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Researcher Ralph Steiner describes technological methods of communication with the dead, and with entities beyond the dead. This counts as perhaps the finest interview we have ever presented on the subject of devices that communicate with the dead. Ralph Steiner is a consummate expert, and tells us about the history of these systems, starting with Thomas Edison’s early voice captures to modern devices such as the astonishing and rare Luminator, which Ralph has studied and had personal experience with. To see some of the Luminator photographs, go to Mark Macy’s website,

The photo included here is a Luminator photo which was taken of a woman by Mark Macy. Superimposed is an image of John Denver. The Luminator cannot create double-exposures, and there was nobody near the Luminator except the subject.

Some of the most astonishing stories of contact with the dead and interdimensional photography you will ever hear are in this interview.

Ralph Steiner’s websites are the and

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  1. Ralph Steiner’s message is so
    Ralph Steiner’s message is so vital that it is difficult to articulate with words. Bringing awareness and order in relationship with the soul world would change our world. It is the single most compelling reason that keeping our world in one piece is vital. Soul’s reincarnate but the weight of chaos of confused souls who leave this world in catastrophic conditions would be enormous. This realm must be understood.

  2. Again Whitley has presented
    Again Whitley has presented us with more astonishing material. I always try to listen to the new show first thing on Saturday morning. However, last night I wanted to review last week’s segment and I saw this episode at the top with the photo. My first thought was – it could be John Denver but where are his GLASSES? Of course, John having passed away he wouldn’t need them and I put the question out of my mind.

    Today when I scrolled down to the subscribers’ section I was amazed at the conversation! I think Something is happening, even on the level of just tuning-in to these programs (a synchronicity generator?).

    My brain is just swimming with novel concepts as usually happens after listening which brings me to the Luminator. The comment of the chambers in the device supposedly being filled with “an undisclosed fluid” at first sounded like an audacious cop-out. But then I considered Schrodinger’s Cat and the Uncertainty Principle. Possibly because that portion of the device is not understood by the people using it no mental concept of it’s operation (or very little) allows it to be in an indeterminate state and quantum effects can operate unmolested by our preconceived notions of what should be going on.

    I suspect these chambers may actually contain a high-vacuum. This might allow quantum field effects to be activated in a pristine space.

  3. Where is Whitley’s reading
    Where is Whitley’s reading and analysis of his short story “Pain” that he mentions in this week’s show?

    I’m a subscriber but I cannot find it anywhere.

  4. Some bizarre coincidences are
    Some bizarre coincidences are occurring while I am starting to listen to the subscriber interview.

  5. Love the photo of John
    Love the photo of John Denver! Why? Because I, and others I have been in contact with him over the years have had encounters with him since his death. He is an extremely powerful and enlightened soul and still knows how to reach in and touch your heart. I even wrote about one of my encounters with him in my blog. A couple of people who read it told me of their experiences too, and at least one other subscriber here at Unknown Country has acknowledged John Denver experiences as well.

    By the way, John wore contacts in his later years, not glasses!

  6. The story Pain will be posted
    The story Pain will be posted over the weekend, along with my commentary. Also, John Denver’s glasses are mentioned above. When I started talking about glasses with Ralph, I was certainly not thinking about John Denver’s glasses. What I was thinking about was Ralph’s story about his own glasses, which he’d sent me in an email a few days before. Another of the coincidences surrounding this interview. Ralph is an interesting guy, that’s for sure.

  7. …And the synchronicities
    …And the synchronicities involving glasses are quite special because they are all about our ability to ‘see’. Below is a copy/paste of the section of my blog about John Denver from 4 years ago. It was my first ‘encounter’ with him, and the ability to ‘see’.

    As a teenager and in my college years, I had been a huge fan of the folksinger John Denver. My own love of nature was captured perfectly in many of his songs, and I must have played “Rocky Mountain High” a zillion times once I purchased his album of the same name. I even attended a concert of his in San Antonio, Texas, but as the years went by his fame waned greatly, and I soon looked upon him as just someone who had lost his luster, as I went on to what I considered more sophisticated fare in regards to music. Over the years, Mr. Denver had his own share of pain, multiple marriages, and a couple of arrests for driving while intoxicated. When the plane crash that took his life in 1997 was announced, the details made it appear, in my mind, as if the crash had been no accident, but rather a possibly creative form of suicide. His death had disappointed me on some level, but I soon let it go.

    Last year as I was perusing songs to add to my iPod, I remembered that “Rocky Mountain High” had been one of my all-time favorite songs, so I went looking for it in the iTunes Store. I soon found what I was looking for, downloaded the song, and plugged in the earbuds to listen to the entire tune. As I sat there, all of the feelings I had experienced so many years before flooded back as I heard the beautiful guitar accompaniment and Denver’s voice singing the lyrics that were like a hymn to the glory of his beloved Rocky Mountains. In getting caught up in the music, I soon realized that I had attracted attention. John Denver was sitting there with that very wide smile of his, and also let me know what had happened on the day he had died. That strong emotion of his in regards to the beauty around him had been his downfall. He had gotten so caught up with the sky, the clouds, and the ocean on that day that he had not been paying attention to his flying. By the time he had realized that his plane was in trouble, it was too late, he over-corrected and nose-dived into the ocean. Somehow I knew that this was true and it affected me deeply. For him, all in all, it had not been a bad way to go because he had been doing two things that he really loved, flying and enjoying nature. In many ways he was bringing me a message, helping me to rediscover and appreciate my passion for nature, as well as the very special qualities that were inherent in his music.

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