Dolly Safran has been having close encounters throughout her entire lifetime. She is a rare example of a close encounter witness with vivid conscious memories of her contact, who never needed regression hypnosis to recall the details of her encounter and never experienced fear of the strange beings she met.

Dolly joins us on Dreamland with Preston Dennett – one of the great UFO researchers of our era – to discuss Dolly’s incredible sightings and experiences, which are recorded in Preston’s book Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure. 

She talks about her extraordinary awakening at age 14 and her father’s admission that he, too, was a close encounter witness. Dolly then goes on to describe her experience being taught how to fly a UFO.

Described by Preston as the “single most extensive account of ET contact” he has ever investigated, Dolly’s story is well worth listening to.

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This episode of Dreamland offers listeners a deep dive into the asymmetric world of conscious close encounters and what we can learn from them. If you are an audio listener and would like to view the video mentioned in the show, please click here. (This video has been vetted by one of our experts and found to be unidentifiable as an ordinary or extraordinary object. He has also provided us with a set of instructions about how to take better video, and some inexpensive equipment you can get to help stabilize your phone while making videos. They can be read here.

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NEXT WEEK: Dreamland continues its eclectic exploration of the close encounter phenomenon with a first: A video and audio recording of a live chat between Unknowncountry subscribers and Jim Semivan, ranking as the first time a CIA Officer who is also an experiencer has answered questions from the experiencer community. Do not miss this powerful and unique show.

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  1. Whaaaaaa? x-class micro nova and then supernova in 7 years, then ice age etc… and of course time is flexible and non -linear in the visitors world so we have no idea WHEN this will occur. And yet, remote viewers , psychics and futurists say nothing about such. I read the Key, the ice age is predicted differently. And the Georgia Gal only listed Biden & Soros as political villains ( and Putin)
    Hmmmm I now don’t buy any of this rubbish.
    After Peter Levenda this guest seems off kilter
    ( with all respect) … if you need me I’ll be at earthfiles.
    Happy Easter Everybody!

    1. Well, have a look at the Earthfiles episode from February 2, 2022, where remote viewer Buddy Bolton talks about a solar flare (in 2024) followed by a micro nova (in 2036).

      1. There has been speculation about a micronova event in 2046, banded around the Internet, for several years. The dates 2022-2046 were also on the drawing that Buddy created for Earthfiles. He sounds like a very bright, informed, guy but I still question how clean that remote viewing session was and whether he had already read about it. Buddy suggested a more accurate date of January of 2036 but I am struggling to find any credible scientific or research information on whether a micronova is even a real thing.

      2. Buddy also mentioned, that in his remote viewing of this so-called micronova event, that a giant ship would be coming into orbit before it happened… So what is that, like the Terran equivalent of the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’?!

      3. Sonjatb… yes I did listen to that and saw his colored drawings – I actually put them on my calendar!
        We shall see in 2024..thats only 2 years away!!!
        Get your Faraday cage ready!
        Thx for reminding me!

      4. Soooo…you are validating what she is saying by referencing a psychic who does remote viewing? OK, fine.

        1. My reply to the above comment was only intended to point out that there was in fact a remote viewer talking about this at Earthfiles recently, contrary to what was stated.
          I am very far from validating anything anybody says. The more I learn about the whole Phenomenon the less it seems to be possible to even form an opinion let alone providing any validation.

      5. We shall see, about Buddy’s predictions. I have my doubts about him, too.

    2. Yes, I’m not sure what is going on here. How can she say humans have no affect on the planet heating up. She sounds like she has been brainwashed.

    3. I’m not sure what to make of this interview. What ever happened to Anne’s idea of keeping the question open?
      Dolly, like a couple of other guests Whitely has had on from time to time, seems to have all the answers. Usually these folks differ remarkedly in their “knowing”. After listening to this podcast a couple of times I caught some inconsistencies in her story. For example, she claims that her family treated her experiences negatively, but then later describes her father as guiding and supporting her. At times she talks so fast and goes off on tangents that it is next to impossible to follow and know who she is referring to. Makes me wonder if she is manic or if there is a bit of dementia setting in.
      Dolly then claimed that the visitors directed her to Preston who then said he felt special because of this recommendation. Sounds like a pretty good flattery tactic for Dolly to use to get someone to support her ideas when no one else would.
      Hate to be a sceptic but this one pushes the limits of believability. Oh, and by the way, I get plenty of sleep at night.
      Rickety Man

      1. Author

        It’s important to keep an open mind at this point when we know so little about what’s actually going on, and not only that, are facing a situation where it is becoming increasingly evident that it can control our memories of what happens.

