Whitley and John Alexander have a wild and wide-ranging discussion that covers everything from secret meetings to the extra-terrestrial hypothesis to the ongoing contact experiences of Chris Bledsoe. AND there’s more–lots more! They explore into voodoo which John has witnessed in West Africa, and go beyond that into consciousness and the survival of personality and mediumship and so much more. So get set for a great adventure this week!

This is a great, fun show, don’t miss it!

John’s website is JohnBAlexander.com

Read John’s latest, Reality Denied. Click here!

Susan Geisemann is mentioned in the show. Her website is SusanGeisemann.com

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  1. Author

    It’s a research tool. I don’t get guidance, opinion or prophecy from it.

  2. So, early this morning, on my tablet, Google has listed 5 different things I might be interested in watching. THAT BELOW IS THE ONE THAT CAUGHT MY EYE. Absolutely worth watching…….

    Nikola Tesla: “GOD LIVES HERE” (The full explanation)


  3. Very interesting man. It put into my mind the amazing story of “Arigo: The surgeon of the rusty knife” by John Fuller. Arigo was a simple man from Brazil with amazing abilities to heal when he went into trance. He performed delicate surgery with a rusty knife and nothing ever got infected or bled. The local people loved him, ven though he was hated by the catholic church and his government. The book, with photos, is well worth finding.

  4. Wide ranging topics, good show. Whitley, any likelihood John Hogue will be a guest in 2023?

  5. Author

    I am not interested in pro Russian advocacy at this time.

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