being cynical, I honestly wondered what I missed.

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