        1. I am known to take on some heavy ideas. I do not discount her but I had a very hard time getting on last night to watch, strangely-I felt a little freaked out before it started- and a lot more afterwards- well…let’s change timelines! Let’s live the good life, the deep and happy life which sometimes takes us into hades so that we may emerge a changed person more in touch with our deepest selves- we try for the good- and, just to let you know, Whitley, you were very nearly paraphrasing one of my favorite Buddhist teachers, Mr. Ted Osaki who had an amazing transformational experience in his life and family with Buddhism. IN one of his lectures, he was telling us (about 1982?) that we should try for the life that would let us know who we are in the universe before we die and then be able to choose our favorite place in it for the next life! Let’s do that! Stay happy and appreciative of this life though i know you have said it is a bit challenging at times. this is one of the sufferings that I also have- the suffering of old age. We are so terribly fortunate. We are grateful for your platform. NMRK.

    4. I’m with you. Something seems off with this gal, in my opinion. While I can believe that she has had ongoing contact for many years, much of what she describes about flying a craft is of the essence of many good sci-fi books, so…. I keep an open mind, but my gut tells me that there’s something at play that isn’t on the up and up. No pun intended. I believe that she believes everything that she is saying, yet, the thinly veiled political slant to her later comments, regarding climate change and a total dismissal of any contribution/acceleration caused by the use of fossil fuels, is suspicious. If nothing else, it serves to remind us that every human carrier of the ET/alien/visitor “messages” is as vulnerable to their own human twist on things as any of us are, to say nothing of the possibility of people being used to disseminate disinformation. So we listen, we weigh, and we use our gifts of discernment.

  2. Author

    There’s very little evidence that Prophecy is real. There are some lucky accidents and some but not many very strange prophecies. Some of them unintentional

    1. The other day I picked up a battered copy of a book by Joe McMoneagle at the used bookstore. He was considered one of the most proficient remote viewers in the government program. The book was written in the 90’s. It is embarrassingly inaccurate and dated in terms of what Joe predicted for the future. In fact, NOTHING he predicted to be the norm has happened. I give as much credence to remote viewer predictions as I give to the fortune teller at a carnival. Maybe this benign cynicism is just a gift of old age. There is so much hokum in the world.

      1. YEP ! Spent a week at TMI and bought 2 of joe’s books from the 90’s…. in short none has come to fruition. There is a chart about natural disasters that never came true. And further This Dolly I suspect buys into Quonon rubbish also. Hard Pass.

    2. Please read “The Prophet Archetype” by Dr. David Shaver, a rigorous academic and highly trained analyst who has no interest in ET-but he is a remote veiwer and seeker with a lot of new observations to offer.

  3. Another great gift from our host and his guests. Once again simply for tuning in to Dreamland I feel greeted with the sense of coming home and belonging there.

  4. That video is potentially quite interesting…but I would want to see a daytime shot of the same place, to get an idea of where the roofline of the building is, in relation to where the grey disk was apparently hovering.

  5. Flying around the solar system? If Dolly wants us to believe that then give something from that experience that can be corroborated within the scientific community. Free Dreamlanders you didn’t miss anything in the second half, just more wild claims by Dolly. Very disappointed with this one.

    1. It seems to me that this whole phenomenon purposely dances the line of believability. From a scientific perspective, indeed, extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence but sometimes a story can just be a story…it’s the “but what if it were real?” possibility that captures my imagination. It is the line between the two where the really interesting, open questions lie.

