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Peter Levenda returns to Dreamland as host interviewing Whitley Strieber and Jeff Kripal about their new book, Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained.

This astonishing book is getting some spectacular reviews:

“The most important book on unexplained phenomena in more than 40 years.” —Gary Jansen, author of Holy Ghosts

“An exceptional book. What is at stake is nothing less than the nature of our reality, and our ability as humans to grasp levels of perception that are at once so dangerous and so sublime.” —Jacques Vallee

“A brilliant, provocative and gripping new inquiry into the mysteries of time, space and the human—and not so human—mind. Absolutely captivating.” —Gary Lachman, author of the Secret Teachers of the Western World.

 “This book is a dream come true. It has taken 30 years for the most articulate of abductees to be taken seriously by a senior academic.” —Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University

“A thought-provoking, intelligent reconceptualization of supernatural events.” –Kirkus Reviews

But what will a deep student of the occult like Peter Levenda think of it? This interview promises to be an incredible edition of Dreamland!

Get the Super Natural now! You can find it at your local bookstore, BN, Amazon, Kobo, Apple and wherever hardcovers and ebooks are sold. Learn more at Whitley’s book site


  1. Whitley and Jeff, ‘The Super
    Whitley and Jeff, ‘The Super Natural’ is due to arrive next week. It was pre-ordered but I guess since I am not an AMAZON PRIME member it always takes longer in the mailing. That’s OK, I am sure the wait will be worth it…..

  2. THC in meteorites…?
    THC in meteorites…? Whew(!), we’re going to be alright after all!!!

  3. I have often wondered myself,
    I have often wondered myself, what does my dog think about life. I’ve spent a lot of time training her and I’m sure we have a physical as well as indirect bond. What I mean by indirect is I’m sure she senses my personal energy. Am I happy? Sad? Angry? The dog can tell, probably via scent and my movements what my internal state is.

    But I’m not sure at all. I don’t know what domesticated dogs think They live with bipedal creatures who utter strange sounds and behave in utterly incomprehensible ways. They become agitated at normal things – like barking at intruders or attempting to subjugate other beings who clearly have penetrated the bounds of the pack.

    Food appears mysteriously, but regularly, without the need to hunt. On certain occasions, special tasty food appears whenever patterns of behavior match the bipeds utterances – but even that is mostly unpredictable.

    The patterns of a dog’s thinking were fashioned through millennia of a culture of living by one’s wits in the wild – at the mercy of, and in concert with the earth and its changes. These bipeds seem to be utterly ignorant of the phases and moods of the environment, but they often treat me as if I somehow understand why it doesn’t rain where they sleep, without the use of trees or caves.

    The light your book shines upon the visitor experience is exactly the same to me, then. I do not understand these visions, these communications, these actions. The language is cryptic and possibly modified to somehow fit into my limited experience. They appear as if by magic, and seem utterly oblivious to convention of society and physical framework.

    I remember many times with them, where I am shown something, and I literally have to think to myself – “I don’t know what I am seeing,” in order for them to clarify a scene. But the clarification is a distortion or simplification of the reality they present.

    We have no idea what this is all about. And it’s very unsettling so as an engineer, I keep trying to find comfort in theorizing about anti-gravity and isotopes of element 115 that somehow provide the key to unified field theory and time travel.

    But it’s all artifice.

    My kids grew up with cell phones and computers at hand all the time. They cannot imagine a world in which they do not have instant and continuous communication with their friends. They have no idea of what it meant to have to hunt for a pay phone or ask for directions at a gas station – before we had smartphones. They don’t know what it means to have a car without computers, that you could fix in your own garage. They are wired differently, just as I am wired differently than my parents.

    We can’t understand our pets, or our own children, and we think we can impose a theory of intent an purpose on the visitors?

    Only the naive. Only the naive.

    Thanks – I’m enjoying the book. It unanswers a lot of questions for me, that need to be open.


  4. A great interview, i learned
    A great interview, i learned much. I began reading Super Natural before i listened to the interview, and appreciated Peter Levenda’s comment about having so many “marks” to reference for oneself and return for expansion of thought. I feel the same about this interview and several interviews by both Whitley and Jeremy…i have to listen more than once to understand – as so much is given.

    Whitley and Jeffrey, this book will surely open minds, raise questions, and bring some fresh air into the room. That is a good thing.

    Personally, i might be “slower than the average UC listener” due to lack of some experiences. I find there is so much to be learned, and areas to explore and new tools to use in my thinking …not only in the interviews, but also due to the comments by subscribers. It is the breadth of knowledge and experiences that i find and so appreciate. Thank you all.

  5. Your description of the
    Your description of the ECSTATIC contact with the visitors remindef of Dan Brown’s book ANGELS & DEMONS and his description of Bernini’s sculpture “The Ecstasy of St Theresa” which he based on her mid-16th Century diary:
    Beside me, on the left, appeared an angel in bodily form…. He was not tall but short, and very beautiful; and his face was so aflame that he appeared to be one of the highest rank of angels, who seem to be all on fire…. In his hands I saw a great golden spear, and at the iron tip there appeared to be a point of fire. This he plunged into my heart several times so that it penetrated to my entrails. When he pulled it out I felt that he took them with it, and left me utterly consumed by the great love of God. The pain wasso severe that it made me utter several moans. The sweetness caused by this intense pain is so extreme that one cannot possibly wish it to cease, nor is one’s soul content with anything but God. This is not a physical but a spiritual pain, though the body has some share in it—even a considerable share.

