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This week, we take a breather from the ominous high strangeness of the dark side, and turn to one of the most evocative and energetic of all subjects: angels. Is there an angel in your life? What are angels, anyway? Marla Frees asks expert Clare Henry about this most wondrous part of the human experience, and about her spectacularly energetic new book, Sacred Reflections, which includes a wealth of powerful images of angels created by master artists over the past seven hundred years.

Whitley Strieber calls it ‘one of the most energizing books ever published,’ and here Clare explains why that would be so.

We know that there is a dark side all around us, but do we have any protection? Prepare to be inspired!

Clare Henry says, ‘Some say there is an angel in all of us. I believe that is true. A large portion of society would perhaps not agree with me but angels are among us all, loving, guiding, nurturing and sustaining us while we tread the path of life in these challenging times’ Listen to the amazing reasons that Clare makes that statement, and learn how you can find the angels in your life as well.

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Marla is a transformational psychic medium.

As a psychic, Marla is able to see, hear and feel any aspect of a persons life: their career, home, business, relationships, health and even the family pet.

Marla also mediates between the living and the dead as a medium. She sees what the dead want to show us, she hears what they say and she feels their emotion.

She does this work privately, in small groups in her office in Los Angeles and over the phone internationally.

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Marla respects the anonymity of clients including doctors, lawyers and entertainment industry executives. Marla also works pro bono for law enforcement agencies on a case to case basis. and Whitley Strieber are not responsible for claims made by guests or hosts.

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  1. My wife had a possible angel
    My wife had a possible angel encounter on a San Antonio city bus:

    Angel encounter on a San Antonio bus

    (From chapter 31 of “Where Is The Music? – The multiple near-death experiences of a world traveler,” by Gloria M. Gieseke MA, 1999)
    In 1993, at age seventy-nine, my mother’s health was not bad, except for signs of a slight loss of memory. With her two granddaughters half way through college and one of them married, she decided to sell her house and do some traveling overseas, mostly to visit my sister in Italy and me in the United States. In the summer of 1994 she left Colombia with one of her granddaughters for a short visit to Russia and then on to Rome. At her age we didn’t want her to travel alone, so by the end of the summer I went to Colombia to pick her up after her return from Europe, and bring her with me to the United States.

    It was my turn to care for my mother, and I welcomed the privilege of doing it. I had to confess that the idea was hers, and I was grateful she thought of it, because we tend to think or hope that our parents will live forever, and they don’t. Nine months, like the time I lived in her womb, was all I was allowed to have her for myself.

    Long talks, short walks, a little gardening, a loving Chihuahua to take a nap with, a hug and a kiss and a game of cards were most of the simple pleasures she enjoyed. But going to downtown San Antonio, to the River Walk, and taking a ride on a barge, was tops with her. About once a month we would take the bus and go somewhere together: a church, a restaurant, a mall, or even a parade. Like me, she liked shopping and the outdoors.

    A strange thing happened to us one day when we were downtown. After a fair amount of walking around doing a little shopping, my mother and I went to a restaurant to have lunch. There I noticed my coin purse was missing; inside were my student bus card (for the use of public buses at half-price) and my mother’s senior citizen’s ID for the same purpose, plus about six dollars in change and small bills. I remembered having used the little purse downtown that afternoon, to put some change in. It wasn’t a big problem, since I had enough money with me to pay for lunch and buses; just the inconvenience of having to do more paperwork and take the time to go get new ID cards. After lunch we headed back home, a good forty-minute bus ride.

    About ten minutes into the ride, a tall black woman I had never seen got on the bus, looked at us and said: “You lost some IDs today, didn’t you? I have them, and I want to return them to you.” “All the money is there, too,” she added, holding my little orange and black cloth purse. I asked her how she knew it was ours; she answered: “By your mother’s photo,” and handed me the purse. Delighted to have our IDs, I thanked her twice and said to her, “You are an angel.” She moved on to take a seat two rows back on the opposite side of us. Two stops down the road, she got off the bus.

