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Millions of people recognize the Holy Trinity, but few understand that the concept behind it is not limited to a single religion or belief system. What if the Trinity were an ancient code, a formula, a secret so simple yet so powerful, it could change the way we look at our relationship with the Creator and with creation? That’s just what Marie D. Jones reveals to Anne Strieber and to us in this fascinating interview and in her new book, the Trinity: the Power of Three and the Code of Creation.

As many close encounter witnesses know, the number three plays an important part in the experience, and Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter narrative to explore the significance of this with somebody who understands the hidden meaning of three, and why luminaries such as G.I. Gurdjieff and Buckminster Fuller considered the triad of such fundamental importance.


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  1. I always see the numbers 222
    I always see the numbers 222 on my watch and clock.
    I wonder what this means ?

    1. 222 means your beginning a
      222 means your beginning a new cycle in life

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    Re: Last Weeks Show
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  3. By the way, Margaret Starbird
    By the way, Margaret Starbird was not an x-nun. She is a mother, grandmother, and scholar who was doing research to debunk the story that Jesus was married but found more information proving it was true. She wrote an interesting book, Magdalene’s Lost Legacy, that is all about Sacred Numbers…the ancient symbolic meaning of numbers.
    For example: 1 is the monad, wholeness, the source or the Holy One…God.
    2 is the dyad, division of the One into two equal parts.
    3 is the triad, the generative principle in nature…and so on.
    And three times any number just reinforces that number…like 333, which represents “ultimate holiness and truth”, and also the word “Dove”. Some people think that seeing these triple numbers over and over, including 111, means that the Holy Spirit, or Angels, or your higher-self are trying to get your attention and make you wake up to your spiritual self.
    Something Marie didn’t mention about the Trinity is that the Church teaches it’s a Father, a Son and a Ghost. Where is the female? But in earlier times, the Holy Spirit/Dove was the symbol of the Goddess, the feminine force that was supressed by the Church, so the Holy Spirit/Dove is actually the missing feminine. If she is included in the Trinity, then you have a Father, Mother and child…in other words a family… and there’s your creative force at work.
    Margaret also points out that agriculture didn’t replace the Goddess religions. It was the military empires that imposed their state religions of a “God of Power and Might”and their powerful priesthoods that supressed all things feminine. The number 666 represents the untimate male “power” principal of authority, law, and reason, which is not not evil in itself…unless worshipped to the exclusion of its complementary feminine principle. Then it becomes the number of the beast, a brutal domineering bully who exploits women and children. Sound familiar? 666×6 also represents Satan, the Antichrist, and “merchants of the earth”. So that third “voice” that’s missing in our world today is “compassion,” one of the feminine virtues that would help us prevent wars.
    It’s a very interesting book.

    1. Thank you for the
      Thank you for the information. I will have to revisit Margaret Starbird.

  4. made me think of when i was
    made me think of when i was in second grade and they said the trinity was unknowable (cathoic regligion) I stuipidly raised my hand and asked, “If we are made in the image of God, the father, his son, and the holy spirit; then aren’t we the same. There is the parent, its child, and its soul”. I could see the anger on the nuns face as she told me to sit down and write all my religion questions 30 x’s. Answered a few other unknowable questions like this and soon learned to keep my mouth shut being they netted the same results. I also remember learning what a heretic was and can see myself skipping home singing to myself, “I’m a heretic, I’m a heretic” and feeling quite pleased with me.

  5. In particle physics every
    In particle physics every proton and neutron in the nucleus of every atom in the universe is composed of three sub-particles called quarks. these are named from a reference in James Joyce’s novel Finnigan’s Wake: “Three quarks for Muster Mark!”

  6. These simple sets of 3 come
    These simple sets of 3 come to my mind:
    3 Little Pigs
    3 little words (I love you.)
    Nursery rhyme, Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 men in a tub
    3 references of time – Past, Present & Future
    Three Penny Opera
    Enjoyed the show; it really gave me alot to think about.

  7. What 3 means to me.

    What 3 means to me.

    *In color: Black, Gray, White -There are shades between the opposites.
    *In thought: Positive, Neutral, Negative -A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ‘true’ or ‘false’ does not suffice.
    *In the Trinity: Father-Mind, Son-Body, Holy Ghost-Soul -This is how we are made in God’s image.
    *In dimensions: Up/Down, Forward/Back, Left/Right -It is the way we currently see. Could this be the true tie-in with the importance of 3s? When we as a species start being aware of more dimensions, will our dominate number change?

  8. Delightful interview. While
    Delightful interview. While listening to it, I was reminded of one of my fav authors the wonderful Robert A. Heinlein. While I was reading one of his books, I noticed that he seemed to always have a triad that each story revolved around. There was the young man who was down to earth and quick on his feet and mentally. Then there was the older wiser man who understood how human nature worked and could turn the tables in his favor in any situation. The Third was always an attractive woman who could always not only hold her own but could out wit the guys when needed. The best example of this is of course, is his opus “A Stranger in a Strange Land” There Valentine Michael Smith is the young man, Gillian Boardman is the woman and then there is Jubal Harshaw the crafty liberal writer/attorney. (whose character’s insights in the book, molded a lot of my psyche growing up :-)).
    Anyway, I look forward to reading Marie’s book.

  9. Anne Strieber mentioned 3s in
    Anne Strieber mentioned 3s in the movie industry. It made me think of that awesome classic trilogy Lord of the rings. Not only are the three movies fantastic but it defies logic how Peter Jackson was able to do all three epics at once!
    He had to have help from above. :}

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