Riz Virk, author of the shocking Simulated Multiverse (Dreamland 12/3/2021) returns to Dreamland with a surprising show about escaping the matrix–not using some sort of technology, but by engaging with our deepest inner powers using spiritual means that seem like magic, but are actually a practical and understandable science of the soul. We live in a world which no longer believes in anything except material reality. Or, to put it another way, a world that has gone insane. Riz, both an eminent scientist and a powerful spiritual searcher explores such things in this interview as the nature of the trap we call reality and how to escape it, what entities like djiin and archons really are, and, above all, how to acquire and use what seem like magical powers (known as siddhis) to affect the world around us for the better.

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  1. Is there a notification so I don’t miss it every week here, and then get notified by YouTube after the show is over? I’m stuck trying to figure this out. I wish I didn’t miss it every week.

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    I wonder why this is happening? There are links. Everything seems normal from this end. I can listen to the audio and view the video. If you can’t let me know and I’ll get with the webmaster.

  3. “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein.

    I will try and remember that next time I step on a Lego brick in bare feet… see if it helps.

  4. It seems plausible to me that UFOs could be the visible portion of a higher dimensional object projecting into our reality. The analogy of how flatlanders would experience a three dimentional object is a good one…which I suspect is played out for all to see, as crop formations…the two dimensional slice of an object with additional dimension(s).

    1. Author

      I think that there is a high probability that this is the case. And yet, if there are actually crashed objects, then what can it mean?

      1. One suggestion could be that the UFOs are essentially manifested thoughtforms from another dimension. Extruded into reality by intention alone, to scare, baffle, intruge and challenge those who come into contact with them.

        The question then would be concerning the origin of that conjouring effort…be it alien, other dimensional, the Earth herself, or even some kind of subconscious Human group effort, unwittingly projecting archetypal forms into being.

        And if, as Anne suggested, the Earth is an engine of consciousness, then perhaps it is all just an expression of the Universe’s desire to that end…and making distinctions is as useful as trying to determine which of a thousand jigsaw pieces is the most important.

      2. Remember that in the Flatlanders analogy, the Flatlanders are not actually two-dimensional entities; rather, they exist in three/four dimensions just like us, it’s just that they can only *perceive* two dimensions. Presumably, they’re multi-dimensional beings that, much like ourselves, unfold in an infinite fractal of facet-like dimensions that, for the most part, we don’t perceive.

        Presumably, this applies to each and every phenomenon that occurs in our reality–every object and person–multi-faceted entities that simultaneously exist in far more dimensions than we can perceive.

        This includes something like a crashed saucer: simply because a group of beings that have convinced themselves that they only exist in three dimensions think they have possession of it doesn’t mean that the ship has stopped existing in other dimensions; it doesn’t stop existing “there” any more than it could “here”, since there was never actually a point where it didn’t exist in either, except from our limited perspective.

        What we may see as a hopelessly broken craft sequestered in a secret facility at S-4 might actually still be in use by someone, faithfully ferrying its users across the cosmos, much in the same way a departed loved one might be accompanying those travellers: simply because the three facets of the individual that we see from our point of view are considered “dead” doesn’t mean that the rest of the individual’s myriad facets are active elsewhere.

        When a submarine surfaces we only see a small portion of it; when it submerges we might assume it no longer exists, despite it only being merely out of view.

        1. My understanding from reading Flatland is that the denizens really, truly are meant to be two-dimensional.

          But excellent points.

        2. Regarding the book Flatland, as far as I can gather, it is inhabited by two dimentional characters, one of which (the Square) is visited by a Sphere from three dimensional Spaceland. The Square is eventually taken to see the splendor of this extra dimension but there is no suggestion that once there, he exists as a Cube…he is still a two dimensional character that struggles to comprehend a three dimensional world. The irony in this tale is that the Square tries to suggest to the Sphere that an extra (fourth) dimension of space could exist, whereupon the Square is cast back down to Flatland with his metaphorical tail between his legs.


          Regarding crashed UFOs, maybe the reason they can’t be back-engineered is because they are not what they seem. What if they were actually shiny metal versions of an uncovered Seeing Stone (Palantíri) from LoTR?

          But I like the idea of the UFO being one aspect of multiple facets, still active in other dimensions.
          Who knows, they could just be a pimple on the arse of a staggeringly complex multi-dimensional being.
          …too much? I’ll get my coat.

    2. SHERBET UFO, you posted: “The analogy of how flatlanders would experience a three dimentional object is a good one…which I suspect is played out for all to see, as CROP FORMATIONS…the two dimensional slice of an object with additional dimension(s).”

      Below is a new crop circle. At about 1:09 minutes in, I noticed a dark spot…It is a rabbit. THEN, I am thinking about how far down the rabbit hole do all of us want to go? THEN, there are blue birds followed by TWO more rabbits. I do not recall seeing animals in the crop circle videos before, DO YOU remember any? In my life I have always felt the importance to be in the moment, important messages come if we remember to do that. I have not viewed this new DREAMLAND yet but plan to this weekend.

