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Sonia Barrett joins Whitley for a powerful exploration of the matrix we all live in and why Whitley is experiencing so many attacks. You can hear in his voice the desperation that he feels as he struggles with shattering close encounters, a disastrous attack on his home, his car and his work computer and a phenomenal demand from what he calls the visitors.

You will never have heard anything quite like this before. Whitley at his most articulate, Sonia at her most incisive. She nails the problem and explains it in a way that might actually help him.

Meanwhile, he tells us that the computer is going to be at least partially recoverable, and his car and other possessions have been repaired. But for anybody who has doubted the intensity or even the reality of Whitley’s experiences, forget it. They’re real and they are INTENSE.

This interview with Sonia was scheduled long before the most recent events, but, as you listen, you’ll become aware that she was exactly the right person to be interviewed at this time. Like so much that happens around here, a perfect synchronicity.

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