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A member of Connie J. Cannon’s family had a powerful close encounter two weeks ago and came away both with pictures of the craft and some very important information about what may be going on. The encounter is among the most revealing that we have ever discussed on this radio program, in that it sheds light on Anne Strieber’s early discovery from reading witnesses accounts that "this has something to do with what we call death."

Do not under any circumstances miss this Dreamland. This is very, very important. Find out the reason that the wedge shape seen here aimed a red beam of light on a specific gravestone, and why it is in the shape of a Masonic ruler.

The image shown above was taken with the witnesses’ cellphone camera as the event was unfolding.

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  1. On the Mason symbols, you
    On the Mason symbols, you might want to look at what they represent and who used them as archetypes. The Masons took their symbols from an older order, and the bedrock of the symbols may be more significant than the fact the Masons used them. One of my grand+ uncles founded the first Mason lodge in Oklahoma Territory. How a Cherokee family acquired the Masonic system was more significant than the fact the uncle was a Mason.

    We find variations of the same symbolic set in ancient Mexico. How about that!

  2. Masons celebrate the Builder
    Masons celebrate the Builder of the Temple, Hiram Abiff, who laid the Foundation Stone for Solomons Temple. Solomon as we know is famous for capturing all the demons into a brass vessel. They escaped eventually and now are summoned through Solomnic Goetia. Perhaps there is a parallel between demons and non human / human dead in the other realm.

  3. The masonic stuff just drives
    The masonic stuff just drives me crazy. There is nothing that really explains what this organization is really all about, just loads of speculation from either neutrally spiritual people, or hard-core conservatives, or conspiracy theory types all of whom claim it is somehow satanic, while Wikipedia might define it as relating to a “club” involved in constructing buildings, having nothing to do with belief systems of any kind at all.

    So if there is a definition and explanation of what masonry is, the 33 steps, etc, I wish someone would just once and for all explain it. The rumor, speculation, and make-believe is tiring. On all sides of what I’ve heard, some of it sounds interesting, and other parts sound like a secret club that supports the Federal Reserve and perpetuation of citizen slavery and debt perpetuation at all costs. If “illuminati” are satanic masons (I don’t even believe in “satan”) who work in government making great efforts to enslave everyone, why are they also seeking spiritual ascension relating to uplifting and evolving humankind? (“Uhhhgh”…ANSWERS!!!)

    Fun interviews regardless, just wish I had more clear answers about all that masonry stuff. If these people are 33 degree masons, I want them to explain what it’s all about. Then, of course, I want to know why the visitors are associated with it at all (or r they the originators?)

    1. Projecting consummate “weird”
      Projecting consummate “weird” to the visitors, ETs, or what have you is a crazy-maker for me. I’ll be happy to show you some clues about origins of Masonic symbols, as I discovered them in ancient Mexico, if you want to contact my privately. It’s way too long to go into here. I will note, as well, that Euro folks get pretty crazy about the spirit world that is commonplace in Native America. In the 1930s, the South Dakota legislature ordered the Lakota (Sioux) to release their spirits, which are the ancestors that communicate with and nurture. The ancestral communication is as natural to the Lakota as it is spooky to the Euros teethed on religions.

      If you start looking for reasons why European religions got so separated from Native American and indigenous spirituality, you’ll be on the right track to genesis of Mason symbols. A certain ignorance has been carefully inculcated in Euro religions that does not exist among indigenous peoples. What economic, political religious interests benefit by promoting ignorance and separation? Identify those sources then follow the trail.

  4. The voice that spoke to
    The voice that spoke to Whitley is the reason I came back to post. I’ve had several direct experiences similar to Whitley’s recently, and two of my close friends had similar experiences they related to me in the last month. Both people contacted me about what had happened, because I am the only person they know who energetically affects them like I do. One person called to find out if I had died. The experience was so vivid, he thought I might have gone to the other side and be a ghost.

    In one instance, an “upside-down ‘V'” formed over my friend’s body when a voice spoke, and he thought I was doing it. My friend is not a UFO enthusiast and did not relate his experience to anything vaguely ET. The veils between worlds are dissolving and the worlds are getting closer and closer. I attribute these to the energy between me and my friends, and do not need UFOs and ETs to explain my experiences. Frankly, I don’t think ET bothers to deal with people who cannot or do not want to comprehend this level of communication. ETs communicate at high energy levels, but they are not necessarily responsible for creating them. In one instance, I ignored the very clear voice that spoke and later regretted it.

