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This is Dreamland’s second week with American Cosmic. Because two of the individuals discussed under pseudonyms in the book hold security clearances and requested that the interviews be officially vetted for possible issues, we had to agree to let security personnel connected with them listen. The first interview, which we aired last week, was passed.

Unfortunately, this is not true of the second one, and we are unable to air it. As Diana and Whitley don’t hold clearances, neither of them can be told what parts of the interview were problematic, so it can’t be edited. 

Instead, Whitley has done an extensive review of the book that goes beyond last week’s interview. It includes some remarkable and important insights into the “donation site” mentioned in the book, that come from his own long history of communicating with the visitors. 

Normally Dreamland is an interview show, but this week is different, and unique. Don’t miss a word of it. It is FULL of fascinating and important new information.

Please understand that Whitley really is in deep and frequent communication with the visitors and therefore must possess some information that is classified. Normally, he can discuss anything he wants that they have not directly asked him to keep secret, but in this situation the fact that he knows the two individuals who are mentioned under pseudonyms in the book, and knows that they possess classified information, he ended up in a gray area with these interviews. It may not be illegal for us to air them, but it could be dangerous for the two people involved. 

One thing we can assure you of: Whitley is without question the most knowledgeable person in the world outside of the secret government when it comes to aliens and close encounters. He says this about this show: “Please let the listeners know that I always and without fail disclose everything I can except material that the visitors themselves want me to keep secret. This consists of a very small amount of material which, if revealed, would potentially cause vulnerabilities. They are trying hard to open this up to everybody, and so are those of us who work with them, on both sides of the security wall.”


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  1. First!
    Listening now. It’s


    Listening now. It’s like a subscriber special. Love it. Thank you. This type of show is why I subscribe. The voice is great.

  2. I make a connection too.
    I make a connection too. Water, sunlight, and meditation are the ingredients. Though I get no information or knowledge from it that I know of. Only bliss. But the bliss is wonderful.

  3. Oh, this was a lovely show!
    Oh, this was a lovely show! Thank you so much! I’ve heard you present in person, Whitley, and listened to some of your specials, and I need to say, you really shine when you are presenting in full force. I love the guests that you have on your shows (well, most of the time, anyway), but you are at your top notch best in this kind of presentation.

    I learned something new about you on this show. Not sure if you’ve shared it quite this way in the past and I’ve missed it, or if it’s for sure a new way of stating it. But I enjoyed hearing your articulation of how you see yourself as working with the dark side. It explains a few things about other comments you have made in the past on some shows. I’ve been uncertain about how you see the Visitors. Your thoughts about this, tonight, clarify it a bit more for me. Thanks for that.

    I definitely intend to purchase American Cosmic. Looking forward to your book on communication.

  4. It was so wonderful to hear
    It was so wonderful to hear you on the show! Such a wealth of information and I’m really looking forward to reading the book. Truly fascinating to hear about the donation sites and how those work. For those of us who interacted with the visitors in various ways this was really mind opening. I also have had many many synchronicities in my life to the point where I have to laugh. I’ve learned over time to interact with other subtle Energies and those can be quite life changing as well. It was so wonderful to hear you happy! I hope you know many of us send you loving positive energy and we love and support your work and life. Thank you

  5. God bless you, Whitley. Thank
    God bless you, Whitley. Thank you for your courage.

  6. Thank you yes. This is why I
    Thank you yes. This is why I subscribe. Thank you a hundred times.

  7. If last weeks interview was
    If last weeks interview was so “bad” why is it still available? I don’t see what is so “revealing” or “secret”. None-the-less I enjoyed your heartfelt presentation. And yes – it is why I subscribe too. God bless you!

    1. jpkira, last week’s interview
      jpkira, last week’s interview — the first of two planned — was OK’d ahead of time by Dr. Pasulka’s contacts. It was a second interview with her, which remains unaired, which failed to pass muster for reasons neither Whitley nor Dr. Pasulka understand.

  8. Whitley I was wondering if
    Whitley I was wondering if you were familiar with the book the mystical city of God that the blue lady nun wrote? After looking her up and reading a bit of her history she supposedly had Mary the mother of Jesus dictate her life story to her. Fascinating! And apparently her body is non corruptible and on display.

  9. Thank you Whitley,

    Thank you Whitley,

    ‘THE MISSION’ Hilary Price
    B…B…and Beyond

    On a side note here is a brief description I had a few days ago with a left/right hemisphere exercise of the brain. Occasionally I check to see if both hemispheres remain active. It isn’t something I have learned to do on-line but had a WONDERFUL teacher many years ago.