  6. It would be very interesting
    It would be very interesting to read Jeff’s take on the MOTK and what he had to say.

  7. In meteorites? Now that’s
    In meteorites? Now that’s HUUUGE!!! A hoax? I will have to Google that.

  8. I am really looking forward
    I am really looking forward to listening to this mp3.

  9. As I read the book I find so
    As I read the book I find so much in it that resonates with my own experience. But then I have to imagine if that perceived resonance is itself imaginal or itself a veridicial hallucination. Logic impinges on my thought – left brain attacking, and inserting itself upon the right in a struggle to remain valid within this flow of experience, and in doing so, distorting reality itself in true Quantum mechanical effect. I think – of course this hermetical experience, where the hand that draws is itself drawn – like the MC Escher print – it simply MUST be this way if our higher selves or simply “other” exists OUTSIDE the event cone of our timeline.
    If we are interacting with consciousness outside time then there is only an illusion of sequence. It’s artiface imposed by our need for cause and effect to occur sequentially, when the “reality” is that cause and effect may be simultaneous, or even reversed. Of course we are thinking them thinking us, and so co-creating each other’s being.
    This is a lesson I remember now. From one I also call, Teacher, and dearly love.
    I asked her not to come back. And she promised never to, unless I called. And I’m too scared to call.


  10. “Do not believe what you
    “Do not believe what you believe.” So perfectly stated!

    I can’t wait to read this book. Great Dreamland! Thank you Peter, Jeffery, and Whitley!!!

  11. “I asked her not to come

    “I asked her not to come back. And she promised never to, unless I called. And I’m too scared to call.”

    VERY interesting statement on a number of different levels. First, we are all frightened by presences that are looking into the time stream from the timeless state. This is why it is so very hard to look into the big, dark eyes of the visitors. We are inside the time stream for a reason: we need the energy of surprise to change essence. That’s why we’re doing the very hard work of being in physical bodies. If we were to be drawn out of time and see our future, our chance to gain this energy and the self-revelation that comes with it would be ruined. Our lives, in effect, would be ruined. So, of course we are afraid.

    I am engaged in building a path between the time stream and the timeless world through which it flows. I am doing this because we are coming to the end of the time stream, that is to say, the end of Earth’s ability to support physical bodies. So we need something more–we need to be born into timelessness while still in the physical state, what the Zen masters call Satori. We need Satori.

    Now, it may be, Joe, that these words give you some insight into exactly why you have given voice to your fear. You would not have done so if you weren’t ready to overcome it. So, call your teacher. It’s time.

  12. The book arrived today,
    The book arrived today, looking forward to reading it. I did not pay attention to this show because I was not wanting to encounter any spoilers. 🙂

  13. I have read the first chapter
    I have read the first chapter in Super Natural and find it intriguing. I bought both the hard copy and the kindle as I know I won’t be able to put it down. Thank you both for such a wonderful book.

  14. well – I am listening to the
    well – I am listening to the part of your discussion tonight on “control” and I feel very shy and reluctant to speak to this – but here is an experience ( well 3 of them ) in which I think I had some sense of control and it is about the so called UFO phenomena.
    The first was about 3 years ago. I had been thinking and reading much of the UFO experience. (My sister was likely abducted so I have been fascinated with the matter of the UFO experience.) Many times I would think I would like to see a UFO but not too close as I am a coward – big time!
    Anyway at one point I was on the ferry, on my way, to a next door island to attend a music festival. During the ride I got a crystal clear message in my head suddenly and it was simply “pay attention.” This was so clear. It didn’t say “pay attention about….. ” Just concise “pay attention.”
    Well – I got to music festival which was outdoors and that evening the same message again “pay attention” I looked up to the sky because I now felt this was something about the UFO phenomena – But I saw nothing. Then the message comes again a few minutes later and I looked up and way way way up a light blinked on, and the light travelled so so so fast I cant even describe it – seemingly deeper into space. It shot up in what looked to be an upward direction so quick – whisking between the last 2 stars of the big dipper handle. Then the light went out. I smiled to myself. Everyone else was watching the stage and I wasn’t about to ask if there was anyone else seeing this because of ridicule.
    Point is I saw something – I know I did but in such a way as to not be scary given I was with many people in a very public situation.

    A few year’s later I read it is possible to summon UFO’s but do it respectfully. So I went out into the middle of a hay field and basically I prayed or petitioned to see a UFO – I put up my arms to the sky and asked to see something of a UFO nature experience and also requested not to get any kind of visitation or full blown experience as I am a coward. About 2 days later I’m in bed at night and the message – this time was “Go to your window and look out.” So I did thinking I’m being pretty silly.

    I looked out the window and there was a light that came on and off 3 times and a sense of extreme quick movement – then nothing – it was not a plane because planes are way slower.

    The experience I had was repeated again one more time some time later – I got the message – I look – and I see the lights but again it not at all scary.

    So I kind of feel I asked and my request was honoured. But I also decided not to ask anymore as I don’t want to get too friendly with whatever this is.

    Then last summer I was at the Munroe Institute and the facilitator asked me what island I lived on and I told him and he then asked me how it felt to live on a UFO flight path – he said that the island I live on is right on the flight path of UFOs on their way to a base in Alaska and he has indeed remote viewed this base. So you never know – I don’t claim to know what all this is really all about – my whole point is I made it very clear I don’t want to be frightened and I think I was given experiences that are benign.
    I have never written anything to Dreamland and the experiences I have recounted are not very sexy – but I thought of them when Whitley and Jeff were talking about control.
    Finally Whitley – your site is so so worth every penny the subscription costs.

    thank you – Anne

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