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For the first time in years, there are no fake apocalyptic predictions on the horizon. So what IS going to happen next? John Hogue combines his careful analysis of the world around us with his oracle to make some provocative suggestions. After a year absence, John Hogue returns to his traditional January predictions on Dreamland. This year at last, there are no more fake apocalyptic disasters to worry about, so what’s to look forward to in 2013, and what’s to worry about?

John uses a combination of traditional analysis and his own oracle to predict the future, as well as interpretations of the writings of Nostradamus. Over the years, he’s had hits and misses, but the hits far outnumber the misses, and 2013 is likely to be no exception to this rule. Find out what John thinks, what his oracle predicts, and whether or not any of Nostradamus’ predictions may point to the new year.

Whatever happens, John will return in July to talk about how his January predictions are faring in our infamous ‘feet to the fire’ summer visit.

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  1. is it just me or was that
    is it just me or was that rather brief?

  2. Looks to me like Comet Ison
    Looks to me like Comet Ison which may put on a Star of Bethlehem type appearance in late december could have some prediction value.

  3. Personally I found the
    Personally I found the Astrological chart for Washington DC at Dawn Dec 21st 2012 quite fascinating, filled with possiblities and Tensions; with an emphasis on Gemini and communications; so when the Date itself came with the fierce Fiscal Cliff Debate going on in Washington, I was not suprised; and unlike Whitely and John I do not believe the day was a bust; instead I would remind the reader that on the first Bastille day, the event itself was a rather minor event that Heralded great changes to come. I believe 10 years from now we will look back at some event that was barely noted on the day and say.. that was the beginning.

  4. I didn’t find the day a bust
    I didn’t find the day a bust at all. I’m sorry if I gave that impression in the show. A lot has changed, but the changes are so far subtle. It’s like the Harmonic Convergence, which changed the world in so many ways, but over time. What I didn’t expect was what the media was hyping, that stupid end-of-the-world thing. As we move from Pisces to Aquarius, a new world is indeed beginning, and I suspect that Dec 21 had a role to play in the process. But these changes are not only subtle, they are big. I’ll bet if we look back in 10 years time, our impression of 2012 will be very different. It will turn out to have been a watershed, but of what kind I am not at present sure.

  5. I didn’t find the economic or
    I didn’t find the economic or political predictions at all surprising as they are logically deducible from present situations, and I have come across similar from various ‘experts’ and analysts. Whitley tried to take the discussion into more mysterious areas like UFOs. There again, not much. What did bother me though was the focus on what 2012 was NOT, rather than what it really signified. I assume that most of Whitley’s readers had not bought into the armageddon hype and didn’t need convincing. Yet the predicted quickening did occur and is continuing, if not building. I have been feeling it, strongly in fact, and so have others, and people around me are experiencing significant upheavals and awakenings that seem to me to be driven by a strong spiritual urge to truly know and be themselves, and to shed those things and relationships in their lives that are not genuine or in line with who they really are. The people I am hearing from are not choosing these changes but feel inwardly compelled, as if by some deep urge or impulse, even by sudden shifts in health and finances that shake their worlds. We are also seeing significant climate changes (wet summers where I live where summer was always dry), wildly improbable weather, geophysical changes (such as the suspected break up of Indian Ocean tectonic plate) and just this week, the unexpected rise of solar activity after NASA predicted a flat solar maximum. To me, 2012 was a turning point, and for the following years, we will be carried by the momentum of immense global and spiritual changes. How we ride those waves – as conscious, responsible beings or as half-asleep, irresponsible, selfish half-humans – will determine our ultimate destiny. That’s what I believe.

  6. I think Hogue is a fraud,
    I think Hogue is a fraud, actually. Nobody can really predict the future. He mixes obvious socio-political-geographical trends with new age BS. I don’t bother with Hogue anymore. Any self proclaimed prophet of Western New Age “mysticism” who missed 911 and Katrina, well, what can I say?

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