      1. Yes I agree it can drive you nuts!

        I followed Zeta-talk for a few years closely till the predicted pole-shift of 2003 didn’t happen. Even met Nancy and talked for a while. She definitely had something going on with the channeling thing. She was at times very believable. Dolly’s message is very much like hers, Climate change isn’t happening and a pole shift is coming soon. I think she was and still is part of some kind of disinformation QAnon like phenomena. I think we need to be careful about believing contactees even if they’re 100% relaying the message from them. I think its obvious that aliens/visitors can lie.

        1. In that regard, they’re not too different from Humans, I guess – multiple overlapping agendas. With regards to Dolly’s experiences, I wonder how much of it might be overlaid / mixed in with subconscious symbolism. Is what she experienced actually a memory, or a download, similar to that from an atral excersion. I have just started reading Preston’s book ‘Symmetry’, so I might have some of those answers later.

          1. I can’t help but think of Anjali Shultz. She had very vivid physical encounters that never materialized again.

        2. I’m with you on the disinformation agenda. When dealing with beings who can manipulate our senses and perceptions as these beings clearly are capable of doing, everything that comes from such an encounter, every memory or experience, is subject to close examination. Otherwise, one has simply ceased to be open-minded, and become “a true believer.” And in this way, a perfect disinformation agent.

      2. I’m enjoying Whitley’s commentary at the beginning very much. Yes, as our bodies, our mental hardware, are connected to the earth, born of it and are rooted in its operating system, the Gaian system’s instability does affect us in ways that humanity is unaware of. We have lost that knowledge through the millenias of the egoic operating system’s control, overriding the natural web of life connection, in an obsessive to establish its dominion over nature at all costs, out of fear, deeply rooted fear, a survival program run amok. The wars, including culture wars,, are the products of that skewing of our basic operating system and the malware that has turned into a monster powered by the soul’s power being harnessed,, creating its own thought-forms and hungry ghosts with their own agendas to sew chaos to feed. The right has always been driven by fear and a drive to lock down the past and the formation and rise of the far right and dictator popularity is a product of both the insanity of the polar extremes affecting the earth as it tries to regain homeostasis (destabilized) manifesting through humanity. The weather/ elements in extreme polarity is also symptomatic of the Gaian system’s being destabilized. Anything we can do to disconnect from the fear that pings the ego’s desire for separation and control, to cleanse ourself and our field from the parasitic thought forms,and to send love and light to the earth and all species will benefit the situation.

      1. You sound very sure about that – yet you can no more prove it all false, than Dolly can prove it all to be true. Certainly skepticism is healthy but I wouldn’t discount every drop. There may yet be something worth knowing here, or some interesting questions to ponder.

  6. A deeply connective show. I applaud the wise words about keeping one’s feet on the ground because I do indeed think that escalation will rush at the whole world.

    A clear mind, free of illusion will channel more light than a thousand power stations.

    Wonderful interview and I am not in the least surprised that this entire interview resonated with energy.

    One last thing, I carry one of Preston’s books with me as I travel around with work and I’ve felt for a long time that it has some kind of energy emanating from it. I suspect that when you buy one of Preston’s books that you will quite quickly find a magical light enter your attention.


  7. Dolly’s stuff about the end of the world and helping pick up people with the aliens is exactly like Nancy Leider’s message in Zetalk. Of course Nancy has been wrong on a lot of her stuff and has really gone off the deep end with her message over the years.

  8. Mind boggling. I’m reading Preston’s book Symmetry and some of it is very challenging. Who knew ET’s eat fish and seaweed?
    Sometimes it reads like a fresher take on Star Trek. I keep reading because it’s interesting and Preston believes it all to be absolute truth. He’s seen Dolly manifest her psychic skills, seen the UFOs she talks about, etc. Very fantastical in some aspects, fascinating on others. Keeping an open mind.

  9. Author

    This is exactly what so fascinated me about her story. It is so different from what we usually hear. Very different from my own story. And yet she does have unexplained video and all sorts of psychic abilities and manifestations around her.

    One thing about this wild experience of ours: it never gets old!

    1. I can’t say I disbelieve Dolly’s story because what is truth? Is it absolute? Does it have to be cold hard facts that are proveable? I don’t know……just asking!
      Many happenings today used to be, in the distant past, incredible unbelievable fantasies. So thanks again Whitley for expanding our minds to any and all possibilities!

