From the beginning, George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell have been at the cutting edge of the disclosure process that is starting to change the way the world thinks about the UFO/UAP phenomenon–in fact, to change the way the world thinks about itself. There is now little doubt that this is among the most profound moments in human history.

George and Jeremy are among a very small number of researchers and reporters at the absolute center of this story. But who are they? This week, we go in depth with them, exploring their motives, their beliefs and their understanding of their places in this amazing historical moment.

Normally, they interview with presenters who question them about the validity of various claims. But we Dreamlanders already know that material.

In this wide-ranging interview, they talk about how they got into the field in the first place, what they are expecting to happen next, and how the world is likely to react to things like the abduction phenomenon.

George hints at a UFO experience in his early life, and promises that if he ever reveals it, it will be right here on Dreamland. And Jeremy tells us that his grandmother was a witness to the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles UFO incident. So they both have witness events in their past, which, even beyond their research, reveals some sort of deeper connection to the phenomenon.

You can reach them and keep up with the latest on and find out more about Jeremy’s films at To keep up day-to-day, follow them on Instagram.

There is a lot in this discussion about what happens to the close encounter witnesses in all this–a huge concern for all of us, of course. The fact that researchers like George and Jeremy, who are gaining a tremendous popular following and are also knowledgeable about and sympathetic to our situation is a huge plus for everyone who has had a close encounter.

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  1. Nice interview with Grant Cameron. Tell me, what happened to George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell?

    1. They ran off to West Hollywood to do the dance club circuit before announcing their engagement. Just being silly. Are there any gay ufologists? I’m asking for a friend. I remember that Kevin Randle asserted that there was a statistically significant number of gay male abductees. I do not recall an explanation for this, but wonder if gay men are for some reason attracted to ufo research. Of course, this has NOTHING to do with Knapp or Corbell. But let’s all bear in mind that humanity has a very hard time accepting diversity within its own species. How would they accept alien entities?

      1. According to the Kevin Randle book ABDUCTION ENIGMA, gay people seem to make up a significant portion of the abductee public. I quote “A very high percentage of both male and female abductees that we interviewed openly stated a sexual preference of homosexuality [at least 29%] or bisexuality [23%]. An equally high number were hypersexual and highly promiscuous in their human sex lives. Of the remaining abductees at least half of them claimed they had no sex drive whatsoever. That leaves us with a very low number of abductees who claim to have what would be considered a ‘normal’ sex life.”

        No explanation for this is given. While I was joking about Knapp and Corbell, there seems to be a pink elephant in the middle of the room of ufology that hardly anyone is discussing. As a gay man near Whitley’s age, I was raised with a lot of trauma because I did not fit basic 1950’s gender stereotypes. My parents wanted LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and they got QUEEN FOR A DAY instead! LOL

        Does such alienating (no pun intended) experience create a personal portal allowing the visitors easy access? I was called a Sissy in grade school. At night, I had Grey interventions. No one talks about this because I fear they don’t want ufology “tainted” with discussion of a sexuality that still has to fight to exist without discrimination.

        1. There has certainly been some interesting science fiction written about gay or sex shifting aliens (start out female then become male for example). It shouldn’t be a shock if the visitors viewed sexuality differently from us, but I wonder if gay abductees are generally, just more likely to be open about their life experiences, and a bit braver in coming forward?

        2. Your interesting comment made me think about the largely ignored and unaddressed epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women in North America. Perhaps the Visitors simply choose those out of the mainstream because they know humans are most concerned and likely to react or demand answers to difficult and disturbing situations affecting those most like themselves.

          If HIV/AIDS had primarily afflicted affluent heterosexual Caucasians, we would have seen a very different response intensity and timeline. It has long been apparent that the Visitors know us far better than we know ourselves, and consistently act in accordance with that superior knowledge.

          1. Visitors or the CIA? Yes an interesting way to frame things. If we assumed the abduction phenomenon, or things like HIV/AIDS, were actually the terrestrial establishments (government black projects & psyOps etc) how would we react? I don’t think we’d want to be their friends, or look up to them 😉

  2. The video link is incorrect. It takes you to a Grant Cameron interview. The audio links above are correct.

  3. Author

    This has been corrected. What happened is impossible, but that’s par for the course for this site. Both links now lead to the free version of the show. In this case, it’s the full version, but with commercials. It will be corrected as soon as possible.

  4. What a fabulous discussion! Loved this show, the rich sharing, the ability for all to have a different POV about something and there be acceptance and no drama. How refreshing!

    I love Jeremy’s energy and curiosity and desire to stay the course of learning. I hate to admit that I tend to see our current state much as George; the ignorance and foolishness of so many in our society are like lead boots for a marathon swimmer. Can we kick them off and keep going? Maybe, but it’s going to take a miracle. I’m ready to see it and willing to do my part to make it happen… open to guidance.

    Thank you, guys, for being alive here and doing what you do so well.

  5. Another GREAT interview. There is no other place to get such rich information on this topic.

  6. That was a marvelous program! I’ve been following George Knapp for decades and find him to be an outstanding reporter for ufo related stories. If disclosure of some sort happens (who can guess on that one) I hope George Knapp is included as a major contributor to discovery.

