On Dreamland this week, Dr. Shelli Renee Joye joins Whitley in a wide-ranging discussion of her work in the area of electromagnetic field theory and the nature of consciousness. Sound a little dry? Well–NOT! They go down all kinds of wild paths ranging from the use of consciousness-changing devices to a discussion of OBEs and the Yoga of dreams to whether or not photons may convey thought, to the location of the Akashic record and its nature–and then on into the mystery of trepanning and Dr. Joy’s adventures on the Ayahuasca trail. This is Dreamland, remember, not an ordinary podcast, not hardly!

Visit Shelli at ShelliJoye.net. You can contact her through her website and she welcomes emails. To get the Electromagnetic Brain, click here.

Next week, our annual year end special features Jeff Kripal, Deep Prasad, Mitch Horowitz, Leslie Kean and Lee Speigel, PLUS, Whitley reads excerpts from Jesus: A New Vision, on sale SOON!

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  1. Fascinating show and I appreciated how she explained concepts in a manner I could readily understand. A lot of ground covered and all of it, super interesting!

  2. Very interesting show. A question Whitley was the date a few days ago listed as January 18 for the show? Just a lot of synchronicity happening. I have been reading about consciousness for the past week, seeking to understand. My dreams have definitely become more vivid.
    Using your hands to have lucid dreams does work. I have been using them to bring awareness to the forefront and to quiet the “monkey brain”. Again thanks Whitley for a great show.

  3. Shelli would be a good convention speaker. A good show for the non science person like me.

  4. Our daughter is seven now and we wanted to start her out right with dreams, so she wouldn’t have to wade through all the adult world hangups we’ve had to weed out.
    Since she was maybe two or three, I told her always look down and see what shoes she was wearing, that would give her a starting place to lucid dream.
    She went me one further though! Whenever she was having a bad dream, she would stop and count the doors. She knew there should be two doors in her room and if there were more or fewer doors or if those doors were in a different place then it was a dream and she had some agency over it.

  5. I too felt this to be a really good interview. Here are a few things Edgar Cayce had to say…….

    “Edgar Cayce recommended the use of several appliances and techniques which utilize electrical energy for healing. Some of these modalities fall within the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g., violet and ultra violet rays) and others were described as utilizing vibrational energy of a low electrical nature (e.g., Wet Cell Battery, Radial Appliance, magnetic healing).”



  6. Yes, Eddie there is hope! The message is true! We need to be aware of our thoughts so we don’t get caught up in the drama. Don’t expect people,circumstances or events to change for you to feel better. To change how you feel is always an inside job. Blessings!

  7. Incredible show. I can’t wait for the Doctor’s next book too! And for your upcoming book on Jesus.

  8. I love this interview! I benefitted so much from the info with connecting my own dots and feel inspired to travel to that “stratospehere” level. I am reminded of the description by Socrates, in the Timeous I think, about the actual “surface” true being up in the atmosphere, above other atmospheric layers, whereas the “surface we normally perceive as the ground is like the crust of the bottom of an ocean to us. I found this ancient description and analogy to be quite fascinating, that we normally perceive ourselves to be on the surface of the biosphere but we are at the bottom of the ocean, crawling around like crabs (according to Socrates). I have also been perceiving a toroidal shape of the earth’s sphere in which the poles form a tube and in trying to render it in a drawing, I realized it also looks like the two hemispheres of the brain.

  9. Such an interesting interview! There are so many varied topics and and subjects all starting to to interweave with one another. Listening to this show was like finding where another puzzle piece fits. If science had been taught like this when I was much younger, I may have actually thought about trying to take more math and science in school! Thank you, Dr. Joye and Whitley!

  10. Only 13 mins in and I’m hooked! Communicating with an russian research station using the same amount of energy as a heartbeat!!
    I love the way this podcast can have Betty Kovacks one week and a guest like Shelli Renee Joye the next. Kudos Dreamland!!

  11. Shelli Joye and Betty Kovacs… the best guests of all time so far!

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