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The Illinois Mystery Cave yielded a treasure of strange artifacts that suggested ancient Egyptian origins. The cave has been called a hoax, but is it? Harry Hubbard is convinced that many of the artifacts are real and have not been explained. Harry has been working on this issue for many years, and recognizes that some of the material was hoaxed, but not everything. Remarkably, some of the artifacts that were found before 1995 are real. This is a fascinating journey into a possible truth hidden in a labyrinth of illusions.

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  1. A cave with Egyptian symbols
    A cave with Egyptian symbols is near Heavener, Oklahoma. The Egyptian petroglyphs are aligned for astronomical observations. A book written about the site is entitled, “In Plain Sight.” It’s not listed on Amazon. (I just checked.) I bought my copy from the state park in Oklahoma.

  2. This Egyptian cave is highly
    This Egyptian cave is highly strange. It may tie in with the ancient mining operation in Wisconsin. When I laid down to sleep last night images of earthen mounds shaped like a serpent starting unfolding like a video. I laid with my eyes closed and watched images unfolding. I’ve never had dreams about mounds, caves and mountains before, and I wondered why I dreamed all night about earthen mounds. In the dream I saw that some caves and mountains are literal nodes or nexus points of other worlds that intersect with our familiar world. I could literally see in the dream energetic lines that connect our world with other worlds that looked like a root system that extends into caves and mountains. Moreover, the connecting links with other world shift like magnetic fields. Entrance points (nodes) that were accessible 2,000 years ago, for instance, may no longer be accessible in the present. But they will be accessible in the future when the magnetic fields change again.

    Today, I found the Egyptian cave story on Dreamland. I just wrote a book about Egyptian symbols in Mexico at Teotihuacan and the Phoenicians, who I believe introduced the numbers of the Mayan calendar. Strange days!

  3. Four US airlines have
    Four US airlines have cancelled dozens of flights to and from Mexico City’s international airport after the Popocatepetl volcano blew ash and steam skyward. I can see Popocatepetl from the windows of my apartment here in Cuernavaca, and we are on the list of evacuation cities, should there be a full-blown eruption.

    American Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines “decided not to conduct operations to and from Mexico City”, airport spokesman Jorge Andres Gomez told Milenio television.

  4. I have always thought the
    I have always thought the changing magnetic fields have much to do with the changes now ongoing on earth. If you put a rotating body within a magnetic field and begin to vary the magnetic field as the object spins within it what changes will occur? This seems to be the model we have with the earth spinning in a changing magnetic field. Could this explain some of the odd anomalies that are occurring nowadays?

  5. Whitley, a most
    Whitley, a most interesting/intriguing interview with Harry Hubbard (The Illinois Mystery Cave). Not so far away, on the Missouri side, there is another place of interest called (THE MISSOURI MYSTERY MOUND) also a cave. How much of this is fact or fiction is another mystery but thought it interesting enough to post. A message from Charles Teague several years ago said he had encountered some very scary things; threats if I remember correctly and it pretty much scared him off, he closed down his website. I was interested in this area since my grandparents had property in SOUTHEAST MISSOURI and we visited there many times. A wild and rugged terrain at the time, probably still is.

    Ancient Aliens & The Riddle of the Missouri Mystery Mound, page 1 Cached

    This is a curious story filled with many mysteries. When you find a story that contains aliens, ancient civilizations, an ancient Hall of Records beneath the earth …

  6. Thank you! For this show. I’d
    Thank you! For this show. I’d heard a couple of days ago… now I can’t remember where… that Cleopatra’s son had come to America. So this is perfect synchronicity. Okay, I believe it was included in a discussion about the Anunaki.

  7. If you want to read a
    If you want to read a comprehensive summary of many ancient scripts in the New World, read Dr. Barry Fell’s books, “America B.C.” (published 1976), “Saga America” (1980) and “Bronze Age America” (1982). Fell’s “day job” was professor of invertebrate zoology at Harvard.

  8. Thanks for this, I liked this
    Thanks for this, I liked this book and Roddy McDowell is one of my favorite actors, played in a couple films I hold dear : Legend of Hell house and Planet of the Apes.

