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From weather changes to the future of America to an axial shift in civilization as China expands and the US withdraws from the world, John Hogue discusses the changes that are coming in 2018. Using a combination of his predictive skills learned from years of studying Nostradamus to his expertise in astrology, John shines a light on what we can expect 2018 to bring.

One thing is is most likely to bring is more UFO disclosure. But what will that mean? How will it happen and WHAT will happen? John and Whitley discuss this all in detail, and end with a fascinating discussion of the star Ross 128 and the increasing evidence that a signal coming from its direction may originate on one of its planets, which is about Earth size and orbits in the star’s goldilocks zone.

Don’t miss this exciting show, or any part of Dreamland and Uknowncountry as we move into the Year of the UFO and the disclosure process hopefully continues.

If that happens, this website and this radio show will be the single best place in the world to keep up with the latest information and, above all, find the insights crucial for understanding.

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  1. Wow – what a show! John
    Wow – what a show! John Hogue does not disappoint! I wonder how many things he sees that he doesn’t tell us for fear that we can’t handle them….

  2. The downloadable versions are
    The downloadable versions are both now available. Sorry about the problem.

  3. this is NOT fixed yet, over
    this is NOT fixed yet, over here.

  4. Great show! I think one of
    Great show! I think one of the main reasons people (even the brilliant people who are subscribers) have such strong reactions to JH is that he is talking way over their heads.

  5. fixed now, thank you, thank
    fixed now, thank you, thank you.

  6. Extremely underwhelming.
    Extremely underwhelming. What exactly were his big predictions? Never been a huge fan but this was a waste of time like none other. He didn’t say anything that someone else hasn’t already, and he didn’t say it well. The climate change stuff has already been said for years by climate science and it sounded like he wanted to take credit for it. His comments on Trump could be deducted by anyone with a brain. Whitley had the more informative things to say, not sure why Hogue was there?

  7. having trouble downloading
    having trouble downloading this show.Not fixed here yet!!

  8. This critique is not
    This critique is not political.
    It is an observation of Trump over 65 years of my life.
    When you say Gemini, you really should say 2 faced.
    I raised a very smart Gemini. I thank God she turned out the way she did. I know Geminis.
    Trump has no idea of what he is about.
    He knows only how to flim-flam.
    His religion is the con.
    He was about losing the election and adding a TV Channel to his empire. Winning shocked him.
    Pence was put in as a control.
    Pence assigned the Cabinet and cannot wait wait for Trumps removal.
    When you watch the “news” 90% of what you hear is a personality baseball game being called.
    You don’t hear the DofInterior selling off OUR lands to International Banks and developers, You do not hear OUR DofEducation being sold off to private businesses. 75% of OUR CIA is outsourced.I could go on and on, but OUR country is being dismantled by corporations and billionaires.
    Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the melding of government with business.—Mussolini
    So when you say this con man is the fulcrum of change, I see a con opening the pen to the wolves.That isn’t political. That is fact.
    He laundered money for both the Russian and Italian mobs. I did not forget Putin.
    He is criminal and in the early stages of dementia.
    Just like the 2004 election, 2016 had 2 people that owed their allegiance to big international money we were offered worse choices in 2016.
    Citizens United has to be Amended.
    Corporations are not people. Money is property not free speech.
    I think Republicans and Democrats (not their leadership) can agree on this statement.
    So John,I think your observations of Trump are a little off.

  9. Some of you are doing what
    Some of you are doing what John Hogue warned you about which is letting your political beliefs influence you. I happen to know that John Hogue’s personal beliefs are far from being a Conservative Republican but as a psychic he has to say what he sees. I also agree with him in that whether he wants to or not, Trump has ushered in a period of change and personally I love it.
    Finally the truth is coming out about all of these hypocritical predators like Weinstein, Franken and Moore and the truth is starting to come out about how totally corrupt our political leaders really are.
    You cannot “fix” anything until you know the truth and how bad the problem is and that is happening now. I do wish that Hogue would have announced more predictions but time was limited.

  10. I finally got around to this
    I finally got around to this one. And I appreciate Whitley’s warning at the beginning of the show. But, like it or not, in addition to his predictions, John Hogue makes a lot of a political statements; and has a clear set of political views. This may be what people are reacting to.

    On the prediction front, things were pretty thin this year. Far more discussion of the past and present than the future.

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