      1. If you live in a building, facts and truth matter. If you drive a car, facts and truth matter or it wouldn’t work. If you eat food, it is because someone else believes in facts and truth regarding how to raise crops. If someone tapes shut your nostrils and mouth, you will die because we need to breath oxygen. Facts and truth matter, even in the age of Donald Trump’s alternative facts., conspiracies and New Age platitudes.

    2. How can she say humans have no affect on the planet heating up. She sounds like she has been brainwashed.

  10. (1) We’re all at different levels of spirituality. I don’t feel a connection with every guest. Whitley is the reason I come and I will continue.
    (2) Dolly isn’t the only one talking about the future great changes of the earth.
    (3) When I meditate or pray, I always include the visitors and an appreciation of what they have brought to the earth. It is getting increasing harder to maintain a positive mindset. One thing that has helped me do that is to avert my eyes if Putin’s picture is on the screen. He carries so much darkness

  11. Fantastic Show! Mary Summer Rain/No Eyes in her books and J. Edwin Carter’s Living Is Forever also predict a pole shift followed by major flooding. However, according to them, while civilization, as we know it is destroyed, humanity survives and lives a golden age of peace by following the traditional path of indigenous peoples. It also fits Native American and (my personal understanding of) Bahá’í prophecies.

    1. Will this be like the golden age that occurred after the total collapse of civilization in the West with Rome’s fall? As I recall from history books, it was a time of great joy and enlightenment. Oh wait. It is actually referred to as the DARK AGE. So somehow out of civilization’s ruin, we will magically become enlightened New Agers who live in teepees and willingly die from simple infections, since all the evil Big Pharma antibiotics will be gone. I look forward to it. Eye roll.

  12. In his presentation John Ramirez advised people to read „The Cryptos Conundrum“ (2012) by Chase Brandon. I did and it is largely about secret underground facilities for the elite and a catastrophe on the surface!?!
    What puzzles me about this discussion is the fact that both guests state that there are negative forces that want us to live in fear and that we have to choose love instead. I somehow fail to realise the opposing nature of love and fear. Because I have so much love for people and nature I constantly fear that they might be harmed. The catastrophic event they talk about makes it even worse and practically impossible to live in the now. I also find the idea awful that they pick up only some of us (the money elite, the spiritually advanced, contactees, hybrids, only the young or random?) so I’m on Team Earth with Whitley. Or do we have to ultimately realise that it doesn‘t matter what happens to our bodies because we have eternal souls to be able to live without fear? But in part that seems to be the kind of thinking that got us into this mess of opposing religions, war, materialism and pollution in the first place. So let‘s hope that the purpose of prophecies is something else than informing us of a future that is set.

  13. Was captivated by this interview, at least until the prophecy part – rather concerned that almost everything she said was taken verbatim from Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers. One of the foremost educational resources on planetary and solar science, with a huge YouTube following. You will note that at no stage in that prophecy did she say where exactly she got this information. I implore you Whitley, please reach out to Ben for an interview. An extremely knowledgeable fellow with an interest in UFOs (afaik) to boot!

    p.s. watch this and you’ll see exactly why I was compelled to write the above.

    Also, just to be clear, I am not discounting her close encounter experiences at all.