    In the exercise I first go to the left hemisphere. There I see what appears to be uncontrolled chaos. I am trying to understand but only see connecting strings attached/bundled together/entangled to everything around them, constricting……

    I imagine a bridge connecting the left to the right and see myself walking over this bridge…….

    I have arrived. It is beautiful here; bright/vibrant colors. Sooo quiet and peaceful but do not see any people or technology. What I do see are those same string like things being unraveled with information now accessible…….

    I repeated the exercise but it did not change in content and seemed to end here……

    I thought about this for a while and this is what I believe the exercise means…….

    The chaos IS surrounded by a field of information. It is confusing only to those NOT qualified to understand it. (The DARK SIDE that contains data/knowledge)……

    The right hemisphere is the place where the miracles of information shape up. It is empty but has the ability to understand the individual strings separated out from the tangled strings of information. For me personally, it would be pointless to give some exotic information that I was not qualified to understand but for those already there and looking for this insight it can manifest in (the LIGHT right hemisphere).

  10. what a shame we can’t hear
    what a shame we can’t hear this weeks interview and judge for ourselves its merit and affects. Perhaps some day it will be posted. I finished her book and found little really new but her parallel of UFO and religion was interesting. I was hoping to hear Whitely explore this.

  11. This talk of right and left
    This talk of right and left hemisphere is old school and no longer valid. But it persists even here. We have ONE brain and it is used by ONE consciousness consisting of MANY previous lives that briefly inhabits this experience in this NOW.

  12. Fantastic talk, Whitley, I
    Fantastic talk, Whitley, I got a lot out of it. Thanks.

  13. I think the path you went
    I think the path you went down that upset the powers that be was talking about the donation site.

  14. Thank you for this fantastic
    Thank you for this fantastic discourse, Whitley. On the subject of the sun as radiating conscious light, you may remember a Dreamland interview many years ago with David Goddard, the British esoteric author and teacher. He mentioned that in the Western occult tradition that he teaches, the sun is the physical body of St. Michael the Archangel (who like the other archangels functions on multiple planes simultaneously, our physical plane being but one of them). So working with solar energies is essentially the same as working with St. Michael.

  15. The sacred dark is the
    The sacred dark is the feminine, the womb. Sacred dark has been demonized by religion for thousands of years. There is a reason for the representation of the Ying/Yang as a perfect balance. The universe expresses between and creates through a dance between the contrasts expressed in the two poles, percentage of dark/light. Back in the 1990s, Geoffrey Hoppe channeled Tobias (the Crimson Circle). Tobias said something like this (I can’t find the exact quote but I never forgot the impact it had on me): If we fear the dark we cannot receive the dark back into ourselves and redeem ourselves.” Shadow and Light, and the aspect of self that we separate from and disallow becomes the shadow.

    Whitley you said more and taught more and revealed more here than you have had the chance to do at almost any time before this. Thank you.

    I know exactly what you mean. Finding our way in this exercise of learning is subtle, deep, and the way of the mystic. I feel that the experience is intensifying year by year. A consciousness has called humanity to be strong, to be brave, and to grow up and join them on a new stage. Whatever we call “them”, they ARE “us”… inter-dimensional beings who are all in this together. Somehow the outcome of this human experiment matters and we are being assisted.

  16. Whitley: wonderful show.
    Whitley: wonderful show. Thank you so much. I could not agree more about the necessity of the works of Jacques Vallee.
    Positively wonderful episode.

  17. Whitley, in your show you say
    Whitley, in your show you say you don’t mind being in the presence of what people refer to as demons because you say you cannot be demonized. Can you describe these demons and explain what characteristics about these beings classify them as demons?

    Can you also explain about what you mean by the ‘Dark Side’. The dark side to me means intentionally inflicting harm on others for whatever reason. Is this what you mean by working in the Dark Side?

  18. Our Sun. YES! I feel that
    Our Sun. YES! I feel that she is also evolving along with us and actively reaching out to us to engage. Just as we are not just a sac of bones and muscles, neither is she just a mass of gasses. She is also transcending and waiting for us to do so as well.

  19. I am intrigued by the
    I am intrigued by the donation site. Donated by whom? I picture a junk yard type of place in the middle of nowhere. Also, what is the light, without the dark?

  20. Also, why so secret if
    Also, why so secret if already in a book? Did you go down a road not in the book? That would be your problem info.

  21. Just loved this!!!! Thanks
    Just loved this!!!! Thanks Whitley.

  22. Just loved this!!!! Thanks
    Just loved this!!!! Thanks Whitley.

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