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William Henry appears on Dreamland to give us a message, and it is powerful, provocative and needs careful consideration. Our world is moving into a period of high-intensity change on every level from geophysics to geopolitics. Worse, all three fundamentalist groups–Jewish, Christian and Islamic–believe that bringing about the end of the world will cause their various messiahs to appear.

So what can we do to save ourselves from these lunatics and all the dangers that they represent? Whitley Strieber asks William, "What can we do?" The answer he gives has to do with the new consciousness concept he calls the Kit, and with a device–an actual device–that he calls ‘the Judgement Device.’

Maybe you listen to William Henry on Revelations. Maybe you have been to one of his seminars. But you have NEVER heard anything like this. 

A sample: Islamic fundamentalists believe that their messiah, the Mahdi, must take the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem to bring about a new age.
But who is the Mahadi and what is the Ark? The Iranian mullahs believe that they understand this. The believe that they have access to this ancient device.

Are they mad? Probably. But they are also in the process of coming into command of a nuclear arsenal. Better listen up.

William Henry’s website is Join him for his revelation of the Kit September 22–23. Find out more by clicking here.

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  1. As usual, William is
    As usual, William is simultaneously inspirational and terrifying.

  2. One possibility for Eva’s
    One possibility for Eva’s “original orbit” is that the Earth experienced a global scale collision circa 2.5 billion years ago that apparently destroyed existing continents. The Columbia continent began forming 2.1 billion years ago. The sequences of continental formations after the collision are interesting. The result is the present continental configurations with their many anomalies.

  3. For a good while now, I’ve
    For a good while now, I’ve thought that William should move to the UK and, if possible, live in Wiltshire, nearer the center of so many of these exotic manifestations of consciousness. T’would be fascinating to see him develop further along this old winding path. He’s a good communicator and while the US offers much, it also has a knack of holding one back. Move to Britain William, do the right thing.

  4. Maybe I am just getting old,
    Maybe I am just getting old, but as far back as I can remember these fears of nuclear war have been out there. When I was a kid, public service announcements about sheltering in the event of a nuclear attack were common-place, and the ridiculous drills in school were laughable (“Get under your desk and cover your eyes.” Yeah, right.) Does anyone remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    I don’t doubt that we live in dangerous times, but since WWII it has been ongoing and in the consciousness of many of us. The Israelis have the best attitude, as noted by William. We have to be aware, but we cannot live every moment in fear. Maybe that is the message in all of this. Maybe our real challenge at this time is in overcoming fear.

    Can you imagine a world without fear? THAT would be heaven!

  5. I remember at our local mall
    I remember at our local mall there was a family living in an “air-raid” shelter. Some company that built air-raid shelters actually had a real family living in one of their shelters as a promotion for one of their products. Every night, for about an hour or so, the public was allowed, through a small curtain, to view this family. Even though I was only about six years old, I still remember it being the most bizarre and horrible experience I had in my short life.

  6. Man that song was beautiful,!
    Man that song was beautiful,! I could tell it came from above being a percussion master of sorts myself (but I’m not nearly as good as the percussion master described by Whitley in “The Key”). Bits and pieces– well the universe is a pyramid –there again is a reflection of Whitley’s Triad! Going back to her saying song or music is key -there again is M.O.T.K. Prison Planet?, this is disturbing, but her focus is on the up and up and her news is good! Her vision in the beginning reminded me of that beautiful scene on a beach looking into a moonless star filled night in the movie “contact” where Jodie Foster was utterly spellbound by her experience! I’ve only had a couple glasses of scotch and I can really say with lucidity that this interview covered more territory with Eva than any of I can think of, Great one Anne and thanks!

  7. i can imagine a world without
    i can imagine a world without fear, Cosmic Librarian, it will be Heaven if we imagine together. lets do in honor of John Lennon and ourselves. all of us together an old hippie dream, but so relevant today. for those too young to remember him, ask your parents or grandparents about him and the songs he and the Beatles sang like imagine!

  8. Ahh, good old John Lennon.
    Ahh, good old John Lennon. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, I’m sorry to say.

    Don’t forget John Denver, Joni Mitchell and, of course, Cat Stevens.

    Such raw, hard-practiced talent, so often has a deep message from a voice that connects us all.

    You know, those that have passed-over are still ‘about’, helping out and continuing along their paths.

    The first time they pop up to help you out with something, is a very pleasant, albeit astonishing, hidden aspect of life.

