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On August 10, Linda Moulton Howe first reported on a high strangeness finding in Alaska: an apparent buried pyramid about 50 miles from Mt. McKinley. She has followed up on this story, and the explosive results can be heard in an absolutely riveting witness interview in this edition of Dreamland. The pyramid is larger than the Pyramid of Cheops and is completely buried. It’s exact co-ordinates have been found, and the witness Linda interviews this week provides much more detail about what was going on there in recent years.

The object is apparently very old, both built and buried by unknown parties. It is believed by this week’s witness to have something to do with power generation and transmission. As there are so many very ancient pyramids in the world, it can be conjectured that there may once have been an advanced power grid on Earth, constructed and also hidden in the very distant past. Also, during the cold war era, the site was apparently off-limits, no doubt because it was in a militarily sensitive area, and even may have actually been used as a power source. There is no indication that it is classified now, but rather abandoned.

This is Dreamland adventure at it’s highest. Settle back and enjoy a mind opening and mind-bending adventure Dreamland style!

To see the shadow of the buried pyramid on a Google map, click here. Unfortunately, higher resolution maps of the area are not available.

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  1. (since I cant prove it, you
    (since I cant prove it, you dont have to believe me)The scattering of pyramids across the world is tied to the Djed. The second destruction of Atlantis & the movement across the galactic meridian prompted these structures some 26,000 years ago.
    The basic purpose is to stabilize the planet during the vibrational change. The powers that be in those times decided to build the shield that would keep the main island at the given vibration when the change occurred. This would be the land mass “supposedly” reported by the sailors who went on the trip- Project Rainbow.
    To keep that from happening again, the “stabilizers” were built.

  2. I’m proud to be a paying
    I’m proud to be a paying member of Unknown Country. I wish I had enough money to contribute to an expedition to check out this pyramid! I’d love to find out what its all about

  3. Yes, the pyramid in Alaska is
    Yes, the pyramid in Alaska is a functioning version of the pyramid at Giza. Humans,may check it out and be aware of it’s existence… BUT, DO NOT INTERFERE WITH IT’S OPERATION!!!

    It already has a purpose and is performing it very well. You think the Earth’s climate is unstable now -watch what happens if this one fails like the pyramid in Egypt did. Egypt wasn’t always mostly desert you know.

    Those soldiers in the black uniforms are protecting this device from being damaged by those who do not understand that it is maintaining a balanced environment for the planet.

    P.S. – You humans want unlimited free energy? Consider the thermodynamics of that.

  4. So Cyan, if we are the
    So Cyan, if we are the humans, what are you?

    1. ” it’s humans all the way
      ” it’s humans all the way down…”

  5. We allow a few hundred
    We allow a few hundred ultra-wealthy people to rob us of everything including our history using our government/military/police/ and various agencies as an apparatus of control.

  6. “So Cyan, if we are the
    “So Cyan, if we are the humans, what are you”

    Re On this website, the Possibilities are Endless;

    But Cyan if you have some real information, channeled or otherwise; call Linda, she has been dogging this story for months; and obviously believes she is on to something. Me, while I suspect disinformation is involved, I don’t pretend to understand just why the disinformation would be disseminated.

  7. I’m pretty nearly convinced
    I’m pretty nearly convinced that the laws of thermodynamics as we know them, while true on a certain level, are not the final word on whether there is such thing as unlimited energy (I dislike the term “free energy”, favoring “pretty damn cheap energy” instead…which is also my answer to those who use “there’s no such thing as free lunch” as a shut-down/dismissal phrase to the whole subject).

    Not sure why an alien would want to convince us that the chintsy stuff we’ve thought of so far for energy are the only games in town, but perhaps I’m misinterpreting.

  8. now that whitley mentioned
    now that whitley mentioned Betty Andreasson, everyone should get any book or literature they can on Becky or Betty Andreasson, my favorite and very enigmatic alien/ u.f.o. cases. LOve to all! p.s. – got cats, MEAOW! Take care of the them, meow!- first few chapters of Andreasson Legacy Ishka told Becky they would protect her! meow, Love canines too for that matter all animals!

  9. If those people in the black
    If those people in the black uniforms are still there, how would we get close even if we could get the money together? Those guns are probably there still also. Maybe it would be possible to get someone to fly over and take pictures.

  10. I can’t see being concerned
    I can’t see being concerned about mysterious energies that can’t be measured in any way. From my readings of Tesla he very rarely made reference to FREE energy. Why else would he have needed (and occasionally burnt out) generators in Colorado Springs? He WAS concerned about the wireless transmission of energy. He had the idea that the area of the earth between the surface and the ionosphere could be used as a waveguide to allow for efficient transmission. This would be pulses of Radio Frequency energy in the 10-15 Hz range that would be received where needed by tuned circuits. Considering the possibilities of brain wave entrainment that we now know about, what might this have done to the world population if it had come to be? It might be a GOOD thing it didn’t get finished.

    1. FYI correction 20-20K Hz is
      FYI correction 20-20K Hz is the audio frequency range not radio frequency.

  11. In 1982 I met an Inspector
    In 1982 I met an Inspector for the Federal Prison system. A prisoner warden took him to a building away from the prison complex. The building was full of cardboard boxes full of black uniforms. The warden said they were supposed to be used as uniforms for the Federal Police Force that would be used upon federalization of all police agencies.

    1. Quite imagine those uniforms
      Quite imagine those uniforms have gone out of fashion by now. Why would police uniforms be stored in a prison? When is the Federalization of the police force supposed to occur; 1982 was thirty years ago?

  12. It’s important to be clear
    It’s important to be clear about these Black Uniforms. The account from Linda’s interviewee appeared to relate to merely conventional military uniforms. This is common attire for many freelance security firms, and is of little, if any, relevance in my opinion.

    Mr Strieber commented on his own experience of quite different ‘close fitting’ black uniforms. I suspect that he has wisely omitted the full description of these uniforms in order to allow easier scrutiny of reports from others who have also seen the same uniforms.

    Take a look at this:

    Now, ignore the obvious Star Trek aspect… focus on the close fitting aspect of the uniform and pay no attention to the uniform colours. Instead, visualise that uniform as mainly black but with the upper half consisting of black, grey and charcoal square modular sections.

    The collar is more like this too:

    Note the clean crisp lines and then assemble a picture in your mind of a tight fitting all in one uniform.

    I have seen US Airforce Officers in very strange ‘dreams’ wearing this exact uniform over and over again. They seem more like Military Space Command than US Airforce but somehow you always know that they are Airforce. I met a ‘base Commander’ (an American chap too) in a ‘dream’ one night.

    Officers appear to wear a small compact jacket, slightly shorter than the waist, with a similar clipped collar, again in with black, grey and charcoal modular square sections, over the tight fitting all-in-one.

    This is one of the oddest things I have encountered but is not the oddest, oh no, not by a long chalk my dears. I wish someone else would explain that they have seen this uniform too. You can never, ever, be absolutely sure that what you experience with things like this is ‘real’. You only ever seem to know for sure that it was in no way just a ‘dream’; you know from the instant you awake that it was something else. That said, what on Earth is all this? Very curious affair and why on Earth would a base Commander want to meet me for crying out loud.?

    I’m sorry if I sound dull but these chaps must have a very mundane routine if meeting with boring ole me to give me a ‘vaccination’ and then whisk me off to some airbase some months later is of some import. Maybe they are a breakaway civilisation. I’ve often wondered if surface dwelling Humans are a kind of farm yard experiment for our own kind. Looking at London in 2012, farm yard sums it up IMHO.

    One last thing, does a lighthouse with no light mean anything to anyone?

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