      1. Me too William! How about this, I’ll watch Professor Dave if you watch Ben Davidson. I’m always happy to learn something, or in this case, refresh my knowledge base. As to Suspicious Observers, I am not advocating for anything more than an interesting conversation.
        There appears to be a level of consensus around the “trickster” element of the Phenomenon and we know we’re only barely on a “need to know” basis with the Visitor’s. Contactee’s and experiencers have consistently been shown environmental degradation caused by human activity. It’s clear to me that we are destroying our environment but that doesn’t mean there aren’t larger cycles coming into play and based on our piecemeal history, it’s possible we are due for destruction regardless of our actions or inactions. I have grandchildren so please don’t think that I wouldn’t love to Believe (sorry Cosmic and Sherbet) that collectively, we could fix this if we had the will to do so. Maybe, truly, it’s even more heartbreaking this way, seeing what we’re seeing, knowing we ignored the warnings.
        What of the “trickster” here, regarding the care and nurturing of our planet? Are We being sensed, observed as we experience our possible demise as a people, as a species? Is it possible people are being affected by a wonky magnetic field that has little to do with human activity or even overpopulation? So many questions!
        Perhaps prophecy in many of the ancient text is actually nothing more than history retold, and eventually, used to hold people in fear. If that is the case, and there appears to be some credible evidence to make that case, why haven’t we explored that? Or perhaps we have in past interviews and I’m unaware.
        I have to wonder if it’s possible the ancients were tracking these events through their meticulous attention to the stars because they knew our solar system is unstable. A cyclic solar event would go a long way in answering so many questions I’ve pondered.
        As a community, it intrigues me to see some of us dismissing a passing comment about an interview with an articulate, citizen scientist and his theories simply because it may not be held by the mainstream! We are explorers, everyone, or we wouldn’t be here.
        My last three words…Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  14. My apologies for the length of this. I tried to shorten it without much success.

    I’d like to post a few thoughts in response to your excellent intro.

    Mental health is an issue for people in other communities/groups; as a teenager in the 1970s, I recall reading Dion Fortune’s warning of the same risk in the context of occult groups, but the effects of discrimination make mental health an issue for members of minority groups – and, in fact, all those who hold views that don’t sit comfortably with the mainstream. With a touch of irony, perhaps Galileo’s forced recantation is an example of that (and maybe “seeing through the lies” of a particular time?).

    One of the sad effects of that is that we can lose sight of the broader picture of events. I don’t live in the USA, so I’m not familiar with the crime you mention, but I do know that here in Australia domestic violence leads to one woman a week being murdered (and a fewer number of men), hundreds of complaints each day, and there is far too much child abuse. When these terrible events happen, some sections of the media will latch on to “convenient” (outrageous or at least attention seeking) excuses, and blaming issues that are possibly not actually relevant may result.

    The truth is often far more complex – a stat often quoted here (in Australia) is that 1 in 5 people will have a problem with mental health, so I suspect what really has to be ascertained is:
    (a) do we, as a community, have more or less than the community rates of mental health problems?
    (b) how much of any extra is due to pressure from media / sceptics / etc that others do not have?

    IMO, however, there is unquestionably an increase in what is formally described as “anxiety” because of things like the climate crisis – or, perhaps more accurately, by our denial and non-response to the climate crisis. If humanity was enthusiastically and energetically working towards solving that crisis, I suspect the mental health issues being raised would be reduced (but not eliminated).

    In any case, self-care (including meditation) is important for every (to use terminology from the decades when I was Buddhist) sentient being alive today.

    I also consider the occurrence of multiple stressors is a factor – the current events are, perhaps, more along the lines of “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” – as we live, in effect, in a psychic soup where things like the rise of insecure work contribute to mental health challenges as well as the climate crisis and Russia’s current war against Ukraine. I agree with what Whitley said about the war Ukraine – particularly the nuclear and escalation risks which makes it worse than conflicts such as that in Yemen (which currently has its first ceasefire in six years). That the visitors are concerned about nuclear weapons (as well as climate change and freedom) is both reassuring and worrying – worrying in that it confirms these are major issues.

    And yes, I am doing my version of praying for peace, as I have done since the 1970s.

    On freedom, I think former US President Harry Truman once said something along the lines of not imposing a right wing dictatorship to resist a left wing dictatorship.

    Moving on to the episode itself, as someone with a small degree of clairalience, the comments about smell were particularly interesting to me. I also agree on the significance of contact “in our backyards” and personal “waking up” – which, in my (not very spectacular) case also started at around 14 (in the 1970s) . . . although my (adoptive) father was given some relaxation tapes in the 1960s which resulted in the entire family laying on the lounge room carpet and visualising ourselves as “fluffy white clouds”.

    I mostly enjoyed this episode – particularly the comments about developing our abilities with others (although I also consider shadow work important).

    However, I disagree with the guest’s opinion on the cause of climate change, the micronova, etc.

    On the other hand, I agree that overpopulation is a major problem.

