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First Whitley learns some startling things about a group of alien videos from remote viewer John Vivanco on alien videos, then John Hogue talks about why the Nostradamus Quatrain being circulated on the internet does NOT predict the Notre Dame fire, and which one actually may do just that.

John Vivanco is one of the most powerful remote viewers around and can offer PLENTY of proof of his effectiveness. Listen as he tells his incredible story, including remote viewing of the super-weird alien video known as Skinny Bob. While the video is controversial (obviously) it is also one of the few that cannot be readily debunked.

John has had his own remote viewing company which has worked with government agencies on such sensitive and dangerous issues as 9/11 and other counterterrorism operations. He has appeared on CBS This Morning.

Listen as he and Whitley get into some deep stuff, far deeper than you’ll hear on most shows. Plus, there is an amazing amount of interference at first, with Whitley’s computer crashing, weird static coming in and so forth. We left it all in so that you can hear for yourself what happens when we do a show that somebody out there would rather you didn’t get to listen to!

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You can explore or order The Time Before the Secret Words by clicking here.

Go to John’s YouTube channel and watch the Skinny Bob video. Click here!

Nostradamus expert and professional prophet John Hogue has been a Dreamland regular for years, usually appearing in January to prophesy and in July to analyze his predictions. He returns this week to talk about Nostradamus and the Notre Dame fire, and has some really interesting things to say about a quatrain that nobody has as yet suggested, that really might prophecy the catastrophe…AND some possible things to come!

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