Tobe Johnson and Brett Eichenberger who have created the incredible new documentary “A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed.” join Whitley on Dreamland for what is probably the best ever Bigfoot show the site has seen. This show explores the amazing encounters people (including Tobe himself) have had with Bigfoot and other strange creatures, and includes an in-depth exploration of the ‘paranormal’ events that often take place in conjunction with these appearances. They consider the many questions that Bigfoot has left behind, and the answers they produce are astounding!

For subscribers, we go on to explore the question of whether Bigfoot’s apparent psychic abilities mean it could actually be a part of a more advanced species than we are. We delve into a discussion about why so many super normal phenomena appear to be connected, and why they often seem to appear in similar places and circumstances.

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  1. I can’t help come to the conclusion that Bigfoot and the Visitors have their origins in, and can inhabit the same realms. However, I have the feeling that there is a fundamental difference between them. Bigfoot seem to be an absolute force of nature, with their ability to slip between worlds and accomplish feats that seem to us like unfathomable magic. The Visitors though, I suspect, mimick these abilities through an application of their version of science. Like the difference on Earth between the Birds and Humans – they can both fly, but by completely different means…one naturally, the other technologically.

    The fog lifts slightly, then I hear stories retold by Preston Dennitt, that Bigfoot have been seen stepping out of UFOs and even stories of two Bigfoot walking up to two Visitors outside a UFO and dropping, for all intents and purposes, dead at the feet of the Visitors… And I have to admit, that far from making sense of it, I am still utterly, profoundly lost.

    Can the Visitors inhabit the skin of a Bigfoot? Does one work at the behest of the other? Do they have the same goals? Are we getting in their way, or are we somehow part of the Plan?

    One answer seems to spawn a myriad of questions and on and on it goes. Maybe that was, and always will, be the way of things…like the manifestation of the Universe’s intention to kick the inquiring mind into submission…to finally help give silence the stage. Maybe the final state is not understanding…but a mixture of awe and laughter?

    I don’t know, I give up!

    1. I always enjoy your comments Sherbet UFO. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I had to laugh at your last line which was, “I don’t know, I give up”!!! I sometimes feel exactly the same way and other times I feel that we’re on the brink of understanding. So just “let go and enjoy the ride”!! I intend to listen to the podcast tomorrow.

      1. Yes. I don’t know, I give up! You know I have this complex thing involving big cats (seen by others) and synchronicity. I consider it “the same” as Bigfoot. IT WAS SO FUNNY! I’ve never laughed so hard. So, we have this thing that people see Bigfoot yet I there is no way the bit cats / Bigfoot are physically real… they are not out there eating/pooping/moving around like real animals do… yet it is also “real” and people do see them…

        1. CBV, from other documentaries I’ve seen, they do like to eat food that’s been left out for them as a gift…but maybe they pop into another dimension for a poo?!

          1. Maybe so! A special toilet dimension! Actually, we can make a different distinction. Things happen (sightings / footprints / food taken etc) but there are certain things that never happen (hunter shooting one, anything providing absolute proof).

      2. Thanks DillyDally, it does seem like a bit of a roller-coaster though, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you but if I we’re designing a fairground ride, I’d want them all to shout ‘Again!’ when it finished… rather than turning them upside down, risking them getting dizzy and throwing-up half way around!