      Crop Circle | Hackpen Hill Wiltshire | 14/07/23 – YouTube


      1. Carollee, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that formation is man-made. It feels that way, plus it does not appear to be laid down as intricately as some of the more interesting formations. The object depicted (a knife or blade of some kind…with a drop of blood?) is just …too human. It would explain bunny rabbits and birds within the formation, too. The energies in a real formation affect people (or other living things), and not always in positive ways.

        BLT Research has lots of scientific information (including blown nodes in the plants), and they’ve been researching this for a long time, although they are out of the U.S. , not the UK. I’m glad they still have it going and website after all these years.


        1. I dunno, but that was my impression too– that this crop circle seems very human and not in the general style of the typical ones. Still intriguing.

      2. That’s a really interesting video Carollee, thankyou. Not to get too arty-farty but it’s an interesting contrast (I balked at writing ‘juxtaposition’!) between the serene video shots and beautiful music, to the subject matter of the crop circle itself… a switchblade.

        I don’t recall seeing rabbits associated with crop circles before but I was surprised that they reacted so slowly to the drone taking the shots. My suggestion is that that particular one is Human-made and therefore may not have the same energy effects that have been reported in more simple ‘real’ ones. Maybe the rabbits didn’t feel the energy either and just got on with things?

        Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, in a Dreamland comment, Cosmic said… “in some forms of mysticism, the rabbit/hare symbolizes the active side of alchemy”.

        Something to ponder. Perhaps real crop circles could be classed as alchemy?

        1. Not sure what happened, but I actually responded to Carrolee on the 15th, saying many of the things that you said, and I even provided links to some scientific studies made on crop formations (including the blown nodes in real-deal formations). Now that I am logged in, I can see my posting, but it’s still not showing up for the public. And, yes, real formations (not man-made, and sometimes for advertising purposes) may be a form of alchemy, and are tied to consciousness. At the first ‘Dreamland Festival’, Whitley did an interesting meditation/exercise, and I felt/saw myself as a ball of light laying down a formation. We’ll see if THIS posting shows up!

          1. Author

            Posts with links in them are often captured by the spam filter. If we don’t use the filter, then we get inundated with spam. We watch as closely as we can to re-post material that has been captured in this way.

          2. Author

            I got Nikki Thomas to post your comments, Carolee. She doesn’t work on weekends, which is why she didn’t see them until now.

          3. Thank you, SHERBET UFO AND COSMICLIBRARIAN for your WELL-THOUGHT-OUT COMMENTS. I just want to post a few final thoughts and hope not to get too wordy here.

            First, Riz Virk made a reference of GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, then later spoke of his time at
            the hermitage where Yogananda wrote,
            “Autobiography of a Yogi.” During a meditation at the hermitage and in an altered state, Riz Virk had a vision of Yogananda sitting at a desk with handwritten pages that were going to be part of a book. However, Yogananda took those pages and threw them out into the ocean. When he did this, they all turned into WHITE DOVES.

            In the crop circle there appears both RABBIT/HARE as well as BIRDS taking flight. So, could it be, even if it is a man-made crop circle, it was still used to convey a message??? Is this synchronistic to the interview on DREAMLAND this week? ONLY A THOUGHT! ALSO, I have not seen this particular crop circle posted on

            which is odd. Cropcircleconnector must have their reasons. This was a wonderful interview, full of hope and how we change our world in a positive way by collective thought and prayer. I still have my copy of, ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI.’

    3. This seems to be at least part of what we’re seeing and experiencing. It took me years to come to the same conclusion, because I was so rooted in the “craft” concept.

      It was the scene in the Communion film where Whitley walks into a bright light with his video camera, and then finds himself inside a room of some kind. A “craft” that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Only then did I realize that some of what we see is only what we’re actually able to see.

      1. I wonder whether there might be a technology to allow someone to step from normal physical reality straight through a door and into an astral level, or dreamscape, where reality is far more maliable…subject to creation by the intention of an intelligence, capable of forming thoughts to such a degree, that the contents of that ‘dream’ are essentially static. What if you could fix one of those doors onto what we call a UFO. Imagine the kind of environments that could be created in there. Imagine the kind of things that could be hidden in there.

  5. Last week one of the comments was about orbs…and I was going to mention about listening recently to the ‘Satquatch Chronicles’ where one whitness recounted seeing bluish-white orbs floating though a nearby wood, minutes before encountering a group of angry Big Foots (Feet?). Apparently the association between Sasquatch and orbs is quite strong. I don’t know if the suggestion was that Sasquatch were accompanied by the lights, or that the orbs were a sort of higher dimensional residue, before the creatures completely projected into this reality.

  6. Another point… The other week or so ago, there was mentioned again that it seems unlikely that Intergalactic travel is possible, therefore the physical aspects of the Visitor phenomenon must be Interdimensional.