  15. Whitley, you must get rid of your fears. You are unfortunately scaring people with your comments about war. Fear will not be allowed into the higher dimensions. It’s will not survive in high frequencies, so please learn to let go of the fears so you can advance. You, my dear friend, are in charge of your reality. Use the tool of imagination to create your new reality. Just like Anne says, you must imagine your very best future, regardless of what else is going on.
    I love you very much for all you do. Thank you.

    1. In New Age parlance, “letting go of fear” is synonymous with DENIAL OF WHAT IS GOING ON. I am sick of it. If you were in Poland before the invasion of Poland by Hitler, would your fears be groundless? Could you just think your way to a world without war and murder? Or is it just a refusal to face what is going on because doing so it too hard to take? Whitley is BRAVE for facing what is going on. He doesn’t need simple minded New Age platitudes to encourage him to deny it and pretend none of it exists. Like it or not, if you were living in Ukraine, you could be dead now or a refugee regardless of all your thoughts to the contrary.

      1. these are nuanced ideas, though I will say that there can certainly be a healthy dose of toxic positivity available in the simple talk

  16. This whole aspect of predictions of Earth ending events fascinates me. Despite numerous prior prognostications coming to absolutely nothing, we still feel a need to invest emotional energy in worrying about them. If you can’t do anything about it, then what is the point of knowing? If one were to wonder about it cynically, you might be forgiven for thinking it could be a purposeful sci-ops campaign, to keep us in a state of fear. But then again, many, if not most experiencers recall being shown cataclysmic Earth events…but to what end, psychologically speaking? Endless, “what if” scenarios can be a dark road to walk down. Is there no other way to impress on us the preciousness of something, than to be shown its destruction?

    1. I agree with your take on end of the world scenarios. John Mack seems to have concluded that they were rather educational, too. Maybe it is like in physics: everything is a question of probability. I also wouldn‘t be surprised if some of those UFOs were powered by an Infinite Improbability Drive. Stumbling around overwhelmed and clueless I do feel a lot like Arthur Dent recently.

      1. Well, at least that’s one step up from Marvin…paranoid…but I heard he had a Heart of Gold 😉

  17. Thank you Whitley, this was an interesting interview on many levels. I was interested in her story and there were some small alignments to my own. I feel less invested in deciding if its “true or not” and more interesting in taking in the wild ride of this great adventure. One thing I have been thinking about- later in the interview when she starts talking about future events- I heard the Q story of “elites who consider us expendable” and will “survive the cataclysm underground” etc. This is a deep part of the current conspiracy material that you warn about at the beginning of the show. So, when the visitors are trying to communicate with us- how much of our perception of what they are trying to communicate is directly impacted by our own beliefs? In this case this conspiracy stuff? we are not clean slates for receiving information- none of us. Perhaps if we accept that, we may be able to navigate information with somewhat clearer perception. Or perhaps a larger community wide conversation of what we’ve “been told” would help us eliminate biases and find an underlying thread. Just thoughts….might be a worthy endeavor….

  18. For those of you who believe our GREAT MOTHER EARTH is a living entity, you can be sure she will do what she needs to do for her survival. It might not be pretty, but it will be. You all need to download Whitley’s e-book:
    “2012 ebook Solar Flares: What You Need to Know.”

    X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: A big and very active sunspot complex emerged over the sun’s northeastern limb yesterday. It has already produced an X1-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast on April 17th at 03:34 UT:

    1. Thank you for your post. I immediately downloaded Whitley’s e-book on solar flares (you can consider this your 7th sale Whitley – just joking) and then noticed that you mentioned Nasa recorded a blast on “April 17th” (my bday) at “3:34” which is the number of the house I grew up in and still visit. Just turning 60, I am a life-long contactee with my own story to tell. Now is the time to tell that story.
      Thank you for your wonderful work Whitley! I have followed you since your first book opened my eyes to remembering. I commend you – and Anne – for your bravery and commitment.