    2. I wonder if you or anyone else here is familiar with the hypothesis that Patrick Jackson has put forth. He seems to not be accepted (and even hated) by researchers in the paranormal. He attributes a lot of the phenomena to an advanced AI grid of quantum spheres that operates globally and seems to observe and even „protect“ earth. He is an experiencer, paranormal researcher and an IT expert and found a connection between ghost sightings, EVPs and balls of light, that are also mentioned in this interview. Jackson argues that a lot of haunted houses for example can be explained by this grid since it uses technology that is harmful to people and so it manifests certain visual, auditory and physical effects to scare people away from it’s “bases”. I think we might see some of that happening at Skinwalker Ranch where they also see strange creatures that cannot be shot, and balls of light observing rocket launches and physical harm being done to security personnel. In the latest Nolan- Tucker Carlson interview, Nolan mentions the case in France where the whole family saw a UFO and on the photo the kid made you actually only see a much smaller metallic structure. I myself saw two metallic spheres above the steam of a nuclear power plant and someone I know also has footage of the exact same thing in another restricted airspace above an airport, also in broad daylight. Elizondo stated several times that there were ways to bait the Phenomenon so that could be an indication for this AI system observing what is going on at all times. Jackson also argues that these spheres are causing technology malfunctions due to their means of communicating with each other and that they might also be used as a means of communication with something otherworldly. After all someone has built this. So maybe the Phenomenon is using this technology that is practically invisible to us and that might leave the impression that these entities can do it on their own. Another indication for this could be the “gremlins” and the military aspect that these two men spoke of as well as the strong connection to a grid that we are aware of namely the power lines. For anyone interested, his book is called “Quantum Paranormal. A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal”. This is an interesting interview with him.

  2. It was a pleasure hearing Mr Strieber on Coast this morning. We Brits get to enjoy Coast from 6am to 10am and so I automated my bedside laptop to open up Coast at 6am some years back and just like Dreamland, it’s been a party of daily life for years.

  3. Two moments that stuck with me were “People of the Northern Forest you wander in darkness” and that we will return to the forest. Obviously the spiritual temple the forest provides us needs to be saved and we need to rekindle our connection to it.

    The past decade has seen efforts to re-wild areas of the world that have lost their forests. The beautiful rolling hills of Ireland and Scotland are actual testaments of ecological destruction and diversity lost.

    The idea of food forests is probably the most productive area of permaculture which needs to be nurtured in the disaster of climate change. Its clear bigfoot want to be our guide back to that wonderful world.

    1. My take on impending disaster is that stress evolves. Pain is a function of consciousness.

      I feel my fingers typing but another level of everyday perfectly normal consciousness is driving these little fingers. We see and hear yet we perceive little, as the noise of our bodies is so great.

      Imagine how our Mother Gaia hears all this noise? Yet, she loves all her manifest children and we all move along and through and back and ahead and we breath.


  4. Good Lord, another show hitting the ball out of the park. As a Limey, that’s not really a term we use but it about sums it up. Terrific show.

    I listened to the interview and lasted 20 mins before buying the documentary on Prime. £4 extra bought me the show over it’s rental. Great value. The documentary is stunning in its efficacy. Bravo.

    There is a point where the Army veteran mentions the long armed figures. Now this is a jewel. I went through an initiatory period where I was off work sick, exhausted, confused but I could easily see that something quite extraordinary was going on & that an intelligence/consciousness was interacting with me to move me forward.

    Lots of stress, LOTS.

    I was in my kitchen one morning during all that, say 2014, and making a cup of tea to enjoy with some toast. Looking to my left I glanced into the kitchen of my beloved neighbour. Standing in the kitchen appeared to be a 10 foot tall (I couldn’t see the head) humanoid with arms so long that the hands were out of sight and likely to have been knee level.

    This wasn’t in a forest, or on a UFO, this being was stood in my neighbour’s kitchen..

    For some reason, I just laughed that I was being ‘fooled’. On some level I knew that I was a subject and that they were being both kind, compassionate and equally making a point. I think they knew I’d be making this comment at this time, years ahead, but that’s my current opinion, not something that occurred to me then.

    I say this, when physical beings bodies expire, some say they see a mist rise up out of the body.

    Are we breathing in planetary consciousness? Is life within and without us in a manner so natural that it’s like breathing in a new identity or destiny? That’s vague, but a seed, a new blue.


    1. Von Hausengberg, the cover of ‘Passport to Magonia’ kept coming back to me during this interview. I can’t help thinking they should have added a Sasquatch mask in there too.