    However, if it is possible to open a portal from a specific location and time in this reality, to another realm, who is to say that within that other realm, another portal cannot easily be created to allow us to step out onto a Planet in another Galaxy within this reality? Intergalactic travel within this reality would then be just a case of opening two portals…albeit with an interesting intermediate journey in another dimension.

    Beings from that dimension could then effectively be Interdimensional AND Intergalactic travellers.

  7. Please please Mr strieber read chapter 43 of autobiography of a yogi.
    Published in 1947, refers to and explains the afterworld and ufos in a way shockingly similar to how you generally do.

      1. Thank you so much for that! I thought I had a copy but did not. I was able to get an e-book through the public library, but it didn’t have the photos and illustrations, and this does, plus better links to the chapters of this very long tome.

        I did find my copy of Flatland, though!

  8. The Báb (1819-1850 CE) also manifested a second body when imprisoned in the fortress of Mahku (north west Persia). And Bahá’u’lláh (1817-1891 CE) also had power over the people, animals and insects around Him, as well as access to all knowledge. Any information He wanted would appear as a “tablet” or book in front of his eyes.

    1. Regarding the information in front of his eyes…that it not too dissimilar to Whitley’s implant, that scrolls words in the corner of his vision, that get metaphorically injected into his subconscious.

  9. This was so good! Lots of value in this talk!

    I try to read the Bhagavad Gita about once a year, but I will definitely read and learn more from ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. (Thanks, Sherbet, for the link to the free copy. After perusing through it, I’ll definitely get a hard copy!).

  10. And as to united community action, there is a global community that has been, at the global level, working to practice more and more united community action for the betterment, not just of its own community but the betterment of all humanity, starting in 1863 CE in the middle east and growing exponentially since then. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the Baha’i Faith is geographically farthest spread of the world faiths after only Catholicism despite having its very first beginnings in just 1844 CE. “The betterment of the world can be accomplished by pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct” (Bahá’u’lláh)

  11. Thank you both for such an excellent program!
    In relation to the topic “How to escape the Matrix” three books came to mind that are related to this: “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” by Charles Eisenstein and Whitley’s book” The Key”, and also First Corinthians 13. In Whitley’s book the Master of the Key says “God wants you just as badly, child. This is my message to all of you: come home to us. Stop waiting. Stop imagining that you are not Christ and that God is somewhere outside of you. Face the true contents of your own being. Seek the kingdom within and you will find the kingdom everywhere.” And one last quote, from ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’:
    “God is love; His plan for creation can be rooted only in love. Does not that simple thought, rather than erudite reasonings, offer solace to the human heart? Every saint who has penetrated to the core of Reality has testified that a divine universal plan exists and that it is beautiful and full of joy.”

  12. When I was 21, I read Yogananda’s book and was immediately pulled into the yoga tradition (to my parent’s disappointment). It turned out there was an ashram less than two miles away and my two best friend’s mothers had previously taken classes from the various teachers. I don’t remember any other book having such a deep emotional impact. I am looking forward to reading Riz’s book tonight and rekindling memories.

  13. Carollee…good questions. I did an image search of of that formation, and the closest image was the logo for a barber shop in Guatemala (Not kidding).
    I also checked on Temporary Temples and they did not have it there either. How did you find the video? The peaceful music, birds and bunnies—and a switchblade, is kind of jarring, and IF it is a synchronicity, one with a tricksterish element?

    1. Hi, Cosmic. I have a tablet that I look at every morning before turning on my computer. When the Google icon has a number to the side of it then I know that it is telling me to click on You-tube for something that might interest me. This is where I found it. Yes, the image is very disturbing! BUT what could it mean?

      1. Apparently it’s a commission for a barber’s shop (the second post down at the time of writing)…


        …although, if true, the money wasn’t too wisely spent as an advertising campaign, as I can’t find much else about it.

  14. Min 01:07:08
    I‘m so grateful, Whitley, that you brought up the idea that mankind as a whole should use its siddhis to bring the planet back into balance. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I’m really glad that I’m obviously no longer completely alone with this idea. So thank you so much! In fact, for many people, this realisation would bring meaning into their lives.

  15. Yay!! What a treat! Any mention of Yogananda Paramahansa is a joy! The two books that most profoundly touched me was the original Autobiography of a Yogi and Mr. Strieber’s Communion. It was like they activated me. 🙂 They are both in Audible also. So true that Yogananda was way ahead of his time. He was a true gift from God. 🙂

    1. Me too! I read them both ar the same time!
      I wonder what you think of chapter 43 of autobiography where Sri yukteswar returns after dying to tell paramahansa about the universe and his new job as teacher on the planet hiranyoloca? It blows my mind every time I read it. The description of the inhabitants of hiranyoloca, their nature, physical description, and description of their vehicles seemed then and still seems shockingly similar to ufo experience. And he wrote it ( or it was published)in 1947 which was an important year!

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