  19. I must congratulate Whitley for having Dolly on the podcast as she has stirred up an interesting varied conversation here. Her story is intriguing but a few things make me wonder about the christian concept of The Rapture? But Dolly, although you are an attractive person, do you really want to remain in this current earthly body when you are “taken up”?? I know, as a senior citizen, that I don’t!! I have lots of questions for Dolly! I liked what “weberdance” commented that he wasn’t as invested in whether it was true or not but rather interested in the “wild ride of this great adventure”.
    I have to say “Ditto” to that!

    1. Will this be like the golden age that occurred after the total collapse of civilization in the West with Rome’s fall? As I recall from history books, it was a time of great joy and enlightenment. Oh wait. It is actually referred to as the DARK AGE. So somehow out of civilization’s ruin, we will magically become enlightened New Agers who live in teepees and willingly die from simple infections, since all the evil Big Pharma antibiotics will be gone. I look forward to it. Eye roll.

  20. As always, so much of what was discussed in the interview with Dolly expanded my personal inner knowing and understanding. As always, I am so grateful for the grounded, practical and open approach you bring Whitley. It’s why I trust how and what you bring to your work. I also found the future Dolly describes depressing, hopeless and irritating. So if there is nothing we can do about the future she is laying out for us, except to say YES, to rescue then what is the point in knowing? I understand that there are people in the world that may be terrified to accept help from visitors, and it’s good to have a heads up to not being afraid. However, I venture to say that people who listen to Dreamland , don’t fall into that category, so it’s like preaching to the choir. Why haven’t we heard more of this possibility from other contactee’s? Or from you Whitley and your visitor crew? It seems if this is a done deal then wouldn’t we be receiving more warnings? And, if this is true, not everyone will be picked up and so they will die. So all those souls will be flung out of their physical bodies and go home to source anyway, where all is whole and well. I suppose there is a necessity for human physical forms to return and re-populate whenever the earth can start over, but, I don’t know. It seems off to me somehow. I would like to know if there is information out there that corroborates Dolly’s understanding. I should say that I am a clairvoyant myself, and while I’m absolutely open to the fact there are things I am not shown, I just don’t feel connected to this particular scenario, or the time frame. The whole thing is heartbreaking to me and deeply disturbing and I’m not sure what we are meant to be doing with all of this information. I’ve bought her book, so maybe I will understand more when I’ve finished reading!

    1. Author

      As I hope was clear from the way I connected this interview, I don’t think that we should take these predictions and pronouncements as gospel. One of the side effects of the close encounter experience is that one is left with a feeling of impending catastrophe. Of course someday such feelings will be right, just on the odds. But for the most part I think that it reflects the implosion of one’s own worldview more than a prediction of actual physical future disaster. At least I certainly hope so!

      1. I suspect the greys are attempting to seed catastrophic outcomes/timelines among us psychically powerful (especially us Rh negs).

        1. Stuart, that is an interesting comment from a fellow Rh neg. Do you mean that people with more developed psychic abilities will experience more catastrophic outcomes/timelines or that they will predict/prophecy them?

    2. You have nailed it, Eliz123, from my point of view. Thank you for sharing your observations.

  21. Grays eat fish and use the toilet according to the book. Seems to me I have read that they absorb nutrients and excret waste through their skin. I always look for some consistencies in experiencer’s reports, of which there are many. Perplexed.

    1. Author

      This entire experience exists on some level of reality we are not used to entering. I think that’s the only way to explain all of the inconsistencies. It has the malleability of dream and yet involves what, at least at times, seem to be physical entities coming out of physical machines. We just have to live with that.

  22. I like to get the link to the video interview in my inbox so I can listen and watch it on Saturday night when I’ve gone to bed. It’s something I’m looking forward to.

  23. Whitley, this was fascinating as always. You hosted this beautifully – with compassion, an open mind, and also kindly pushing back on some of Dolly’s assertions that you disagree with. Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Yes, i also want to thank you, Whitley. I also really appreciated that you were willing to contradict the part you disagreed with. While my mother was an experiencer, despite being RH Neg. I myself have no (conscious) memories or psychic abilities. Just an interest in the topic since childhood and my mom’s interesting experiences… so i did very much enjoy this one. Thanks again.

