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In this remarkable interview, a man deeply involved with the use of magical herbs describes what they mean to him and why they are part of his spiritual life. He tells us how he was initiated by the spirit of the Thornapple plant, and he and Whitley discuss the hidden meaning of spells.

This is a deep conversation about the spiritual journey plants have to offer. We can open ourselves to this level of consciousness and the wisdom it has to offer.

This is not about psychoactive plants, but rather the herbs that have been used in witchcraft and earthcraft for thousands of years.

Only on Dreamland are you going to hear material like this discussed with such deep knowledge.

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  1. I totally understand Harold
    I totally understand Harold Roth’s communication with plants. It reminded me of a trip that I made to Big Bend about 2 years ago. My boyfriend and I were hiking up the Lost Mine Trail when I became aware of something to the left-side of the trail. Now there is a wide variety of plants in this part of Big Bend, and various types of cactus are all over the park. In this case, I spied a little barrell cactus that was all by ltself, and no other plants near it. It was small and between 3 and 4 inches high, but it possessed what I can only describe as a big personality. I stopped, and called my boyfriend to come back and take a look at it. All I can say is that for a prickly little character, there was such a sweetness emanating off it that we both said, “Awwwwwwe!” (Whitley, I’m going to send a photo of this plant to you, because I am curious if it will affect you.) When we made the return trip back down the trail, we felt a little strange about it, but told the little cactus “Good-bye!”.

    On this same trip, we took an early morning hike up a certain trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park (Wowsers!). It was very quiet, the sun was rising, and there was a mist, the result of clouds hugging the tops of this very rugged, mountainous area. The sheer variety of green and blooming plants and cactus in this park is hard to describe, and even harder to describe is the fragrance that hung in the air from all of these plants. At one point, I remember telling my boyfriend that this place was special, and I even referenced it as a haven for shamans. You could feel the healing, magical energies affecting you as the fragrances wafted around you!

  2. Harold Roth. Surely such
    Harold Roth. Surely such passion and knowledge of plant life must have been forged into your consciousness from a past life ALONG with your dreams. 

    Many years ago I became obsessed with the Mandrake Plant. I am almost 100% sure I saw and remembered in from a dream; it was such a long time ago and the details are long gone. After taking advice from other people telling me to be VERY cautious and ALSO since my body does not respond well to most medications, I never tried using it. Perhaps I should have?

  3. PBS: SEED: The Untold
    PBS: SEED: The Untold Story/Independant Lens
    I realize that this is old news. However, I think it needs to be addressed again and again. So.
    Must see. We need to save our seeds and go back 10,000 years for our agricultural knowledge. And seek out and learn from all indigenous peoples. Hawaiian; Hopi; East indian etc.
    This is most alarming! Big Pharma Co. are buying all of the Earths seeds and every seed that these plans produce. Ownership Forever!
    Monsanto, Dow et. al., are buying our seeds, crops. We owe it to ourselves and the future inhabitants of Earth to become involved!

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