The sinister death of Morris Jessup, the disturbing story of the Hexan Children, the mystery of the Dragon Project and the CIA’s Operation Often…and how the ancients moved gigantic stones. But how do they connect? 

We know that whoever could move those stones stopped work very suddenly. We also know that black magic has played an unexpected role in modern technological development.

What could have moved the great platform at Baalbek in Lebanon which weighed 1,600 TONS, the equivalent of TWENTY-SIX Abrams M1 Tanks?? Or the Pyramids and so many other sites. And why, across the world, did the builders suddenly quit, often leaving half-cut stones.

But how do you get from Morris Jessup, the Hexan Children and eerie organizations like the Collins Elite and Operation Often all the way back to these ancient mysteries?

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  1. I eagerly bought this book. I’ve read other books by Nick and appreciate them for what they are: introductions to complex subjects without delving deeply or with scholarly penetration. And that’s fine. But I have to say that I was pretty taken aback by the complete lack of explanation or detail or much research to support his theory, a theory I wholly accept. Each aspect got maybe one paragraph with conclusions reached despite no development. The writing was shockingly amateurish and actually lazy. I really do not like disparaging anyone or putting negativity out, but I feel like everyone should also be critiqued and subject to fair examination. His work here was less than adequate. I feel like instead of putting out a handful of books each year, he should devote time and effort to produce something that is a worthwhile contribution.

  2. The dark entity that resides with the Grays? Anymore info there? Also, Ray Booshay (sp) was mentioned. I’d like to look him up but I know I’m way off on the spelling.

  3. I deeply appreciated this show. I’ve been feeling very unsettled of late with a tendency to reflect on feelings of isolation as our British winter hits.. -12c last night.

    Listening to this show carried me through daytime moonlight as thick frost turned my village into a winter wonderland. Listening to Nick and Whitley discuss mystery helped wing me through these mid-winter blues.

    So tempted to drive to Glastonbury Christmas day to climb the Tor and walk the lanes in solitude. I doubt I’m the only one reflecting like this right now. I have a feeling. The event horizon is looming and that’s why we must look to the past and see that the flame survives.


  4. I must say that I’m often not sure which way Whitley leans on any of this at any given time. Granted I am a generally semi-regular listener so I may not have the opportunity to follow the evolution of his thinking on things but there are times when Whitley seems a bit mercurial. Demonic Grays? Grays are incapable of telling the truth? They may have had ill-fated attempts to extract technology from occult sources? All of these statements beg many questions.

  5. Author

    I’m sorry to be so ambiguous. But it’s an ambiguous situation. I know people who have every shading of relationship with the grays. I am such a person.

    When I did this interview, I was struggling with a lot of pressure from very strange things that were happening to me. I finally left my apartment and left the country for a couple of months to decompress and finish my book. I’m back and feeling much better.

    I am in an ongoing relationship with this presence, which includes the grays, and it’s very complicated. It is very challenging, often very frightening, often very wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but at the same time it is not easy.

    1. Whitley, I was truly chilled by what you said about demonic forces affecting US government personnel or others. I wonder if there is anything at all the rest of us can do to help counter such forces, other than to keep our own focus and keep our own energy strong.

      While I have not had dealings with any Grays or related beings (as far as I know), I did have to deal with an entity identified as a demon at one time, and I have to take this very, very seriously.

      Most of the nonphysical entities seem incredibly helpful and loving, and I can understand their motivations. I have no clue why the evil-doing ones are the way they are.

      I’m glad you were able to get away and that it helped.

      Yesterday I wrote you a comment to the “Do the Dead Possess Technology that can Affect Our World” episode, regarding images of Grays being seen among those of deceased humans during the Scole Experiment in England. They were identified as “Stellar Friends.” (!!!) This sure seems to corroborate Anne’s and your contention that “it has something to do with our dead.”

      Contacts with the dead seem pretty routine and understandable, but the rest of this stuff, I have absolutely no idea what is going on. Thank you for continuing to try to elucidate it all.