      You are way cooler than I would have been, seeing something like that in your neighbour’s kitchen. I have images of the toast popping up and me hitting the roof!

      1. I had to live with it. Some night’s there was banging and thudding, lights flashing, ghosts of people drifting through my place, staring at me and at one point I actually heard a fly ‘zzingging me in the ear’ to keep me awake.

        My back started to ‘burn’ while in bed (like a microwave device was being used against me lol) so I placed a flat plywood board under the mattress. The result? Back stopped burning but I then became aware of a young man and woman (in spirit) populating the room and I could hear them talking about me. So, delusional? I don’t think so, but don’t go telling your Doctor about such activity; just don’t, even if they are Freemasons and even if you have been published 20 years in the area of esoterica and sold well.

        What a rollercoaster ride all that was and is. Souls live, as do you, as do we all, in the firmament but it’s a very subtle sea. I know you do your thing, and you pour your coffee and have a doughnut occasionally while listening to Dreamland and that is beautiful, just like you.

        Bless your heart Sherbet.


        1. My word, Von Hausengberg, you lead an interesting life…one which most people, I’m sure, would not even begin to comprehend.

          Your posts are truly wonderful.

          Thank you so much.

  5. So, I get notifications from Google recommending certain news items and this one regarding dutchsinse came (IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY, EARLIER THIS WEEK). It has to do with radio waves. I kept thinking about it from the time I listened to…….Tobe Johnson and Brett Eichenberger who have created the incredible new documentary “A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed.” I even tried to understand if there was any connection to power lines and radio waves by checking out articles on the web. Last night I simply gave up, I could not find anything that seemed to fit. THEN, I RECEIVED THIS TEXT FROM MY NIECE. THIS IS THE ONE WAY QUESTIONS SEEM TO BE ANSWERED FOR ME. My gut feeling is there IS a connection and I think entities like Bigfoot are able to ride these waves.

    TEXT FROM MY NIECE THIS MORNING. “Everything is OK! Woke up at 3 am and noticed it was so quiet and my box fan wasn’t running and thought maybe the cat knocked the cord out of the wall, we have a power outage! 46 homes in my subdivision are without power. It is now 6:40 am and I see an Ameren truck out front, the worker is in the bucket up above working on the line so hopefully it will be restored soon because I NEED MY COFFEE HA, HA. Talk to you later.”

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the power lines, Carollee. That is an interesting one and the connection that came to me regarding the paranormal was related to those classic ghost stories you hear recounted…about drivers being convinced that someone has walked out into the road in from of their car, slammed on the breaks, got out and no one was there. Or those ones about picking up a hitchhiker, then turning around some time later to find they have vanished.

      In both instances, I seem to remember reading that these experiences seem to happen close to power lines. One suggestion was that the electromagnetic waves from the lines, passing over the road, could somehow interact with the brain of the observer to initiate the experience…But personally, I am leaning on the side of there being some kind of portal being energised, or a rift between dimensions being opened by the high voltage.

  6. Just a quick aside, but is it just me or is Tobe Johnson ‘channeling’ Randall Nickerson?

    Facial features, especially the eyes, and facial gestures are so similar.

    It’s like one soul, in one work, with different transports.

    ‘One people, one reason.’

    Lastly, listening to some of Ron Moorhead’s recordings, featured in the documentary, I was reminded of Mr Strieber’s comments about hearing Mrs Strieber struggling to form words while he was in Hull at the seance. Is it me or do these two areas sound connected?


  7. Another fantastic interview. A real eye opener! The documentary was also very good. Almost as good as a book by Whitley Strieber, almost!

  8. Sasquatch disappeared on a Mississippi Gravel/dirt road as it walked across teh road..

    These creatures have a natural ability to cross parallel universes. Its why we haven’t found a cave full of them or a camp. In some way, in a natural way like soap bubbles on a dish- they can cross..

  9. Sasquatch disappeared on a Mississippi Gravel/dirt road 1986 as it walked across the road..100 yards from our vehicle.

