Keith Thompson is the author of one of the great classics of UFO studies, Angels and Aliens. He joins us on Dreamland for the first time in a rich and exceptional show, a vision of the UFO phenomenon that is light-years beyond the usual idea of aliens speeding around in flying saucers–but DOES respect that as one probable part of a mystery that, when it is finally understood, is going to change the world and change mankind forever.

Here, Whitley takes Keith deep into areas that are rarely visited on most shows and podcasts, and we sit back and learn a whole new way of thinking about this amazing subject.

Keith’s book, Angels and Aliens is now out of print, but copies can be found at Powells, Alibris, Amazon, Ebay and other locations. His NEW book, Cosmos Calling, is still in preparation, and Keith will be back to talk about it as soon as it’s available. Before that, he and Whitley will revisit to discuss his near death experience and his extensive knowledge of NDEs.

Keith will be back with us when his new book, Cosmos Calling, is published. In the meantime, the San Francisco Chronicle called Angels and Aliens “magnificent.” And it is! To get the book (while they last) click here.

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  1. What a brilliant mind! This gentleman possesses a deep understanding of the human psyche as well as the extraordinary events that present to it.
    Also, did his comment about the faerie realm resonate with anyone else? Keith Thompson’s book is soon to become another welcome (and sure to be dog-eared!) addition to this Dreamlander’s library. Many many thanks for this episode.

    1. Your comment is so well stated…just exactly how I feel about this interview.

      His comments about the fairy realm resonated, indeed. Perhaps this phenomenon is our modern day version of that. After all, I can’t ever recall hearing anyone speak of being abducted by fairies in my time, but there have been many reports of aliens, or visitors, and UFO abductions. If the intelligence(s) behind this are interacting with us in our language of the material, then in the “Space Age”, perhaps they found it best to start a new series, so to speak.

      Whitley, you closed this show with a comment about this interview having been at a higher level than most, and that more of this type are to come. Bring it on! You are at your very best, I think, when you have other experiencers on your show. Keith Thompson is brilliant and engaging and *fun*, to boot. What more could one ask for?

    2. Some time ago, Whitley did an interview with Caitlin and John Matthews on their book The Lost Book of the Grail: The Sevenfold Path of the Grail and the Restoration of the Faery Accord. It examines a 13th century French text called The Elucidation of the Grail which details the mythical falling out of the Fae with mankind due to a horrific incident on or about the time of King Arthur.

  2. I have never forgotten March 1966 while watching a local broadcast in Detroit, Michigan, the television News interrupted the program with a Special Report. A man came on the air to announce an event taking place in Ann Arbor. Evidently some kind of strange craft had landed in the area (I later learned the man was Allen Hynek). He was very excited about what was going on and the possibilities of what strange object might be. I was excited, it was obviously a UFO, as was implied before the Report ended and returned to normal programming. I was sitting awe struck by the possibilities. My mind was racing with thoughts and imaginations. A few minutes later the News broke in again, it was Dr. Hynek again, standing with two men (suits) on either side of him. He looked somber and somewhat disappointed. He said he was wrong about what had occurred and it could not be determined what was in the swampy area, but it was not a craft. I was disappointed as I imagine many others were. But I do remember I knew that someone was not being honest.

    1. I was 13 when this happened. I lived in Wisconsin, but Michigan was just “next door” and I remember the news about this event very well. I also remember the scorn with which the term “Swamp Gas” was met after Hynek dropped that term and the media went wild with it. Then I believe CBS had a revolutionary news special (remember when the 3 major networks had news specials?) called something like FACT, FICTION OR FANTASY about the Ann Arbor sightings. I even recorded that show on my little kid’s reel to reel tape recorder.

  3. I bought and read Keith’s book when it originally came out. Sadly, I lent it to a friend and never saw it again. I wish he would update the book and have it republished, as Budd Hopkins books are being republished. Now if you want a copy of Keith’s book in great condition, expect to spend around $25. If people do not routinely buy used books as I do, I urge them to not jump at a low price until finding out the condition of the book. If a book is in “acceptable” condition, bear in mind that is the very lowest description allowed. So beware.

    1. I’ve just bought a ‘very good’ condition example for about £25 via Amazon UK. Apart from that, there were three others, two of a similar price and then a ‘good’ condition for £75!

      I’ve never read it before, so really looking forward to it.

  4. Wow! Dreamland just keeps getting better with these new guests! What an amazing conversation and distillation of very abstract concepts. These discussions have been so critical in helping me explore the experiences I’ve had, and understand the beliefs that I hold. God bless you Whitley for your incredible effort every week – you have made such an important impact on our lives.

  5. Very intelligent and engaging discussion. I look forward to reading his book.

  6. Whitley: I am a subscriber. I logged in. And I clicked on the link for subscriber video. But I got only the 1 hr version of Dreamland. What happened?

