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A UFO fitting the description of Ezekiel’s Wheel has been seen recently on numerous occasions. In this awe-inspiring report, Linda Moulton Howe describes some of the sightings, and a witness tells of his encounter with the occupants. After the report, Whitley and Linda have a discussion about what it might all mean, and what the whole UFO/close encounter might be about. Whitley Strieber calls it ‘the most important discussion we have ever had on Dreamland,’ and when you hear it, you will agree that he’s right.

The coming of the UFO represents a true revolution, a fundamental change of life and mind, both for the better and for the worse. A new world is opening its doors to us, and this edition of Dreamland represents one of the first times that the true meaning of what is to come has ever been discussed with this level of coherence and insight.

We have been conditioned to be indifferent to UFOs and to pretty much ignore their message. Listen to this powerful show and break that conditioning once and for all! They are real, they are here, and the message they have for us will shake your soul.

Last Christmas, the whole Dreamland team came together to tell what they expected to see in 2012. How did they do? To listen to last year’s show in the Dreamland archive, click here.

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  1. Whitley, your piece on “The
    Whitley, your piece on “The Secrets that Steal our Freedom” reminded me of the recently released interview of former gov’t. whistleblower Sibel Edmonds:

    “Government Allowed 9/11”

    I know both Coleen Rowley and another former FBI whistleblower who, in trying to do the right thing to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people, were forced to leave the FBI and sue the gov’t.

    I’m paying attention, too, and am trying to make sense of what’s been going on…

  2. Whitley, I very much enjoyed
    Whitley, I very much enjoyed listening to your thoughts today. I have been listening to dreamland for several years, only recently becoming a subscriber. I am, however, confused by your conclusions on who the visitors are… here you say we are being attacked by some unknown force from above (planes being shot down with no explanation) yet I have heard you (and Anne) recently say you don’t believe the visitors to be from other planets at all, you think they are spirits of the dead? So what is it and where do they come from? At this moment in time, what is your belief on where these visitors come from? Also, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the story by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, the airforce nurse who telepathicallycommunicated with the alien from the Roswell crash? Surely you have read the story, yet I have never heard your opinion?
    Thank you Whitley, I am absolutely fascinated by many of the subjects discussed on your program, but am sometimes struck by the contradictions of what they actually represent, depending upon your guest.

  3. We are not in a position to
    We are not in a position to know what they are or where they come from, or even if the whole phenomenon is defined by a single sort of entity. Anne and I have observed, from the beginning of our contact, that the visitors and the spirits of the dead are interconnected. This fundamental reality is ignored by the UFO community because they cannot understand it.

    My best shot is this: the visitors are real, physical beings, but they have a completely different relationship to the soul than we do. For them, there is no barrier between the living and the dead. They function in both realms. Given that we have no way of detecting the soul, and most of us don’t really even believe in it, we are completely at a loss to understand this.

    While they extend into levels of reality that we cannot fathom, they are also very much a part of this one, which is why, if you attack them, they are quite likely to defend themselves.

    As to where they are from–another planet or a parallel universe, or some aspect of reality that we have not yet discovered–I don’t know the answer to that question.

  4. In this season of Christmas
    In this season of Christmas magic and the coming of the New Year:

    I have been a subscriber for some years. This website, and the programs and information provided, has been nothing less than profoundly life changing.

    I would like to suggest that we subscribers agree to pay a little more for our subscription. It is incredibly generous, as it is. Beyond generous. I can imagine that attracting new listeners requires a low fee. But, for those of us who know the incalculable value of this site, a higher contribution seems only timely and reasonable.

    I do not know what that higher contribution might be. However, in advance, I support and encourage it. This website (and all affiliated with it) is a beacon of light. Let’s put our hearts behind it. And, in this case, that means a little extra financial support.

    Thanks so much to Whitley and Linda and William and everyone who works to make this site possible, for all the long work, the tremendous commitment and integrity, and especially the Divine curiosity to explore far beyond what our prosaic culture even imagines. Merry Christmas to everyone.

    Best regards,

  5. By the way,
    Whitley and all

    By the way,

    Whitley and all those at Unknown Country are not in any way behind my idea. This comes in response to the latest Dreamland show, and the innumerable programs I have had the opportunity to listen to – – and that have led me to further inquiry.


    Please add your name, if you agree with my idea to contribute more to Unknown Country.

    Perhaps this can become a kind of friendly petition – or a way to ‘sign up’ in support of the continuing availability of this information, and those who dedicate themselves to providing it to us. Thanks so much.


    1. I am on a fixed income at the
      I am on a fixed income at the moment, but I would be behind a small increase. Maybe instead of $12 every 3 months ($4 per month) we could all pay $15 ($5 a month.) It’s only a small 20% increase, but it adds up quickly from all of us who subscribe.

