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For Easter we present a double Dreamland. First, a mysterious shroud-like image that seems connected to the Book of Revelation appears on a cloth. Second, a brilliant word-magician reveals to us the mystery of words.

First, Athalyn Rose is an artist who has experienced a miracle, at once awesome, beautiful and unsettling. A complex image appeared on a piece of muslin she had in her possession, that is in many ways as mysteriously formed as the Shroud of Turin. She tells us about this image, how it came to be, and what it means to her, and may mean to us. (The image is pictured here.)

Athalyn Rose’s website is the Modern Day

Then we talk to a remarkable woman, Laurel Airica. Laurel is a ‘word wizard, a true master of the power of language and words, and shares with us some of her deep understanding of word magic as well as giving us a poem for this season of renewal and rebirth.

Laurel’s website is She also offers the WordMagic Newsletter, which is free and a real pleasure. To get on her list, click here.

Enjoy Dreamland this week, and happy Easter!

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  1. Food for Thought, Food for
    Food for Thought, Food for the Soul is one of my favorite Dreamland shows ever. Both of these beautiful women are so unassuming and humble with deeply spiritual and soulful messages. They are so authentic it makes me smile. This show made me feel so uplifted and happy. I will be listening to this show again and again.

    Thank you Whitley for this one and Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Thanks for bringing attention
    Thanks for bringing attention back to Dr. John Mack, a great spirit, and compassionate human being.

    Also, this interview reminded me how sometimes questions from listeners during interviews may not be in the best interest of the audience! I appreciate the interviews on Dreamland and Revelations without the interrupted flow often encountered with phone questions from listeners!

  3. Awesome to hear Dr John Mack,
    Awesome to hear Dr John Mack, I have to dust off his books and read them again..

  4. Maybe not making English the
    Maybe not making English the official language of the USA Is to limit our power.

  5. So sad Dr. Mack is not around
    So sad Dr. Mack is not around anymore. I have yet to see another such high ranking academia member have the courage to come out, talk and research these issues the way he did. A truly inspiring person.

  6. Yes. Thank you Whitley (and
    Yes. Thank you Whitley (and Anne). All of the audios are so evolutionary. OMG Dr. Mack! Oh Whitley!

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