  5. The symbol set the Masons use
    The symbol set the Masons use is seen in ancient systems, which were hijacked and manipulated in ways similar to religion, to create secrecy and glorify a few. True esoteric knowledge in the foundational symbol set probably has as much relationship with the way the ancient system was used as Sarah Palin has to Benjamin Franklin. Palin is a Homo sapiens who walks on two feet hundreds of years after Franklin was one of the first Americans. The similarity ends there, in terms of creative intellect and idealism. Masonic symbols were evident in early Mayan sites, but nineteenth century scholars guffawed the notion that Maya people could have had relationships with ancients in India, Indonesia and Africa. Franklin suggested in the 18th century that South America and Africa might have once been connected, because of similarities in shorelines. Twentieth century scholars guffawed the idea of continental drift, until they simply could no longer deny it. Scientists actually held a special conference to denounce the possibility when Alfred Wegener proposed continental drift in 1912. Typical Homo sapiens scientists declared that continents were too thick to just “plow” through and refused to think beyond peripheral vision. They had no clue of the plasticity of materials at high heat. Now continental drift is explained with complicated tectonic processes that reveal intricate mechanics that are still being discovered in leaps and bounds.

    ET conspiracy theories are not necessary to explain the crazy, crazy world with scholars and politicians like Palin and her twentieth century predecessors. Love or hate them, Homo sapiens’ state of evolutionary mind explains a lot of “crazy” without ET intervention. The Masons and Tea Party fit the genre well, and they are card carrying voters. A lot of voters put Bush into a second term of office. Sooner or later, people must come to terms with the importance of our species’ evolution with perceptual and intellectual capabilities.

  6. In my fully conscious UFO
    In my fully conscious UFO encounter in 1963, the man I met said that I had lived many lives in the past and would live many more in the future. Later, my main UFO contact talked about a life when my name was Isabel. Forty years later I looked up details he had described for that life to find they had echoed in the present one. (I didn’t research that life 40 years earlier, because I didn’t want to be influenced by preconceived notions. I wanted to explore past lives on their own merit with no preset ideas.) I decided that discovering the mysteries and secrets of life and death were the most important thing I could do. I left home in 1968 and soon began working with past life regressions. These entities we call “ET” see life from different dimensional perspectives than we do. They perceive in an expanded hologram, while the human species perceives from a more limited hologram because that’s the evolutionary state of the species. It’s a straight-forward situation.

  7. While the events surrounding
    While the events surrounding this sighting are unusual and there are connections with the dead, there are more questions than answers. I found the most unusual element of the entire event actually occurred during the interview. The problems associated in recording the interview seemed to somehow be linked to it.

    I believe the dimensionality of this event was greater than the human mind can comprehend. It begs the question who are we? As long as mainstream science remains soul blind, all the scientific advances being made will not cross the sociological barrier between religion and science. Programs like this are helping to expand consciousness to break this artificial barrier we have placed in our minds. Until we open ourselves up to a greater understanding of who we are, all of these unexplained events will be perceived through eyes gazing upon shadows. Eventually, we may awaken to see depth and color in all the shadows that currently surround us.

    Finally, the bright light at the beginning of the encounter may be related to this (a post on June 20th in comments to the Denise Stoner interview):

    Here is a link to an interesting article about black holes and entanglement.

    One of the hypotheses proposed in the paper this article is based on is that there exists an Einstein Rosen bridge (wormhole) between entangled particles. This is a link to the abstract of the paper.

  8. I’ve pre-ordered “The Alien
    I’ve pre-ordered “The Alien Hunter.” I’m very excited about it! You are hands-down the greatest writer in the paranormal genre in the 20th/21st centuries.

    Fascinating Masonic conversation.

    Thanks for a very fascinating show!

  9. I just had to let everyone
    I just had to let everyone know that I’m here in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and for the last couple of hours (from about 1PM – 3PM and continuing) I have heard numerous explosions. They are not fireworks, we have plenty of those around here and I know what they sound like. They are not loud enough to be the volcano. These explosions are very mysterious. There’s no rhyme or reason to the sequence, so it just doesn’t strike me as military ordnance in nature. We have so many mountains and hills here, that sounds bounce all over the place, and it’s very hard to pinpoint location. But to me the explosions sound close. The echoes continue for quite a long time after each explosion.

  10. have listed the have listed the same program twice…the special members selection is an exact repeat of the open selection…

  11. The Special Interviews page
    The Special Interviews page is listing The Transformation Audiobook as the most recent item.

  12. This was a great show! Is
    This was a great show! Is there any way to view more of the photos??????

  13. Great material and
    Great material and perspectives Phyllis Duran.

    Intriguing linked info from QJohnny.

    Thank you both. (now I have time to listen to this program)

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