    These creatures have a natural ability to cross parallel universes. Its why we haven’t found a cave full of them or a camp. In some way, in a natural way like soap bubbles on a dish- they can cross..

  10. An inter-dimensional sasquatch makes sense to me. I can’t imagine this species being strictly terrestrial. Its demand for resources at its size would be tremendous. My hope is that we can develop a productive relationship with them, allowing us to understand all the mysterious phenomena surrounding them and also the visitors. They are certainly not the oafish creatures we depict them to be in popular culture.

    1. The term inter-dimensional is banded about but to me it makes more sense to suggest that perhaps some beings have the ability to reduce or increase their physical density as required.

  11. Hello all. I purchased the Bigfoot documentary “A Flash of Beauty” last night and my wife and I watched it. Near the end it had a segment including 2 pics of a reddish Bigfoot from a plane. I went to re-watch that segment today to have another look, and that segment and the pics are now gone. Anyone else note this? It was purchased through AppleTV.
    Edit….I just downloaded the film to my computer, and the segment IS still present on the downloaded version. So it seems it only disappeared from the streamed version.

    1. When I watched it on Amazon Prime, that segment was still there…it still is when I try and re-watch it… But what is strange, is that if I swipe on my phone to the end of the movie, from the frames that are shown, it looks like the movie ends two minutes early and the shots of the ginger-coloured Sasquatch are missing.

      I noticed that those photos had a copyright and name on them, so maybe there is a copyright issue with them? But apart from that, all I can say, is that those images looked suspect to me. It did indeed look like a guy in a suit…the face just looks like a mask and there is no definition in the lower legs… It just looks like a pair of trousers with fur on… But…those hands…the fingers do look too long for a human.

      1. Whitley, I have looked again today at the Bigfoot documentary, both streaming and downloaded from Amazon Prime and the last few minutes have indeed been cut.

        It is a continuation from the story of the guy with cancer…

        His daughter felt obligated to have a look for herself, after being asked so many times by her father. She and her brother-in-law were flying over the area intentionally trying to find something. As they were just about to give up she spotted something and they circled around it. It was a ginger coloured Sasquatch, with long arms, long fingers, with no hair on the face. Before it spotted them, it was leaning over, with arms hanging down. When it spotted them, it flung its arms out in surprise, then ran off to some nearby cover.

        She was asked whether it wasn’t just a man in a Bigfoot suit by her friends…and she gets that, but she thought not, as she described it as being very graceful, like a wild animal and surprisingly fast, which apparently is rather difficult on that terrain (sponge-like tundra).

  12. ahhhhha! the very same observation of Terry Lovelace and Devils Den… The name DEVIL’S DEN and the same observation by the gentleman who does 911- the show that maintains that persons go missing SOMEHOW when they might separate momentarily and likly those who may be weaker, older, younger, alone, unarmed, no GPS- and some come back naked and unknowing how or were just TOO far away to have a logical conclusion- he says “beware the names”. Because of local legend this only makes sense. Terry Lovlace had his pivotal experience at Devil’s Den State Park- AR- been there myself as a youngn’.

  13. Well, something about this podcast makes my heart beat rapidly. it gives me a lump in my throat almost.

  14. For those interested about the footage removed from the documentary, including photos of a ginger-coloured Sasquatch…

    Reddit link:
    – Photo 1 here was included, then removed from the documentary.
    – Photos 2, 3 and 4 are from a known hoaxing.
    – There are also some comments from Brett Eichenberger on why they included the photos in the first place…

    1. I got a reply from Brett. The relevant bits are copied below…

      “…To address your question, we ultimately chose to remove those photos and Rachel’s story due to the fact it was causing too much controversy. We felt the rest of the film was getting lost in the noise and it was unfair to the others who share their stories on camera. With that being said, we still support Rachel 100% and believe she is telling the truth.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions, and thank you again for watching our film!



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