    1. Make sure you’re STILL logged in as a subscriber, sometimes, it resets to visitor (no pun intended), and one has to relog in. On my cell’s web/browser that sometimes happens, anyway.

  7. Oh, boy. Michigan and the ‘swamp gas’…I remember it well. I was a kid, and never heard the term, ‘UFO’. I was into astronomy and all things science, and I read about it in the newspaper because that’s just the kind of kid that I was. I was hooked from that moment on, and devoured information on the topic, from believers, skeptics, scientists, debunkers, books, articles, etc. going forward…And I was an experiencer too. So, finding out that there were other nerdy kids influenced by those Michigan sightings is interesting!

    1. It sure seems that Mr. Strieber’s alien acquaintances sure like to squeeze.
      I found about Communion with my own. I was deeply asleep but woke because of a strong pain in one of my toes. It felt like a vaselike squeeze. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and turned on the TV. There was a Communion book interview.
      They sure do like to squeeze to get their way.🤣

      1. Yeah, they do! I was reading the Sunday paper all those years ago, when I saw a book review on ‘Communion’. One look at the cover of the book, and I told my family we had to get to Barnes & Noble that same day. By noon that day I had the book in my hot little hands!🙂

  8. Listened for a while and audio from the guest was very hard to hear. Not clear and high pitched like he was speaking into a cheap microphone. Seemed like a great guest so I will try listening again thru a bluetooth speaker. Whitleys voice was clear and crisp. I wonder why the host doesn’t pick up the bad audio. I’ve heard the same on other podcasts occasionally also,so it’s not just on this show.

    Keep up your good work Whitley and stay safe.

  9. Author

    The guests audio quality depends on their system. Unfortunately in this case, the guests microphone appears to have been not the best. But the audio should be useable. We processed it as best we could to obtain the best quality possible.

    1. Thanks Whitley, I know you do the best you can with what you have to work with. Thanks for the response take care.

  10. Very fascinating. I’m bored too (not with the show, to be clear). For all the years I’ve listened subscribed I’m not even an experiencer as far as I have any evidence or conscious reason to believe, but there’s some reason to be here. Could be just ego. Can’t say for sure it isn’t. But there are doubts about that as well. Perhaps some of our own motivations for interest can be as mysterious as the phenomena.

    Keep bringing this information.

  11. What a fast paced, dynamic podcast! I have read the majority of UFO books since the ’70’s and I’m familiar with the authors, the experiencers written about, etc. I purchased most of these books through the years and had a great library on the subject. Unfortunately moving around made it necessary for me to downsize and I gave away most of those books. This podcast makes me regret not having the book called “Passport to Magonia” by Jacques Vallee. I tried to buy a copy recently but all I could find cost $189.00. Can this be right?? In the early years of this journey I so hoped aliens would land and we could relate to each other. They’d be “something like us”!! But we are advancing now in the struggle to accept that it’s all so much more complex than we wanted it to be. There is a loneliness to expanding our consciousness and that is why Whitley is providing a wonderful place to connect! Thanks again Whitley!!

    1. There a still some copies on and at a reasonable price.

  12. I hope the “visitors” aren’t using the carrot and the horse routine with us?? Extending the carrot and inviting the horse to partake. As the horse advances forward to do just that, the person moves back with the carrot and the poor horse can never quite get the carrot! In other words, continually leading us forward since the beginning of human awareness but never quite letting us fathom the mystery.

  13. Fantastic!

    The book was impactful to me so many years ago!

    Time to read it Again!

    1. Yes, HARR20 I assume you’re referring to “Passport to Magonia”? That book was one of the books in my extensive collection that resonated with me. If anyone knows how to get a copy (used of course) at a reasonable price, please let me know.

      1. I just bought the last hardback copy from for £25 (I’ve been meaning to buy it for a long while)… 2 to 4 weeks shipping for any additional copies. There were several new and second hand paperbacks for about the same price.

        There is one paperback version left on for $17.91 and a few hardbacks from about $46 incl. shipping.

  14. Knocked it out of the park again Whit!! Like several comments above – time to pull Keith’s book from my shelf and re-read it! Loved the discussion and learned some new thoughts as well. Thanks to both of you for an outstanding conversation. THIS … is why I am and have been a subscriber for many years – right from the beginning in fact. Bless you both!

  15. It has long been known that scientists, and others, can live by multiple working hypotheses rather than champion one at a time.

    I’ve been trying to do that for decades. The benefit is that it helps me to not be so clingy to one model.

    Not sure why so many scientists have ridiculed the possibilities that telepathy is a natural phenomenon and other intelligent species exist. Using multiple working hypotheses might help, but there is probably more to it than that.

    Things are slowly changing for science culture too, but it sure is taking a long time.

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