The grail legend is familiar: the grail is the cup out of which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, and the quest for the grail is the centerpiece of knightly lore and Arthurian legend. But what if that's only one story, and maybe not even the oldest one?

Famed authors Gareth Knight and Caitlin Matthews (over a hundred books published between them) reveal the secrets of a 13th century grail text called the Elucidation of the Grail that rewrites the story as a pre-Christian legend that brings the hidden world of the old faery-faith to vivid life.

The result is a startling re-envisioning of the whole story, of intense interest to anybody interested in the mysteries of the past.

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Then, in the third segment, Whitley quotes from the letter of a participant at Contact in the Desert who witnessed him disappear before her eyes (and tells how it felt to him, too.) Then he talks about an amazing experience at an Indian reservation over the weekend of July 20-21 that includes a mass daylight UFO sighting and a protracted visit on Whitley's part to what appears to be a parallel universe--and ends with a joyous visit from Anne to a group of women who were participating in this powerful conference! Mystery and joy! Don't miss it.

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