  7. What a wonderful show! Everyone worked together to get the facts out, with total respect for each other.
    I see a lot of truth in what George Knapp says about the ignorance of so many, ostriches , sticking their heads in the sand. Many will not adapt. It is almost like certain people are born with open minds.
    There is much more to this world then meets the eye.
    Thank you Whitley for everything!

  8. Congratulations Whitley, this is a big win in regards to interviews and a great episode. Additionally, Newt Gingrich has released an audio, in it he says that he tried to investigate the subject back when he was in Congress and was denied because he didn’t have the clearance. He also said he thinks that UFO’s are of alien origin. This is REALLY BIG PROGRESS!

    Here’s the link to the audio:

  9. The word ‘backlash’ mentioned in the interview sums it up for me. There will be a strong reaction to come, no doubt, looking to quash any significant progress made when it comes to disclosure. Whoever holds the real levers of power in this, those who will go to great lengths to make sure this will never get out, will undoubtedly double-down on their efforts, perhaps even go to extremes. For those who are on the side of truth, they must be careful. As institutions continue to fall in the future, those who’ve had the power and control for so long will become even more desperate to hold on to what they’ve had for so long, and they’ll be forced to resort to more aggressive tactics. Beware. As the world changes rapidly in so many areas, there is going to be major conflicts taking shape in different forms. Good people will be in harm’s way.

    1. A program of mockery has been quite successful in the past. One technique would be for the conservative power brokers to discredit the entire subject by publicizing people who are obviously mentally delusional, thereby painting all abductees as mentally disturbed. I am sure panels of medical talking heads would be willing to confirm for the jittery public that all such claims come from a very disturbed mind. Right now, this is not being done in the popular media. Instead, we have a deluge of cheesy UFO and abduction “paranormal” shows on the TRAVEL network, along with amateur ghost hunters who yell “Whoe, whoe, whoe!” and run in terror (to the delight of the average viewer) when they actually encounter anything even vaguely mysterious in the never ending parade of closed prisons, mental hospitals and old mansions that are visited. So ufology becomes just another branch of paranormal entertainment. But I suspect many people uncritically believe all this pop “research” on TV. Therefore, powerful forces against a disclosure would need to really ramp up the mockery campaign again in the public mind. Of course, intellectual elites remain publicly quite condescending and dismissive of the entire subject.

      With a full disclosure, I can imagine Fox News proclaiming that all aliens are fiscal and social conservatives and support the GOP. QAnon would “confess” that the anonymous author was indeed a Space Brother.

      Capitalism can co-op anything and turn it into a revenue center. Religion would probably be energized with visions of new “crusades” to convert the aliens. I envision Joel Osteen urging aliens in the audience to accept Jesus and to come down to the front to be sanctified. Perhaps the Olympics would develop separate events for aliens. Cosmetic firms would release new “Grey” tone cosmetics. In a few years, aliens would be totally submerged within the marketing opportunities and there would probably be Nordic porn. Perhaps a giant mantis could be convinced to serve as spokesman for a pesticide company?

  10. Great show. Maybe a show like this will spur the likes of Rogan and others to open the door to the visitor experience. I wonder if Joe has had an experience and just doesn’t want to go there because of the stigma. We will soon get to the point where video will not be enough and people will start asking serious questions.

  11. Thanks Whitley for a wonderful interview. As always, your show has provided a platform for new thinking:

    Is the Universe an ‘Objective Reality’ or is it a ‘Subjective Reality’?
    If it is Objective, then we don’t exist. If it is Subjective, then this is all a dream…

    The Visitors are trying to guide us to another level of perception, one that will lead us into an understanding that it is both…

    This enterprise is monumentally difficult. As a thought experiment, try to imagine a new color –can our minds even conceptualize this? Not unless we somehow change.

  12. Great interview Whitley!

    Having communicated with ETs for decades, I agree that they want us to survive. They want us to embrace our potential and become who we really are.

  13. Outstanding conversation! Thank you Whitley, George, and Jeremy. ALL good info!

  14. Whitley, have you ever tried to get Deepak Chopra as a guest? He might be able to merge the Quantum and the Spiritual changes we are and will be going through.

    1. I’ve gotten most of my ideas about consciousness from Deepak Chopra. I’m still trying to find a good book on Vendanta though.

  15. George Knapp is brilliant- and he’s a hero. So are you, Whitley. I can’t think of two people who have been more impactful to the UFO phenomenon over the past 50 years than the two of you. To have the opportunity to listen in on a conversation between you both is truly an honor. I loved this episode of Dreamland. Perhaps my favorite of all time. Kudos to Jeremy for all the work he’s done as well.

  16. Really excellent. I shared it on FB and Twitter. I hope least my brother and at least one of my friends also listen to it/watch it!

  17. Thank you Whitley for this show and your service. Whitley must feel like he’s in a Twilight Zone episode.

  18. Thank you Whitley, George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell and for all the well thought out subscriber comments. 

    Just by chance I happened to see this article/video on the local news site a few weeks ago by: Duncan Phenix, George Knapp. I have NEVER HEARD OF THIS INCIDENT……..

    Farmington, (NEW MEXICO) UFO Armada: possibly the largest UFO event you’ve never heard about.

  19. Jeremy Corbell has announced that there will be a new post on his Extraordinary Beliefs website today at 12:00 PDT. It sure is close to June 1st now. I really do wonder how much information will be released come June and how much will come out in the days and weeks following.

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