This week’s Dreamland: We don’t normally bring a guest back after just a month, but this interview is brain-bending. Melinda Leslie of UFOSightingTours joined us on August 6 to talk about her UFO sightings tours and much besides. However, we did not get to the subjects of military abductions and hybrids. Now we have. And it is astonishing material, and a powerful reminder of how radically different the lives of close encounter witnesses are from ordinary lives.

Very frankly, this has to be one of the most powerful, ultra-high strangeness interviews ever to appear on Dreamland. Listen and Melinda tells her completely remarkable story–and reflect, as you listen, that this is a person who regularly, reliably, night after night, can cause UFOs to appear in the sky, virtually at will.

This remarkable individual will now tell us some of the most incredible and strangest stories we–even Whitley–has ever heard. We live surrounded by ultra high strangeness. Don’t dismiss it. Don’t ignore it. Open your mind to the wonder, the strangeness and the burning questions that this interview brings to mind.

Only audio this week. We will return to video on our YouTube channel as soon as we can.


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  1. Abductee rights concern me from a non-legal angle — as you intimated about the abductee that used his political connections to get out of doing what was *against his will.* Namely, how does Melinda feel about her experiences versus her own autonomy? I gather there are gifts involved (as Whitley’s implant) — but Whitley was penetrated, maybe out of clumsiness on the part of the ETs, but that could be considered either medical testing or rape, yes? Basically, I wonder, what right do ETs have to abduct humans? Is it only Grays who abduct? If so, are we in alliance with the bad guys, so to speak? What are ET motives versus our human freedom and autonomy? Melinda? Whitley? Thanks for responding. God bless you!

    1. 1st Aliens do not operate under our moral guidekines.
      2nd Aliens do not operate under our moral guidelines
      Is it rape when we use fertilization techniques in horses and cows and other animals we are trying to save?

        1. Author

          I have often wondered about that. The anguish I feel over the removal of my semen is still with me every moment of my life. Did they remove it for the greater good or simply for their own purposes? What happened to this part of my soul? Why can I not be told?

          The moral high ground here is a very ambiguous place.

          1. “The moral high ground here is a very ambiguous place.”

            I think the moral high ground has to be very ambiguous, and it has to be black and white. Both of these are simultaneously true.

            Why? Because there is only One Being who has access to Perfect Information and can make perfectly true judgments on any situation.

            Then there are all the other beings who have to make choices and judgments about matters where they know the only “right answers” can be found within their own hearts, via their personal understandings and feelings, combined with the connection to the One that lives in their hearts.

            These beings – eventually – know they will be entirely responsible for the choices they make, and the actions they take, so they tend to work as clearly as they can towards assessing a “black and white” answer to the questions they have about these choices.


            Just look at how many different ways the Master of The Key threads the needle, when he is discussing things like this in his dialog with you, Whitley.

            He knows where he is going – where the black and white answers can be drawn – but to get there, he has to work through the Real world of massive ambiguity, as it is given to him by the Creator.


            I have been reading and rereading a certain section from The Key yesterday and today, that I would highly recommend to anyone, to see just how this works.

            This section – which feels like “the heart of everything” to me – starts with the first place where Whitley asks the question “What is real religion?” (Whitley asks the identical question a few pages later). And the MOTK starts his answer with “From outside of time…”

            And the whole section I want to highlight runs through several pages, and then ends where the MOTK says, “If you continue to struggle against nature, you will die. But if you don’t struggle, you will die. This is tragedy of the word in physical form, and is the essential human problem. This is the problem you must solve, if you are to avoid going extinct.”

          2. I know unrelated to the show but I’ve forever been captivated by the line in The Key that sin is “the denial of the right to thrive” Damn that’s good!!

      1. Well said. Not just livestock.. Pets, zoos, etc It’s like we are their pets.

  2. P.S. — Listening to your conversation has convinced me that, when possible, I want to visit beautiful Sedona and take part in one of Melinda’s UFO Sighting Tours! Clearly she has an amazing track record.

  3. I would like to hear information about the role of the Biological Technologies Office of DARPA and Transhumanism. They only reveal studies of prosthetics that can be controlled with your mind as far as i know. Are there “vehical prosthetics” that can be driven or flown with conscientiousness? What have either of you experienced by the military abductions pertaining to this? Are greys transhuman? Do they have this ability? Did they get it from BTO or from a BTO contractor?

  4. Another thoroughly enjoyable show and her passion for this area of consciousness is evident; you can hear it in her voice.

