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Bryan de Flores had an absolute stunner of a contact experience. Not only did it change his life, it actually changed his body mass, causing him to grow two inches in a matter of hours.  He sensed a change involving the pyramid at Giza, then found himself in contact with what he believes to be extraterrestrial entities. The experience led him to a new profession, that of artist, and he has produced an extraordinary body of work as a result. He believes that earth is moving into a new level of reality very shortly, and here Marla Frees interviews him about his experiences and his expectations for the future. He sees profound changes for the better coming, and a lot of friction at higher levels as the change unfolds. Specifically, he sees our governments as slaves of dark powers, and a time coming when this power is going to be challenged once and for all.

As a result of his awakening, he creates what he calls ‘templates’ of energetic power, which can be seen at his website, As intricate as they are, these templates are created in minutes. They are designed to upgrade consciousness, heal the body and expand brain activity, just by being meditated on. Bryan’s work was also triggered by experiences at the 2009 Dreamland Festival.

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  1. At the Dreamland Festival,
    At the Dreamland Festival, both William Henry and Linda Moulton Howe had takes on how images can change what they touch. William showed how sacred images can actually alter your inner life, and Linda spoke about the ‘self activating software’ effect of images that have been seen imprinted on the drones. So this is a very interesting show for me. I don’t know if it really, absolutely, finally works, but I am sure going to try some of these images.

  2. Where is the download for the
    Where is the download for the Bryan de Flores interview? It’s not on this page. I went to the main page and there’s a link to “Download MP3”, but all it does is download (what I think is) a Site Map.

  3. Same thing happened to me.
    Same thing happened to me.

    1. If the link was not right, it
      If the link was not right, it has now been fixed-everything downloaded for me just now. Sometimes links get crossed up somehow. I usually login and go to the Dreamland page, or the Revelations page and use those links. If you are using the correct download protocol and the downloaded file is not what is listed just contact the website minders and they will get it straightened out. I have had to do this on several occasions over the years. Someone always got back to me and fixed the link. 🙂

  4. this might be a dumb question
    this might be a dumb question but i was wondering how to download the extended dreamlands with the further interviews for subscribers because that’s mostly why i joined. cant’ figure out how to get to them.

    1. To Download and play you
      To Download and play you simply:

      Right click on the “Download MP3” with your Mouse
      Left Click “Select Save Link As”

      This will take you to a new screen on your computer where you will be able to save your file. I suggest saving to your Desktop to be sure you will find it.

      Then you need to double click on the file to initiate your Mp3 player, this should work for most computers or startup your MP3 player and select the file you want to play.

      That should do it.

    2. The extended interviews are
      The extended interviews are the Special Interviews listed below the Dreamland show on the Dreamland page.
      If you are looking for something older look at the right hand column on the subscribers home page. Under the each individual section (titled Latest Dreamland Show or Latest Special Interview) you will find a link that will say ‘more dreamland shows’, or ‘more special interviews’ which will take you to the archives. OR, you can go to the Dreamland page and in the right hand column towards the bottom is a section titled Show Archive. If you know the date or have a vague idea of the date you can click on the individual year or month links. At the bottom of the Show Archive section is a link, ‘full archive’, which will take you to the archives. Then your only problem will be trying to choose what you want to listen to first. 😉

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