  9. The audiobook is a very
    The audiobook is a very generous offering Mr Strieber. Thankyou.

  10. Have the book but will still
    Have the book but will still listen, thank You.

  11. The other day, I read a
    The other day, I read a passage in the Bible that reminded me the ancients were energetic voyagers and appropriators of knowledge from sometimes distant places.

    In Ecclesiastes 12: “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh …..Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” This passage is full of ancient sacred symbols found in Vedic, ancient Greek and other traditions: the silver cord linking soul to body; the golden bowl or crown chakra through which the divine forces enter the body; the pitcher at the fountain, representing the waters of life, and the wheel of the divine cycle of death and renewal. I also came across several readings by Edgar Cayce, one of the most esteemed psychics of all time, where he speaks of ancient Jewish migrations to the Americas and other lands when the Jews were enslaved by the Mesapotamians. And before that, of migrations from the Atlantean lands into the Americas and elsewhere as their homelands were doomed to break up and sink.

    There also exists in Australia some very contraversial evidence of an ancient Egyptian presence, probably due to shipwreck but perhaps intended, included rockwalls of glyphs.

    What is hinted at and only gradually coming to light is probably only a drop in a great sea of unknown ancient journeys and migrations, which I expect were far more extensive than we once thought possible. And from the ancients’ mythologies and star knowledge, it is reasonable to infer that this ancient world was not nearly as parochial, small-minded and zenophobic as ours, but so different as to seem alien to us, if we could get a glimpse. Since we know so little about our ancient past, it seems to me that the most reasonable attitude to cases like the lllinois caves and the Australian rock glyphs is to ask, ‘What if?’ and work from there, seeking out all the possible evidence of ancient presences in distant lands that we can get hold of – artifacts, rock carvings, structures, indigenous stories, myths, ancient text etc. – then assessing it, instead of making broad claims for or against on the basis of scanty evidence.

    Whitley, you asked why would anyone seek to keep that information from us; why archaeologists would dismiss something if it had any real value. For the same reason that academics and others dismiss UFOs and the idea of alien presence, despite what I must say is overwhelming evidence of them (Citizen Hearing). To keep their professional reputations intact; to protect the isolation and authority of their respective academic fields; because it is easier to scoff than to change one’s thinking; because they know that knowledge is power, and want to keep it in their hands; to protect and justify the existing political, military and social systems, all of which would become highly questionable if our narrow idea of nation-states and ethnicity were overturned; for the same reason that archaeologist Zahi Hawass and others lie through their teeth to avoid admitting that ‘foreigners’ might have shaped or help shape their own civilizations; to keep the justifications for colonialism and imperialism (past and current) alive and avoid facing the truth that those we oppressed are/were our equals, and human brothers and sisters. Or maybe for the same reason that a so-called friend might continually discredit, undermine or ridicule another – in order to feel superior. The question is not why they might do it, but are we going to be open or closed-minded as we wait for more evidence, which surely will come, for indeed, the veils WILL fall, and are already falling. What did we expect to find behind them? The same old thing??

  12. I think it was during the
    I think it was during the late 90’s I heard an Art Bell interview on what, I am sure, was this same cave; or, at least,in the same vicinity. That section of southern Illinois used to be called “Little Egypt” because of the number of Egyptian relics found there. The guest told the story of the two children being paraded through the city in the triumphal march and then being raised by Octavia and also of Celine’s marriage to Euba of Mauritania. But he went on to say that Euba developed a very lucrative business of providing the purple dye prized by royalty that was made from the murex shellfish.
    The interview was so long ago I may be confusing some things. However, I think it was their daughter, named Cleopatra after her grandmother, and her husband who were forced to leave their homeland and escape to the new land. They took with them a great deal of the treasure of Egypt for preservation.
    He said they were able to pinpoint fairly exactly the time frame of their departure because of the coins found among the treasure. Coins were minted with images of the ruler of the time and there a few coins from a ruler whose reign was so brief the coins were in circulation for a very short time.
    Supposedly, the owner of that cave became so frustrated trying to get cooperation from authorities to accept the relics he provided as authentic Egyptian artifacts that, after several years, he became so angry he dynamited the entrance so no one could get to it.
    The claim was made that there were many tons of gold statues.

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