    I struggle with the use of terms such as ‘structured craft’ however.

    Time and time again, my own interactors correct me when I assign them a gender or personality and they stress that they are ‘consciousness’.

    As far as seeing a UFO, I’ve only seen one conventional disc in the sky. It happened at a time of very important change and a colleague with me saw it too. The disc folded in half and disappeared.

    I ‘knew’ it was communicating the onset of change to me, as if demonstrating the turning page of a book or a particular Masonic hand gesture.

    Do I think they are ‘craft’? I’ll respond this way; rather I consider them ‘Transports’. Consciousness manifests denser forms of transport to convey itself and express an import.

    One last thing. The disc was exactly the same colour and tone as Cloud. The whole sky/atmosphere could very easily be alive and conscious above us and we’d not notice a thing.

    Is the entire living atmosphere above us a conscious membrane of this beautiful Orb Mother?


    1. Plato described the energy field of the earth in the Timeas or the Phaedra (I can’t remember which) as a kind of layered energy body, like our own auricular field models. This info probably was from his intellectual interchange with the Pythagoreans, who had a ban against sharing knowledge outside of their inner circle. It was considered by Plato to be that important to record in writing because he knew that even then, the knowledge was being lost to humankind. This was the beginning of the age of rationalism and the current interpretation of the Ptolemaic model of the solar system (the “spheres” ) is probably a misinterpreted representation of those layers of the auric container, which Plato also said was created by Zeus “in the beginning.” Some of the astronauts who spend time on the space station see it and are forever changed by the awareness.

  5. As a side note to what Debra mentioned above…In the very early nineties, I used to subscribe to a popular monthly PC magazine, and in the back were crammed hundreds of adverts, as usual. But one recurring advert captured my interest massively, which was essentially a device you could clip onto your finger, that looked similar to a blood oxygen sensor but the associated software that came with it was able to decipher the electrical impulses from your finger, that actually, according to the advert, originated from your brain… so that you could think a word and it would recognise it and translate into an action… From your finger! It came with a basic flight simulator type game that you could train to allow thoughts to control the up, down, bank left, bank right controls in the game. I’m sure the advert said it could distinguish between 20 or even more thought words. I kid you not, this thing was real. It cost £100 and was more than I could afford at the time, much to my frustration. That was about thirty years ago and only now have I made the connection with reports of some UFOs that were found with handprint indentations on the control panels… I assume for some kind of mental interface with the craft. Recently I tried to find information about that sensor and associated software but came up blank…I wonder whether the idea was bought out and purposefully shelved, or perhaps more likely, put to use outside of the public gaze.

    1. Actually it was probably the mid nineties when Windows ’95 came out… Those were the days!

  6. Whitley I am sending you an email. Myself and some friends would like to go to the UFO Sedona trip with your group.

  7. I’m really disappointed that Whitley never asked her about the my lab abductions, who were they, what did they ask her . . . .anything.

  8. hi , i would like to know, more about the kind of nite vision you use…infared, thermal, etz,,,brand and magnification…?? thank you

    1. I can’t remember the model but Melinda mentioned that they used Military spec (Gen 3) night vision. That runs to several thousand dollars, from what I’ve found online.

  9. Please have her again ASAP and discuss the hybrid issue.
    Also for those of us that have experienced a robotic presence in the abduction.
    Do you think that might have been a milab experience?

  10. Was it intentional to copy all the comments from the Aug 6th show?

    Also the introduction states that there is no video this week, yet there is a video link provided, the subscriber version of which takes us to something posted a week ago, that only contains audio! Maybe I’ve just confused myself unnecessarily. Trust me to start listening at 1AM.

    I also saw a black cat, then another one just like it… Just a glitch, I’m sure. Next time I get the chance, I’m staying in bed, rather than following that white rabbit again. 😉

  11. Whitley, I recently listened to a Grant Cameron interview with a young lady by the name of Samantha Mowat…and was absolutely enthralled by her experiencer account….After listening to your interview with Melinda, I thought Samanthas’ story would leave you amazed….here is the interview

  12. Melinda, just curious to know if the family that has the children, a few hybrid children and a few that are not. Is there a noticeable difference in them? Anything that would be obvious as to temperament and or intelligence between these kids?

  13. This is huge. Melinda’s story about meeting and revisiting her hybrid daughter over many years was deeply moving and, I believe, profoundly important. It is the first time I have ever heard of mutual unselfish love being expressed and reciprocated between a human abductee and her alien hybrid child. It never occurred to me that this was even possible, given the fear and confusion that normally obscure all other feelings. This gives me a glimmer of hope in a time which otherwise seems less and less hopeful.

