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Irena Scott returns this week with an in-depth discussion of her own UFO experiences and her extensive and ultra-high strangeness experiences with lighting, including ball lightning. The story starts with a tiny silver object flying around in her room when she was a five year old girl, being witnessed by both her and her sister, and moves from there into some of the most remarkable speculations we have ever heard on this program.

As a DIA photograph specialist with a GS-11 educational level and an above top secret coded security clearance, Dr. Scott saw many unusual photographs, and describes in detail some satellite photography of UFOs that she observed. She also goes into more detail about the chilling apparent murder attempt that took place right after a UFO sighting.

There has also been, from time to time in her experience, a sense of menace, and she discusses the why of that as well, and whether or not she is herself an abductee. 

A deep journey into the mind of a person who has seen a lot!

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Then Whitley has Diana Walsh Pasulka as his guest for two weeks. Dr. Pasulka has written an explosive book called American Cosmic that explores the world behind the curtain of secrecy as never before, thanks to her unprecedented access to inside information and the insider community. She and Whitley are longtime friends, so this will be a deeply personal conversation as well as a highly informative one. 


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  1. Dr Scott is such a brilliant scientist yet is able to relate her experiences in a manner that is not only easy to grasp but puts the listener in her shoes, from her own perspective. I have listened to this not so recent Dreamland time and again as my own experiences with strange events seem to parallel hers. The overall effect is one of great comfort somehow.

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