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This show is pure joy!

While doing hospital lab work, Belinda Womack had a powerful and completely unexpected out-of-body experience that changed her life and set her on a new path. She has found in her connection to what she thinks of as archangels a new kind of access to an ancient type of wisdom that makes it accessible to us in the modern era.

At a time when most of us have either lost contact with our souls or are struggling with belief in anything beyond the material world around us, she offers a new vision that is at once practical and modern, and also part of deep esoteric tradition.

Listen as Whitley Strieber explores Linda’s ideas and discoveries with her in this searching and inspiring interview.Visit Belinda’s website,

Anne Strieber participated in this program, and made reference to her 2006 diary entry, I Met and Angel in Kinkos. To read it, click here.

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  1. I just wanted to thank
    I just wanted to thank Whitley and Anne for sharing their experiences. Whitley and Anne’s work has always helped me in my life. Even though I have never been to any chats or responded very often on the website, I look forward to reading Whitley’s journal posts and various shows. The Path has always guided me and I enjoyed the MP3 specials greatly.
    Thanks SO MUCH.

  2. Thank you Belinda, Whitley
    Thank you Belinda, Whitley and Anne, for another beautiful and helpful Dreamland!

  3. Awakening Part 5: Cygnus and
    Awakening Part 5: Cygnus and Cosmic Energy……

    Whitley and Andrew. Thank you Andrew for this Cygnus update.

    I want to share a few thoughts. (ONLY my own musings). Evolution of our species; does it have to take a really long time? What if it does NOT? What if Cygnus produces an immense burst/pulse of light energy?

    While listening to the interview with Belinda Womack and as she is talking about the human chakra system, (energy vortex) I had these odd thoughts come to mind.

    What if the spinal column has been designed to include safety valves/and regulators, put in place to protect the human body. Invisible of course but nevertheless there. OR yet, something like gates/locks and dams to control the flow of humankinds spiritual energy?

    What if the system is so perfect that any new or different type of incoming energy can be experienced by the body in relative safety BUT still change us DURING/IN the process? DNA? Perhaps embryos still in the womb?

    What if sound/light/color can be processed in a new vibratory way because of this new cosmic energy flowing in/through; opening our eyes to exotic new colors? A truly many colored rainbow body, ready to come into fruition?

    According to most beliefs there are 7 major chakras but many minor chakras throughout the whole body.

    I re-listened to (Saturday, May 12, 2007) (Cygnus Meditation). The first time was actually in that year of 2007. Since then when meditating, I have been turning my computer chair to the NORTH. Now I am going to TRY and be more aware of the Cygnus energy flow. I highly recommend all subscribers to again listen to this meditation.


    Yes, and as subscriber Kathleen McMillan gave her thanks to ANNE…..I too thank you Anne.

  4. “*I* physically hear the
    “*I* physically hear the music of the angels, but I feel that that may not be the case for everyone.” Ya think?

    I dunno…this woman doesn’t ring true to me. Sounds like what I’ve heard or read in a thousand other New Age kind of materials. Am I the only listener who finds Belinda to be unremarkable?

  5. I certainly hope so, Crow
    I certainly hope so, Crow Girl! I work hard to get only the best guests. I thought her interview was really excellent, as is her book. But to each his own.

  6. It’s a funny thing, life; we
    It’s a funny thing, life; we focus on and gladly embrace different things as we go along. I can recall endlessly listening to ‘angel chimes’ and ‘crystal halls’ type music whenever I drove places, ten years ago, and my focus was set on embracing that vibrational level.

    These days, I gladly reminisce about those times and still feel a remnant of those vibrations but am more down to Earth and playful.

    We chop and change as we go along and if we enjoy the value of memory in all its broad spectrum, we keep moving forward and up, though without leaving anyone or anything ‘behind’.

    Keep on trucking.

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