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Every year since the beginning of Dreamland, we’ve presented a Halloween Special called Screamland. This year is no exception, this is a very serious show, and a very scary one. Whitley Strieber spends 45 minutes telling some stories from his and Anne’s lives that are mind-bending–scary, amazing, totally unforgettable. This could be the most extraordinary show we have ever presented. Much of this material is from Whitley’s just-finished sequel to Communion, which is going to be amazing. For subscribers, the GREAT October 27, 2001 Dreamland Halloween special on MONSTERS!

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  1. These are the most
    These are the most interesting and amazing group of stories I have ever heard. They are so bizarre, I find a portion of myself in total disbelief yet my heart knows that Whitley is above reproach and I can be sure that they are 100% a part of his personal experience. Just how experience participates in communal reality, I am still trying to ascertain that for myself. I can’t wait to get Whitley’s new book.
    Dr. D

  2. This is finally the book I’ve
    This is finally the book I’ve been waiting for and I hope it helps unlock his remaining memories and he finishes the story of his secret life for us 🙂

  3. Only an observation-

    Only an observation-
    I prefer to have control of when I am logged in or out, how does one know in these times of unscrupulous `hackers` that one is logged out for sure when one must log in so many times? Otherwise I like the website.

    1. @Rodney – apologies, but we
      @Rodney – apologies, but we were undertaking some work on the site which may have affected your sessions. Under normal circumstances you need only login/out once. The exception to this is if you leave your computer signed-in to and leave it inactive for a period. In this case, your session will automatically be ended for your own security purposes.
      I hope this is helpful.

  4. The new website looks great.
    The new website looks great. Whitley,have you ever asked,no demanded,your mother tell you the truth about the far too many bizzare ,traumatic experiences you suffered as a child. She knows. You suffer from profound PTSD. I am not a health care professional but I suffer from profound PTSD from repeted childhood trauma too. Silence is the guardian of all family shame and secrets. This is not about blame. It’s about responsibility. I have found a degree of peace from my mothers eventual acknowledgement that my horrific nightmares were rooted in fact and direct experience. I wish you peace my brother.

  5. The site is so much more
    The site is so much more 2010..nice job very snazzy & I’m glad it’s not burdened with Flash vids.

  6. im a huge fan of whitleys and
    im a huge fan of whitleys and i just love this site and stories.

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