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One of the most controversial areas of exploration of the nature and needs of the soul involves whether or not psychoactive plants should be included in one’s spiritual journey.

In this searching interview, Whitley explores the tradition of cannabis in spiritual search with Stephen Gray who has worked extensively with etheogenic medicines.

Why is it that the human brain is so exquisitely equipped to make use of cannabinoids? Do sacred plants in some way connect us to a greater consciousness that has perhaps put them here as a tool?

In Dreamland’s Year of the Soul, we will explore many different avenues into restoring the lost human connection with higher levels of being.

Stephen’s website is

Stephen Buhner, the author of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm is mentioned in this program. Listen to Anne Strieber’s wonderful interview with him on her show Mysterious Powers from 2005. Click here to listen.

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  1. Whitley, This Guy is Talking
    Whitley, This Guy is Talking Through his ASS ! He is Anything but Enlightened !I have been Smoking Pot for 51 Years Now. 44 Years Recreationally and 8 Years Medically. I have had Cancer for 9 Years now. Eight of those Years has been Stage 4. Cannabis has Kept Me ALIVE !!! My Ass gets Chapped when I Listen to ” know it Alls” that dont know SHIT !!! I’m Sorry about the Colorful Language but it Fits. EVERYTHING down Here is For US to USE. This Guy is BORING !!!! I’m Sorry.

    1. I don’t think that the guest
      I don’t think that the guest is disagreeing about the medical value of cannabis. It’s not what the show is about.

  2. A very interesting show. It’s
    A very interesting show. It’s been twenty years since I tried cannabis (hashish) and I haven’t missed it for a single second. I read Carlos Castaneda’s entire works while under the influence of hashish and became somewhat of a nagualism fanatic. It does seem to assist certain levels of focus and this can be either positive or negative.

    Legalising this plant will probably cause young formative minds to diminish their own potential if it’s more freely available. Many pot-heads defend the plant with angry words, insults and half truths. I prefer clarity and this plant isn’t one that I associate with clarity at all.


  3. Whitley, Ask Graham Hancock
    Whitley, Ask Graham Hancock to relate to you the struggles he has had with cannabis and how it effected his life. Cannabis does have some good properties but it also has a lot of bad.
    I also recommend listening to Graham Hancock discussing other mind altering drugs like Ayahuasca.

  4. Whitley, this was an
    Whitley, this was an excellent show and it is good to see that you have an open mind, unlike some of your listeners, apparently. I have been a spiritual cannabis user for many years and can attest to its effectiveness as an aid. I was struck by a comment your guest made referring to it as an ally. I used the same expression when a friend once asked me about cannabis and my spiritual interests which have been extensive and predate my use. I borrowed the term from Carlos Casteneda’s writings.
    I too use it to enhance meditation and would like to add that I find your meditative technique of focusing attention on bodily sensations and perceptions to be extremely effective for myself.
    I have seen the love of my life battle cancer and she passed six years ago. Cannabis was not only an aid with the disease and treatment side effects, but it was also a great facilitator in the many metaphysical/spiritual discussions as we prepared for her passing.
    There is a lot more I could say, but I want to add one last thing. Cannabis is not for everyone. It is not good for everyone, but it is good for some. I can only ask those who object to cannabis use, with or without personal experience, to please recognize and respect the rights of others, like myself, to make our own decisions. Like most things in life there is a spectrum of experience and opinion. Please respect my opinion and I will respect yours. Again, excellent show.

  5. As a physician, I found this
    As a physician, I found this show excellent. We are all, in the Western world at least, on the threshold of legitimizing cannabis for public or solely medicinal use. I have an integral medical practice, and need advice on how those with chronic illness can best use this herb for deep healing ie. how best to marry their consciousness with an external source. By ‘inviting in’, and honouring, this natural herb as Stephen so elegantly explained, I feel I can now advise folk with more confidence.

  6. Eyewitness makes a good
    Eyewitness makes a good point. It’s unwise and perhaps unfair to attach a judgement value to opinions on plant use. Personally, cannabis isn’t something I’d try again but I respect the choices of other adults. Yes, it does dishearten me to see so many young people getting stoned but then again I did the same thing myself.


  7. my concern isn’t about
    my concern isn’t about recreational or medicinal or spiritual use. Rather, it is to prevention and solutions to addiction.
    Maybe the answers are as many as there are people… i do not know.

  8. removed by writer
    removed by writer

  9. There are so many interesting
    There are so many interesting thoughts and comments with this interview. GOOD, there should be.  Also, I feel so much gratitude for those mentioned in this interview as well as others doing their own work/research in PLANT COMMUNICATION, simply WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  10. Twenty years ago I was an
    Twenty years ago I was an avid user of cannabis, but eventually paranoia became predominate during my high. While I didn’t want this to happen, I knew I had been assisted to the point I needed to be at and since then have only invited Cannabis into my spiritual space *as needed*. It serves everyone different in this manner and that isn’t even touching the surface of its’ healing, medicinal, realm (!) Thank you Whitley, for having Mr. Gray on DL to discuss this ancient plant that has always assisted humankind on Earth.

  11. I am not a user. It does
    I am not a user. It does little to nothing for me. And while I do not object to its use, as a teacher of meditation and energy work, heavy users are faced with problems not seen with normal perception.

    I can best sum this up paraphrasing what a friend told me. She is a teacher herself, and a very proficient seer of auras. I once commented that pot users made me feel a sense of sadness and unwholesomeness that I could not explain. Her response was that heavy users looked dull, even gray and full of holes in their energy body, like swiss cheese.

    I cannot explain any of this; I simply offer it up for your consideration.

    Patanjali wrote that the use of drugs was indeed a valid pathway to elevate spiritual practice. He also cautioned its prolonged use presented severe problems with further growth. He did not elaborate.

    Perhaps the missing element in my understanding is intention, as Gray stated, and misuse vs. “proper use”.


    John Markey

  12. As a frequent user of plant
    As a frequent user of plant medicine, I loved this show. I felt the guest was clear on how plant allies can and have helped humans over the eons. I will definitely be checking out his website and other offerings. Nature is truly amazing and I feel very blessed to have had opportunities to amplify my experiences through plant medicines. Thank you for having him on.

  13. Great show. Fascinating. I
    Great show. Fascinating. I agree with some users above. Its not for everyone. But for some- its a godsend, literally.

  14. We will probably end up
    We will probably end up changing cannabis as we know it, to a much stronger mutation. It will be weed on steroids.
    That is what we always do. In some cultures, coca leaves were chewed for centuries; we quickly figured out how to turn it into crack. We always exaggerate.
    On the other side, I dont agree in making pot into candy either. We should be responsible and set an example to our youth.
    We should respect it, because it has so much potential. We should also be able to grow it at home with not a problem.

    The political machine we have now will surely start to discredit it again. I wrote about this:

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