    2. This seems like a bellwether change for the website, at least from my standpoint.

      1. Author

        this website has explored every aspect this for many many years, including the dark side. It’s not a bell weather change in any way whatsoever.

        1. Are the grays and visitors the same? It’s hard to understand extraordinary and rich contact with beings that are equated as dark or even demonic. I get the old saying of “ Your best teachers in school were the hardest ones” but dark is tough to swallow. Is this just a matter of semantics? How open to contact is wise?

          1. Author

            If you are in contact, it’s easy to live with the complexity. They’re no different from regular people: a varied mix of personalities, some difficult, others less so. It is important not to think of them as a monolithic presence, as if a huge population of different entities were basically all the same. It’s not “the grays” or “the blonds” or whatever, but people, all living according to their laws, or trying to (or not to…) just like us, but all individuals, also. The belief that they are faceless robots emerges from the same approach that makes it difficult for people of one race to tell people of another race apart.

  6. Thank you, Nick Redfern, for this interview. At some point during the interview this Edgar Cayce reading came to mind.

    TEXT OF READING 378-14 M 56

    Here is PART of an Edgar Cayce Reading…….Just wondering if the word…Clanged…suggests some sort of strange frequency/vibration?

    (Q) Was the entity the one that, at the completion of the pyramid, clanged the sheet of metal? [See 294-131, 10-A–12-A, 1/25/32 in re [378].] (A) Clanged the sheet of metal at the completion of Gizeh, that sealed the records in the tomb yet to be discovered.

    The apex (that has been long since removed by the sons of Heth [?] [Gen. 10:15.]), the crown or apex, was of metal; that was to be indestructible, being of copper, brass and gold with other alloys that were prepared by those of the period.

    And, as this was to be (Gizeh we are speaking of) the place for the initiates and their gaining by personal application, and by the journey or journeys through the various activities – as in the ceremonial actions of those that became initiates, it became very fitting (to those as in Ra, and those of Ra-Ta Ra) that there should be the crowning or placing of this symbol of the record, and of the initiates’ place of activity, by one who represented both the old and the new; one representing then the Sons of the Law in Atlantis, Lemuria, Oz and Og. So, he that keeps the record, that keeps shut, or Hept-supht, was made or chosen as the one to seal that in the tomb.

    The ceremony was long; the clanging of the apex by the gavel that was used in the sounding of the placing. Hence there has arisen from this ceremony many of those things that may be seen in the present; as the call to prayer, the church bell in the present, may be termed a descendant; the sounding of the trumpet as the call to arms, or that as revelry; the sound as of those that make for mourning, in the putting away of the body; the sounding as of ringing in the new year, the sounding as of the coming of the bridegroom; all have their inception from the sound that was made that kept the earth’s record of the earth’s building, as to that from the change. The old record in Gizeh is from that as recorded from the journey to Pyrenees; and to 1998 from the death of the Son of Man (as a man).

    8. We are through for the present.

    1. Author

      Edgar Cayce used his intuition brilliantly, but not so much his reason. You have to sift carefully through his material to find the gems that are there.

  7. Mr. Redfern might discount this, but apparently there is a good deal of evidence that the Baalbek stones were placed in Roman times, by Roman builders. Which does not make them any less amazing, of course.

    It was fascinating to learn about the present uses of acoustic levitation, which I would not have heard of if not for this podcast. I have been thinking about what sort of level of sound might be needed, if it were possible, to raise large objects. Since even a relatively low level of sound can be quite damaging to humans and other organisms (I have hyperacusis and it is REALLY easy to damage me with sound!), I can’t imagine surviving the gargantuan onslaught of sound that might be involved. I think we would have to postulate some completely different kind of technology if we want to say that huge stones were moved by some mysterious means.

    I read Bruce Cathie’s page about stones being moved by sound in Tibet, and can only say that if that really happened, I would very much like to know more about it. But I have not seen any evidence that these types of events have actually occurred. It would be wonderful if they did– and one way or another, we’d still need to understand how UFOs levitate and move the way they do.

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