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Genetic researcher Melba Ketchum has sequenced bigfoot DNA with staggering and highly controversial results. Here Linda Moulton Howe interviews her and reports on her results, and on the controversies surrounding them.

This is the first of a number of programs on bigfoot that Dreamland will be presenting this year, as the baseline of evidence builds from witness sightings, the occasional photo or video, to physical traces and now possible DNA evidence.

This program contains highly controversial material. It is about scientific findings that lie outside the expectations of the scientific community, but nevertheless have been completed at a high level of finish.

Don’t miss the powerful insights and important information presented here and nowhere else.

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  1. How sad!! Science is now
    How sad!! Science is now acting like the Catholic Church in the middle ages. If the findings don’t fit their theology, than burn the heretic at the stake. Snobbery, elitism, self importance and ignorance has held back science in the same way religion did. We can’t settle the argument of Darwinism or Creationism and now comes one more ripple that much ballyhooed debate. Why is science ,that is not supposed to have bias, missing the opportunity to grow our knowledge and embrace a new truth? I bet had the study come out of Harvard or some other Ivy league school, the debate would be accepted. Wake up people, we never had all the answers and we still have much to learn. Knowledge belongs to the truth, is that what scares them? Imagine, something new that no one can claim as a possession. When will the adults get here>

  2. My question is : What are
    My question is : What are those who cover up all these mysteries afraid of? Have we, as a species, been so brain washed and manipulated as to being left with no curiosity or into believing that humankind is the pinnacle of creation? I think so. We are lemming-like in the eyes of the Universal Intelligentsia that roam the cosmos.

  3. We need the country! love the

    We need the country! love the trees , gulp the forest, what if God gave us another planet, yes another planet times 2 where we could make (or not) our mistakes again. would it matter? Think if there was much more than we can handle? , yea we could I think!

  4. Linda didn’t tell the part
    Linda didn’t tell the part where one of the doctor’s samples came from.
    A hunter killed one and sent her muscle tissue. The hunter began to realize he killed a homo sapiens and went to Canada with the cadaver and left the US.

  5. Nooooo, Noooo, It simply
    Nooooo, Noooo, It simply cannot be true. We simply Can’t have been so damn wrong for so long!!!! Nice to know that despite all pretense otherwise Scientists are at the end of the day just as Irrational as the rest of us.

  6. We will never evolve properly
    We will never evolve properly if we don’t stop the “scientific” community from debunking all of the evidence about bigfoot and UFO’s that is right in front of their noses. Instead of accepting the evidence as fact they try and fit the evidence to a theory and if it doesn’t fit the theory they toss it out. Completely backwards. Thank god for sites like Whitley’s and Linda getting the word out and keeping it out!!!!!

  7. The whole ET Sasquatch thing
    The whole ET Sasquatch thing is wild to me, but interesting, and it reminded me that a few weeks back on C to C AM in the first hour, George Knapp interviewed a lady named Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, A Phd who has written a new book on first hand Native American accounts of ET’s including missing time etc. One thing she said was that the Maya told her stories about the big “hairy man” who lived in the jungle, you could hear his howls, and a certain craft would land, two beings would get out and they would go look for the Hairy Man, the Maya thought thats what the came there for was to have contact with the Hairy Man, according to their story. They said that because of this one did not go into the jungle at night. I hope she gets a longer interview sometime, I hope maybe on Dreamland?:)…pleeeeaaaase:)

  8. Same old, same old response
    Same old, same old response from the scientific community…They cannot let go of their rules and dogma (yes, dogma)and think outside of the box…

    Doesn’t it seem ironic that several hundred years ago, real scientists (Galileo for instance) were the objects of derision and also scorned and punished during an age when The Church, superstition, and ignorance ruled the world, and now scientists are turning the tables on what they see as superstitious nonsense that is not supported by ‘the scientific method’ or THEIR definition of scientific thought?

    The Age of Enlightenment ended and we are once more in the Dark Ages…

    What goes around comes around, and at some point true balance, which means possibly seeing ‘magic’ and the supernatural as part of the true natural order of things, may occur and we will appreciate the sacred science that governs our perceptions and reality. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen…

    On the plus side, once again, excellent reporting by Linda Moulton-Howe. My thought is that this could be Linda’s big year. I feel that she is on the cusp of a breakthrough that may go mainstream.

  9. I do believe there’s a
    I do believe there’s a Squatch in these woods !

  10. Dr. Ketchum mentioned on
    Dr. Ketchum mentioned on another talk show that she dislikes the spotlight and avoids it as much as possible; and yet it’s hard to find a program she hasn’t been on lately. I hope that’s not an indication of flop sweat.

  11. The more the Scientists delve
    The more the Scientists delve deeper into the pit of Scientific Dogma, the more they suck us all in…..

  12. So is it possible Homo
    So is it possible Homo Sapiens are the primitive failed experiment of whoever is doing the genetic tinkering and Sasquatch is the desired end result? Could be, and maybe it’s best we don’t actually prove them real to the masses or our own demise might be hastened when our petri dish is tossed out.

  13. I had trouble last night (my
    I had trouble last night (my typing on the iPhone was terrible!) and could not load either one because it wouldn’t go past a certain point. I WAS able to hear it on the computer this morning however.

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  16. Dude! You just blew my mind!
    Dude! You just blew my mind! Bigfoot is another hybrid species, manufactured by the aliens, and Steven Spielberg was getting us used to the idea (as all his movies are meant to do) by having the character Chewbaca, wise and kind!

  17. If Bigfoot is Chewbaca, then
    If Bigfoot is Chewbaca, then I can’t wait to meet Yoda.

  18. I have always thought that
    I have always thought that Sasquatch come to this planet for a spiritual sabbatical. Then they go home when the next group arrives.

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