Does precognition work? Well, some folks use it in things like the stock market, so it's measurable, and that's where Marty Rosenblatt comes in. He not only teaches it, he monitors the success of precog programs. So, are they successful? This week, Marla Frees asks Marty that very question. And if they are successful, is there documented evidence?

Marty has a M.S. in Physics from UCLA.  He worked for 35 years in areas of high energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the President of the Applied Precognition Project (APP) which is a natural follow-up to Physics Intuition Applications, which he founded in 1998 to apply Remote Viewing to predicting stock market and sporting event outcomes.

Not only is he an expert in applied precognition, he is holding a conference in Las Vegas June the 22-25 in Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch, Casino and Spa at which you can learn his techniques. To explore going to the conference, click here. You can get $75.00 off the conference price if you input the coupon code Dreamland as you check out. This code should be put in the text box above the normal $475 price using PayPal. You will receive a refund via PayPal.

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