  9. The spine as the tree of life
    The spine as the tree of life on which kundalini rises to the head and activates centers in the brain was introduced by Allan Coult in his 1974 book, “Psychedelic Anthropology.” Coult was one of the most published social scientists in the 1960s while teaching at UC Berkeley. One of his students was my mentor, and I published key excerpts from his book on the internet along with my extrapolation of the tree of life observed in the Dan Fry UFO contact in 1949. It’s good to see that Coult’s brilliant thesis is making the rounds. Coult died in 1970 and his students published his book after his death.

  10. William and Whitley, I want
    William and Whitley, I want to thank you for this interview, it is now up to us as to what we do with the information. I have thought quite a bit on this interview and this is how I see it possibly coming down….. Staying in a prepared state of mind even if it does not happen in our lifetime also works for me.

    I believe if there is a war in the near future, the onset will begin in the sky with entities that have battled on our planet before. It could be a fierce and vicious battle. One group thinking our species worth saving while another group seeing the opportunity to see us gone. Will a catastrophic event on our Earth trigger their visible return?

    It will be a time when humankind must know how to connect to their higher selves, finding that guidance within. We must learn to meditate, visualize and pray which is certainly going to be imperative in this time of chaos. I will also be down on my knees BEGGING for mercy and divine intervention.

    It seems impossible at this moment in time while sitting comfortably in front of my computer for any of this to happen but I believe it will.


    The boy scouts say, ‘be prepared’ and I say be prepared in every sense of the motto. Physically, emotionally and most of all SPIRITUALLY.

  11. I found Eva’s account of
    I found Eva’s account of earth’s history intriguing, and will keep an open mind about it, because, frankly, everything we are being told about earth’s real history is highly speculative, and it seems to me that the experiences of those who have somehow contacted that history or gained information from paranormal sources are all different. Yet there are certain consistent threads that link these stories, such as earth being affected by great wars in space, and the control of humanity through biological manipulation. Perhaps the details of the stories are so different because the information is, after all, being filtered through a human consciousness, each with its unique configurations, beliefs and persepectives. I was particularly interested in Eva’ mention of Asherah. According to some experts in the field of ancient religions and history, and certainly according to threads of ancient semitic mythology, Asherah was worshiped as the partner of Yahweh in ancient Jewish religion before many polytheistic elements were intentionally rejected and erased in order to promote and validate the emerging Monotheistic Judaism. Going back into Mesopotamian religion, Asherah was originally also associated with the tree of life ( the pole of the universe), and Asherah poles were part of ancient Jewish practice. As often happened to Mother goddesses, mothers of creation etc, after the transition to masculine-God religions, Asherah was later associated with the pagan god Baal and evil, and gradually became persona-non-grata in Jewish and later Christian teachings. Eva’s reference to Asherah reflects, I think, the original prevalence of Asherah in ancient mythologies, under many names, including later as Sophia for the Gnostic christians and jews. She represents, I believe the feminine principle of the God Mind, the Yin to the masculinized Christian and Jewish Yang, and until that principle is re-united with the masculine principle, both in ourselves and in our spiritual traditions, we will never be whole.

  12. I just want to state that no
    I just want to state that no where has Benjamin Netanyahu ever stated publicly that he or Israel wish to bring the Messiah via a war. No Jew in their right mind would think this. Unlike Chistrianity and Isalm which teach that their respective messianic figures will come only in an armageddon scenerio, Jews are taught that the messiah will come either when humaity prepares the world properly (through love and cooperation) or, only as a last resort, should humanity be stupid enough to start a devastating war. We are, per Deuteronomy 30:19 told to always choose the path of life over death – always. So, I’d like to know when Israel has ever declared its willingness to start a war to bring the Messiah. The current issues on Israel’s side with Iran today stem from Israel’s fear of that country having nuclear weapons and what they may do with them – not from any belief that a war is neccessary to promote any religious agenda.

    (And don’t bring up the meeting between Netanyahu and the Lububvetch rebbe which gets so much attention – if you watch it with an unbiased eye, it is only the Rebbe who brings up the Messiah and aks Netanyahu to do whatever he can to bring about his coming – which clearly meant Netanyahu and Israel should promote goodness and holiness – not war.)

  13. My concern about nuclear war
    My concern about nuclear war today is that while during the cold war Russia and the U.S. stepped back from the edge because of mutually assured destruction, one cannot evaluate the threat of nuclear war from the extremists in the same way. The biggest difference is that extremists have no problem giving their lives – ie. suicide bombers – so how do you hold back someone who likely thinks that mutually assured destruction is desirable rather than to be avoided?

    Anyone else have a comment about this aspect of the extremist threat for nuclear war?

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