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Daniel Foor joins Whitley Strieber on Dreamland for the first time in one of the most moving, beautiful and inspiring shows we have ever aired. He talks about what he calls Ancestral Medicine, which is about the healing one oneself and one’s troubled relationships with ancestors through the use of powerful insight and respect for ancient ritual methods of interacting with the souls of the dead.

In the second half of the show, Whitley tells two deeply personal stories, one about childhood abuse that he recently discovered in his own past with Anne’s help from the other side and the assistance of doctors on this side. Then he tells about a contact with Anne that took place on the morning of August 2, 2017 that is incredibly beautiful and  deeply, deeply inspiring. You will hear as the marriage of Whitley and Anne Strieber evolves—through Whitley’s tears of joy and sadness—to a whole new level.

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  1. Thank you, Whitley, for this
    Thank you, Whitley, for this interview & your openness.
    Thank you, Daniel Foor.
    This hits a little too close to home for me. A light came on.
    Much love Whitley, much love. When my son was a baby, we would tickle him. Oh, the laughter of babies is so healing. When Im having a real crap day, I will play a recording of him on my phone. Hes 2 & 1/2 now and still has a healing laugh.

  2. Much love to Whitley….
    Much love to Whitley….

  3. Whitley, your sharing of so
    Whitley, your sharing of so much is helping many of us. Very emotional and powerful show; I’m blown away.

  4. God bless you, Whitley. Must
    God bless you, Whitley. Must admit that you sounded tired. Curious, if you care to comment, whether Anne taking her next step means that once you pass there will not be a reunion between you two such that the obvious pain you feel now would not be cured? Or do you see Anne’s evolution as something more permanent?

  5. Blessings to you, Whitley.

    Blessings to you, Whitley.

    A word of caution to everyone who does live from their heart center. BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF IN PUBLIC. Like David Sereda’s beautiful wife, Crystal, you could be forced into a mental institution, be drugged with dangerous medications, for daring to be spiritual, and expressing it openly. I have attempted to be very careful throughout my life BECAUSE I knew some would interpret my spirituality as a mental illness.

  6. Whitley, this thought crossed
    Whitley, this thought crossed my mind. (IN REGARD TO THE DREAM). Might Anne be trying to push you out of the nest/telling you it is time to fledge? Is she trying to free you up and set you on course for the next chapter in your life? Just a thought…….

  7. I was very moved by Whitley’s
    I was very moved by Whitley’s dream and Anne’s message. How bittersweet it must be. I very much look forward to the new book you wrote together.

    One thing I really didn’t understand from the show is, if there are all of these wise and well ancestors on the other side, why aren’t they helping those who need the help of their own volition, especially those in their own ancestry line? Why would it be necessary at all for people on this side to be the ones finding those souls (needing help making the transition) and then advocate for them, else they be stuck and/or lost? That version of cosmology seems very logically flawed. Granted, logic may not apply in the same way, but surely if true there must be a way to understand it that actually makes some sense.

  8. This is a great interview. It
    This is a great interview. It reminded me of a book I read earlier this year called “It Didn’t Start with You,” by Mark Wolynn. In it, the author (who is also a psychotherapist) describes how personal trauma can sometimes be traced back to the experiences of other family members, even if those relatives came from previous generations. Example: You have a fear of being hospitalized that can’t be explained by personal experience, and then discover, after investigating your family history, that a rarely-mentioned aunt or uncle died after years of languishing in a mental hospital. Somehow you’ve inherited that memory and the trauma of it, even though you never knew about it on a conscious level. For me it was a powerful revelation, because it gave me a new perspective on some personal issues I’d been working with. In Whitley’s interview with Daniel Foor, I feel like I’ve been given some additional tools to continue this work. What I love in particular is Foor’s suggestion that we go back to previous generations to find positive connections with our ancestors. It’s critical to heal the pain that we’ve inherited, but it’s also important to celebrate the vitality of those ancestors who thrived and may have lessons or guidance to share. I think I really needed to hear that, and I’m seeking those kinds of connections now. Thanks, Whitley, for a really thought-provoking interview!

  9. Thank you for this. Very
    Thank you for this. Very relevant to me personally at the moment. Thank you, Whitley for sharing your life experiences so honestly as always. I am a simple soul with an average education (actually below average unless you count a life time of self-education through reading!). It did occur to me that Anne’s progression on the other side is rather like a child growing up and saying to their parents ‘I am still me and will always be with you, but I am blossoming into an adult now. I am not your child any more in once sense (although I always will be), but I am your companion in a new way.’ The loss is real, but the next phase is great in a different way. I have grieved my children growing up, but I have gained immensely from the new relationships I have with them. Maybe (probably) this applies across the board. Like the caterpillar and the butterfly. Just my simple heart-felt response.

  10. We all love you Whitley.
    We all love you Whitley. Thank you.

  11. A melancholy show that I will
    A melancholy show that I will think about for a long time. I will be buying the new book. Thanks

  12. Love to you Whitley. Thank
    Love to you Whitley. Thank you for your openness in your life journey! Loved this show!

  13. Dearest Whitley, I am sure
    Dearest Whitley, I am sure that you feel that you are losing Anne all over again similar to a second mourning. I heard the grief in your voice and through your tears. In this difficult time remember to be grateful for your time together in life on this planet as well as in her time in the afterlife, it was truly a blessing that many are not so fortunate to experience. I believe that her transition into this next phase of her beingness will not leave you totally alone. The contact may not be in the way you have been communicating now, but it will still leave you with a knowingness that she is there. You still have things left to do in your journey in this life, and she will always be there to guide you through. Have faith that it will all work out for the higher good. Peace, love and happiness, Whitley.

  14. Very moving. Very good
    Very moving. Very good show.Thank you Daniel and Whitley.

  15. Daniel has such a
    Daniel has such a compassionate voice, it is nice to hear. His answers are well measured.

  16. She is not leaving me totally

    She is not leaving me totally alone at all, but she does want me to engage with life. This is very hard for me. I am a real loner just by nature, and without her to guide me to social events, I tend to stay by myself. But as far as communication is concerned, she’s right here

    I’ve been working with her very closely on our book, for example, which just went to the editor today. Hopefully, he will want to publish it. Yesterday, I felt that people would want to read in the book what she now has to say about the visitors, so I asked her. She said, “they’re inward beings.”

    I both didn’t understand and felt that it made sense, at the same time! I know what she means, but I can’t quite seem to put it into words. But I do know this: they spend a lot of time getting us to look for them in the sky. That’s how they hide.

  17. The One.
    The One.

  18. Thank you! This interview was
    Thank you! This interview was a great help to me.

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