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Cindy Spring was not a channel, but then her dear friend, psychologist, afterlife expert and author Frances Vaughan died and she began trying to contact her. She used methods described by Matthew McKay in Seeking Jordan and soon opened an automatic writing channel to Frances. In Seven Questions About Life After Life, Cindy and Frances join together to talk about the afterlife in an exciting new way.

The book covers everything from a new understanding of what Hell really is to how to find spirit guides, and that even those in the afterlife also have them. Among many other things, Dreamland is on a spiritual quest, and this show is a perfect example of the combination of high spiritual adventure and practical “how two” that makes the show so special.

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  1. I still cannot download the Dreamland subscriber files. I can get the Unseen and Experience ones no problem. Dreamland still has the following problem: “The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred.

    Please try again”

    I’ve tried Firefox, Vivaldi, and Edge on desktop. There has to be something wrong with just the Dreamland config.

  2. The download issue that was affecting the Dreamland high resolution file is resolved. If you continue to see a ‘too many redirects’ error, clear your browser cache, close and open your browser and try again. If you still have the issue, please do not leave a message here. Email

  3. What a wonderful podcast. It was enlightening, comforting and hopeful to hear about the life after life experiences you discussed. I look forward to reading Seven Questions as soon as I can get my hands on it. I look forward to books two and three by Cindy and can’t wait to get Whitney’s new book!
    Thank you both!

  4. Some of the things the guides say puzzle me. For example, when they remind me that they are teaching wisdom they say they are ‘wisdom teaching’. Why not say teaching wisdom? Why the other way around?

    Also, these past couple of months, they’ve been referring to bodies as ‘the transport’. Has anyone else heard them use these terms?

    They appear to resemble a form of neural tree, with hierarchies of experience and, at times, patience, it seems. A term I haven’t heard used in a while is ‘the tapestry of consciousness’. Does any of the above resonate with anyone else? I’m beyond seeking validation and just accept this as normal life now. Takes some getting used to at the beginning though lol.

    1. I don’t know maybe it means you/they can’t teach wisdom but wisdom teaches you/us/them. Maybe just teaching how to learn from wisdom. 🙂

  5. Another great episode. Fascinating stuff and I hope you’ll have Cindy back in the future.

  6. that was a great interview.
    i have only one question: what about the Council of 88.. or the Circle of 88? Ive only ever heard it mentioned once. I “believe” that the folks back “home.” Is there any more illumination on that subject?
    I personally use the analogy of the car or video games as an example of this life.
    Thanks for sharing,

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