  14. Regarding the helecopters, might this link in with what LMH has as been discussing recently on Earthfiles about some UFO / UEPs only being detectable in the Infrared spectrum? Maybe the helecopters are fitted with IR scopes and the pilots are zeroing in on activity that cannot be seen otherwise.

  15. Melinda’s story about the message of love and forgiveness, relayed to her by the abducted little girl, was really quite moving… but goodness me, Melinda didn’t half string it out. Getting to the punchline was like waiting for cats to herd themselves! Thankfully worth the wait, though.

    Next point… I wonder if those military collaborators know what they are getting into, when they sign up to help the Greys… Do they know they might be helping them even after physical death?

    1. One does wonder. There seems to be a hierarchy of which most of us are unaware but a part of. Humans are always ready to bend the knee to a leader, often while proclaiming their “freedom” (oddly enough). A propensity to feudalim seems to be hardwired into humanity’s basic operating system.

  16. Melinda was not stringing anyone along.
    It seemed she was trying to relate the story correctly. Remember she had a number of similar abductions over decades.
    I for one detected truth about a very emotional experience.
    Thank you Melinda and Whitley.

    1. My use of the phrase to string along was not meant to imply I didn’t believe the story, or that she was trying to deceive in any way, only to say that at the last second she went off on about four tangents before eventually circling back to the actual message that was relayed to her, which I found quite exasperating to listen to. I just found the copious additional context given quite unnecessary, but maybe I should just try and be more patient?!

      1. Once again…Sherbet, its not you. I agree with you. Even patience has its limits. For me, patience is gone if I have quit listening or fallen asleep…and that’s all I’m sayin’…

        1. Funny you should say that, as I did fall asleep for the second half and had to do a ‘stage 2’ to get the remainder… It’s rare that happens.

          1. Very moving show! What grace Melinda has. She is one strong lady! Thank you Melinda and Whitley.

  17. This was very beautiful. Thank you Melinda. Thank you Whitley for this. ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  18. This was in my in-box this morning and from a friend who lives in Texas with her husband. We met while on a trip to PERU. Thought it might be a good time to post this quote.

    “When a thoughtless or unkind word is spoken, best tune out. Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade.”
    ― Ruth Bader Ginsburg, My Own Words

  19. Just as the fearful kitten doesn’t know what the veterinarian is up too, there for the grace of God go us.

  20. Thank you for sharing this very emotionally deep experience ( s) ~ it certainly shores up so many loose ends for me , a very lucid dreamer since childhood, an animal communicator , and visited by ET’s Where as a child I was directly “ warned “ not to share my experiences because it would cause me great distress ~ receiving downloads and psi -seeing my entire life ~ this is hugely helpful for me. Especially concerning , what I have learned was an another time line , was witnessing Alien War on Earth ~ it wasn’t “ just “ lucid dreaming. I currently live in Southwestern Az just the last five years … I’m certain part of the reason I was directed to move here ( my entire family is still back East ) was to have contact with you and Melinda .. I believe I have been transported to meeting my hybrid children … but was not able to speak with them directly … I was shown . It was a very moving experience..

  21. Barbara Lamb has said that contactees under hypnosis have reported that the Greys have advanced so far technologically that they both destroyed their home planet and their ability to naturally reproduce. As such, they are looking to save their species through the creation of hybrids. Barbara Lamb has also said that Greys have bodies that do not respond well to the Earth’s elements/environment. They are, therefore, trying to mix their DNA with ours, because human bodies – unlike theirs – function well on Earth. I think the idea is that their race can live on in the form of hybrids. If this is all true… I guess the question then becomes… well where can the hybrid race live on…? Here on planet Earth? For me, it is somewhat unnerving to think about hybrids attempting to live on this planet, considering that they are at a significant technological advantage, and therefore, have some power over humans. The silver linings for me have been to hear here that there is some evidence that a hybrid has a humanlike emotional capacity. It was also potentially somewhat comforting to hear on the Dreamland podcast with Kathleen Marden that abduction reports have been slowing down… and that there is speculation that the hybrid program is over. I think the question then becomes, if it is shutting down… is this because it didn’t work? Humans shut it down? Another alien race shut it down? Or it is finished… and they’re moving into the next phase of the plan. If anyone has any thoughts or information on this, I would be very interested in reading.

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