    That shook me up a little more. Why would that woman get on the same bus hours later, far from the place where I had lost my purse, and from the stop where my mother and I had caught the bus, just to return our IDs, and then get off so soon? It made no sense to me. My mother’s picture wasn’t even a clear one, and the woman had not held the picture in front of us to compare features, nor had she taken the time to study my mother’s face. (My student bus card did not have a photo on it). Was the woman really an angel? I smiled and thanked God again.

    Tel. 210-745-1141

  2. yes, we really are struggling
    yes, we really are struggling beings but we are gaurded every inch of the way. Both the light and the dark give direction to further travels, – stay enticed my friends! – for further we travel on and on ! I love it!

  3. Signs and Signals:
    One of my

    Signs and Signals:

    One of my angel interventions occurred many years ago as I was struggling with my failing marriage. In the midst of the turmoil of my husband leaving me and my two young daughters – I literally didn’t know ‘which way to turn.’ I had been shopping and was going to pick up my girls from a friend’s house. I was on a side road at the intersection of the main highway. I could go straight across and go around town or try and turn left onto the main road. Sitting at the red light, nearly in tears over the disaster of my life, a million confusing thoughts racing through my mind, I screamed at the universe “what should I do?”

    At that instant I realized the light was green. How long had it been green? Wait, no one had honked at me yet, it was o.k., just GO. All this was slow motion mili-seconds …as I started moving my foot to the accelerator… a new reality opened up …”stay where you are!”… as then I became aware of the semi-tractor trailer barreling through the intersection after running his red light.

    In those few seconds while my head and heart had been all over the place, I had asked for help in desperation and found that I was not alone and I was being watched and cared for.

  4. In 2008 I was camping in the
    In 2008 I was camping in the mountains east of Fresno, CA with my family. Everyone else was out on the lake fishing and I didn’t go because i was working on a migraine that was getting worse by the minute. As I walked up to the restroom to freshen up for the day, I felt like someone had shot me in the head. I knew something was terribly wrong, and I was losing my vision, so I got my cell phone and managed to push the contact button for Tim, my husband. That’s the last thing I remember.
    I had a brain bleed/stroke. My husband drove me about 40 miles to the nearest hospital in our car, but that hospital was too small to deal with my emergency, so they sent me to Fresno by ambulance. I was in a coma for several days, but of course I remembered none of this. I woke up in a regular hospital room with the Devil, who had a black plastic trash bag, and he told me he had come to get me. We had quite an argument about nwether or not I was going to get in the bag, and I refused. Finally I asked Jesus to help, and promised to start going to Church if He would help me. The devil disappeared and I saw a pair of sandaled feet float through the ceiling, and have been a regular church goer ever since. I thank God every day that I survived my stroke under such adverse circumstances.

  5. Music wise Constace Demby
    Music wise Constace Demby had an album out in 1986 called ” Novus Magnificat- Through The Stargate”, and it is some of the most profound and beautiful music one can listen to on this plane, I just recommend it! Especially if one likes new age music of any kind be it celtic , planetarium, or if your a John Serrie nut, or like Alan Parsons, I think you’ll love this stuff.

  6. Marla’s interview was so
    Marla’s interview was so intimate. Clare is a real gold nugget, as she would say.

  7. Angles are usually not a
    Angles are usually not a subject I find interesting but I think I may be wrong. This interview was delightful and I am glad I gave it a chance. Marla did an excellent job as usual and Clare was fascinating. It was a great show for a bumpy flight! 🙂

  8. clare is great-i loved this
    clare is great-i loved this interview&just ordered her gorgeous book from amazon but-marla frees..not surprised she used to be an actress-i wonder if she’d take amazing randy’s 1million$ using her powers-it’s 1million$ for 55mins. work-not to shabby

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