  6. “The sleeper must
    “The sleeper must awaken!”Really?Dune…

  7. A profound sentiment that
    A profound sentiment that Whitley shared during this program was that, “some of us are going to go in one direction, some of us in another, and some few of us — and these are the ones who will eventually bring the whole thing into focus — are going to balance between the dark and the light.”

    This statement is both penetrating and enigmatic, because you could interpret it to mean either an integration of the dark *with* the light, or a discrete focal point somewhere within the continuum *between* the dark and the light. I think it’s both.

    “Reality” in the context of our current 2012 world situation is so broad and complex that the Judeo-Christian concept of choosing only between so-called good and evil (the dark and the light) is naive, and is no longer enough for awake and aware free thinkers. I think Whitley is implying a continuum range. And neither do I assume that there are only two choices, but rather, a wide scope of infinite possibilities, any of which defies absolute definition.

    When you make a distinct, too-well-defined choice between only the dark and the light (as supposed “absolutes”), you cut yourself off from any possibility outside of your newly self-defined, subjective paradigm that you have created. You have merely created a new paradigm. The Apostle Paul, in one of his writings (somewhere in the Bible), said, “I die daily.” I take this to mean that the paradigm of reality that you currently hold should not be assumed to be definitive or final, but that it can always be transcended and superseded by something greater and more comprehensive.

    So if one tries to make a simple choice between the dark and the light, this could still leave the individual in a state of duality (or multiplicities!), which needs to be rationalized, quantized and defended to maintain a personal sanity, and to avoid cognitive dissonance.

    This takes energy — much like when we lie, we have to remember what we said to maintain the story (the illusion).

    Strangely, choosing to be the best, to promote goodwill, and to propagate love without relying on an idealistic paradigm or leaning on moral laws is actually the path of least resistance!

    But it sometimes takes courage to freely stand naked in the Presence of one’s own Being.

    The “choice” we make to be who we really are — sovereign individuals, true to ourselves, exuding compassion — *IS* the integration of romancing the shadow with engaging the light, and *IS* the recognition of our place as a unique focal point somewhere between the dark and the light.

    To me, that is the choice.

    Thanks for evoking this extrapolation of your thoughts, Whitley.

    Happy Mayan New Year!

  8. It was with a quivering lip
    It was with a quivering lip and a watery eye that I sat down to listen to this show, having just heard that a much loved family member died yesterday.

    By the end of the show, the expansive message that both reports like Linda’s and the continuous beacon of light that Unknown Country offers had gently shifted my angst and pointed me toward the horizon rather than allowing myself to be pulled back by the gravity of this world.

    Another civilisation may indeed be moving closer to us, or, perhaps, we to them. All said and done, the message of looking up and ahead in one’s life needs to be eternal and never ending; such is the pull of entropy that physical existence incorporates.

  9. Ezequiel’s Wheel:
    This show

    Ezequiel’s Wheel:

    This show immediately brought to mind the movie ‘Contact’. Remember the device that was constructed enabling Ellie Arroway to traverse wormholes to another galaxy? The device consisted of wheels within wheels, and was also based on the sacred geometry of the dodechedron, although I am not sure if the creative artists behind the design were aware of what they were doing when they came up with concept. The device in the film also began to glow and give off a bright light as Ellie began her journey. Also remember the connection to the dead in this movie, an alien in the guise of Ellie’s father greets her on the beach of a far away planet?

    This movie was vastly under appreciated in the way that it presented first contact, and was not your typical alien contact movie.

  10. Whitley,
    Thanks for all your

    Thanks for all your hard work keeping Dreamland up and running. I know this year will be the best year you have ever had. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
    I really enjoyed your commentary this week, and wish you would do it more frequently. Your insight is profound and there aren’t many places where one can not only hear the truth, but also hear the questions we should all be asking. Thank you again.

  11. I would suggest getting
    I would suggest getting familiar with the the book(s)” The Law Of One” by Ra published by L/L Research,Louisville, Kentucky. Books avail on Amazon.There are both “good” & “bad ” forces visiting us.Whitley if you can ever get Carla on Dreamland I think a lot of people would benefit. Check it out.Merry Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas Whitley. The
    Merry Christmas Whitley. The meek shall inherit the earth.Lots of love from ADAM

  13. Great Dreamland and
    Great Dreamland and subscriber offerings, thanks!

    With regards to the wheels within wheels within ‘Contact’, of course we have Carl Sagan to thank for that, who I suspect knew a great deal more about the contact experience than he let on…also interesting, in the book several people travelled with Ellie, each of which had their own different, subjective experience…also, it’s a shame the last chapter of the book never made it into the movie, as that really gave me goosebumps!

  14. @Sherbet UFO
    Yes, ‘Contact’

    @Sherbet UFO

    Yes, ‘Contact’ was a nice slice of ‘pi’…:-)

  15. Love you too Whitley, and
    Love you too Whitley, and what you do…

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