Whitley solos for our Easter show, discussing everything from the why of secrecy to the equally important why of the fact that the government is trying to back down from further public disclosure. Where will it all lead?

What can we expect and who is behind the continual refusal to come clean? Then he shifts to climate and, as usual, proposes a new theory based on the ignored Superstorm scenario that explains why this has been such a strange winter, alternately much wetter and colder than normal in some places and drier and warmer in others. He shows how the current weather pattern, while defying conventional wisdom, actually has an astonishing historical precedent.

Next week we return to our usual format.

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  1. Video comes up as private, unable to be viewed. Happy Easter, Whitley!

  2. Hi Whitley, I really enjoyed your show this week. Thanks to my son I’m a subscriber and grateful to be one. It’s been a long time since I read Global Superstorm and after your comments about our current climate situation plan to pull it off the shelf as my next read. I’m also looking forward to reading Them. It’s good to hear that your knee replacement went well, but not happy to hear that you got Covid. Stay healthy. Happy Easter!

  3. Happy and Blessed Easter to all of you and yours.

    This is such a powerful time of year. Constant contact is lit up that little bit more to turn an arm’s reach into an empowered gaze.. Yes, Beltane will soon be upon us but we are still in Easter and it’s joyous.

    We’ve ambled from the darkest time of the year into the land beneath our feet beginning to buzz/hum with energy and invite a lover’s glance. It’s not quite here yet, but when it is, it’s the perfect Catch 22.. Too much energy to fine tune a direct connection, yet we try and, perhaps, if they see fit, allow a glimpse.

    Blessed Be!


  4. The military’s weaponization of the weather as well as the detonation of atomic bombs in our space and on land are the dominant causes of climate change, not Joe Schmoe having a barbecue and throwing garbage in the bin. I do not deny our own culpability, but the hands-down planetary-magnitude destruction is on the hands of the powers that be, who then turn it around on us and try to dictate our actions and make us believe we’re the criminals. THEY have created the real mess. This must be a leading presence in the climate conversation. For anyone interested, read Elana Freeland’s “Under an Ionized Sky” and “Geoengineered Transhumanism.”

    1. There have been 2,121 tests done since the first in July 1945, involving 2,476 nuclear devices.

      List of nuclear weapons tests – Wikipedia

    2. I tend to agree with atomic detonations being a major cause of climate ills. ;They’ tell us great changes and costs are necessary and will be charged – but I fear the true rulers will burn it until it is all gone. I don’t believe in human leadership saving the planet. Much the opposite.

      1. You’re right. I don’t believe human leadership can save the planet. But I do believe that communities of good people can save the planet. There are pockets of them everywhere around the world doing their part. That is where our best hope lies. And we should not depend on others (aliens or ‘outsiders’) to do it for us either. We must evolve in order to truly thrive.

    3. I understand that there can be affects on the Ionosphere due to atmospheric atomic explosions and it’s ability to reflect and absorb energy from the Sun. Also that changes to the Ionosphere can affect it’s ability to control the flow of charged particles in the atmosphere, which can affect the formation of clouds and the movement of weather systems.
      Much more research is needed, certainly, but I have yet to locate evidence that these explosions are the major cause of climate change. A compelling scientific theory or mechanism is one thing…but coming to a conclusion that it completely overrides current thinking on the matter, is a leap too far for me. I naturally become wary when a subject that should be based on scientific fact, seems to be adopted as belief. Belief is often unmoved in the face of factual evidence to the contrary. I understand that we have a natural tendency to form them, as it helps us make sense of an impermanent Universe…but it also has the tendency to stifle further questioning and therefore a deeper understanding.

  5. Happy Easter and a Great solo podcast WS! Felt like a chat over a beer- loved it!

    Really liked the Climate Change run down ,century by century- starting with Roman times. ( your Solar flare book points at this)

    Mankind is exacerbating an existing natural cycle. This would change over centuries- but our CO2 emissions are creating it in decades and its a huge uptick with horrible consequences. There will be a heat up and then a flipped switch of another ice age , just like it has always done over the millennia of earth time.

    Become a subscriber for the love of God! We MUST keep this space as long as possible. Good Luck with non-fiction, I prefer it over general fiction books from authors anyway.

  6. Thank you, Whitley, for all you give and all you do.


  7. You do a lot of interviews of other people but it’s nice to hear what you are thinking and doing.
    By the way: the main audio channel does not seem to work for me. I’ve been listening on the Hi-def one.
    Happy Easter!

  8. Happy Easter Whitley.
    I enjoyed this show. I would like to say people who get anything free need to learn to appreciate it. I really learn a lot from the shows. I am waiting to buy Whitley’s audiobook when it comes out. The book Them, sounds very interesting.
    When I was a child of about 5 or 6, I was in church sitting on the bench listening to the minister talking about the Angels coming down. There was a large board with pictures of Angles in long white robes with wings coming to help the people. I remember being shocked that they thought they were Angels I said “They’re not Angels, they’re the Others. I realized no one knew the truth.
    My earliest memory of the Visitors is at 4 years old. I listened to a show on Coast to Coast a few weeks ago and someone was talking about these beings called the Others. It was was so creepy. They said they may be from here or another demention. I have had experiences all of my life. Long before Betty and Barney Hill. I think many people have. I remember when I first heard of Betty and Barney Hill. I was shocked because I thought I was the only one with the experiences. I was awake during some of my abductions. I hoped to get answers. It’s been in my family a long time. I never told anyone until I was in my 40’s. I woke during a surgery and started screaming. I thought it was them cutting me. Sorry this is so long. I leave out a lot.

    1. Lynn you are among friends- let it fly~! Your story is so fascinating and mirrors many others here.
      Thank you!

      1. Thank you James. I ‘d love to hear other people tell of their experiences. I have kept a lot to my self. Most of my family would not understand this. My mother died several years ago. My mother did talk to me once, before she died. She asked me which ones I had seen. I didn’t trust anyone as a child, so I told no one. I hide a lot. I haven’t always heard of experiences like mine. There must be. I have seen so many different beings. I still don’t know who they really are. All these years later, I still don’t know. I appreciate all of you. Thanks.

  9. Whitley I’m loving the book! It’s always good to hear your thoughts.
    Happy Easter everyone🦋

  10. Great info! And yes of course it’s about a money websites are not free and need hosting and fees. I think some people just like to whine! Thanks for all you do hope you make a good full recovery

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