  24. Some things like ‘there is a conspiracy hiding the fact that the length of a day is shrinking’ are fantasy, false ideas. I have noticed that some people who have a real experience, then confuse dreams and fantasy with ‘reality’ (not that dreams are not a dimension of reality, but the laws of astral experience are not to be confused with incarnate experience where our spirit makes choices).

    Seems egotistical that they would need a human to fly a ship and the rescue scenario is nothing new, as well as much she stated as if it were first hand: retold contactee mythology. I personally think the truth is much stranger and more complex than this weaving of things heard before. I do not think she is intentionally lying and a few things seemed experience based, but most of it appeared to me to be twisting together things read or seen on you-tube.

    Prophesy (or precognition – presentiment) do not involve dates, that is added on by the ego. The future is not determined and humanity has the potential to wake up and change our planet destroying course.

    1. Objectively, a lot of Dolly’s comments could be seen as a vanity project. SHE drives around the solar system because SHE is special to them (their pet?). SHE will rescue people (from a higher level than them) when the time comes. Yet all I see is a little old lady in a Georgia kitchen. Well, at least she did not predict that SHE single handedly would change the earth’s orbit.

  25. Whitley, after all the talk from fellow experiencers that they have understood their job will be to assist others off planet…my gut goes dry.. I feel so much a part of this Earth, and I don’t mean people, I mean NATURE…. I can’t imagine another world..even as damaged and sad as ours has become. I feel the same as you….that I won’t be one of those taken.
    Dolly really hit a key point regarding the weather and our Star Sun- back in 2006 I suddenly became downloaded with solar troubles…..wasn’t sure what it was,,, CME’s? , pulse.. or flares? …death or expansion/ explosion… all I know is I intuitively ‘felt’ within every cell of my being that something BIG was about to happen to our Sun and our entire grid would be fried. I felt intense need to head to hills, farm, garden, live off grid. It was also then that I noticed the Sun was in a different spot, and the color of it was white…not the golden yellow of my childhood during the 1970’s.

    1. I am not sure whether it’s the Madella Effect at play or not but the sun does seem to appear more blue-white than I remember it back in childhood. That being said, back then, we were still allowed to burn coal at home and a generation earlier, there were still regular smogs in towns. So, if there has been a shift in the perceived colour of the Sun, I would suggest it is down to the reducing amounts of large particles in the atmosphere, that scatter blue light. If the spectral signature of light from the sun, unfiltered by atmosphere, had actually changed, the scientific community would be up in arms. Unless you believe that they do have evidence of a change and they, including amateur scientists / astronomers, are all being kept quiet somehow?

      With regards to the Sun being in a different spot…what on Earth (pun intended) do you mean?

    2. Author

      I very much doubt that this is going to happen. I don’t think we’re leaving here, any of us.

  26. There was a lot to unpack here…And too much for me to go into (including my own heightened sense of smell—and hearing.) That being said, much did resonate, but some did not. Dolly is telling the truth as she experiences it. I may need to listen to this one again.

    1. Talking about hearing… back in junior school, as part of a lesson, our teacher took us to the school hall to see how far away we could hear a pin drop. She was stunned to find that I could not only hear it from the other side of the hall but also through a small corridor to the far side of a connected classroom – at least twice as far as any of the other kids. As an adult my hearing is still very sensitive and I often wear earplugs to dull down extraneous noise.

  27. Whitley, For me the best part of the show was when you said “If anybody isn’t rescued I am not going to be rescued, unless every single one of us is rescued” Thank you for that. The birth of compassion is what will save us.

      1. The definition of that word sounds like the ‘Master of The Key’ too.

        1. As a scientist who has been paying attention to peer reviewed literature for over a decade (pertaining to our sun and magnetic shield), her predictions are already what I expect. As an experiencer, I suspect that we may awaken more deeply as/when needed in order to make the best of what is about to unfold. Thanks for having this guest on Whitley. I agree that we are causing lots of problems via pollution, but her claims about larger cycles ARE backed up in the most informed publication analyses I’ve seen. Time will tell, but folks should know that our next solar max is around 2025, and with our magnetic shield weakening, well, your vision (Whitley) mentioned years ago of a future where the sun was being monitored much more closely seem to be precisely what has been occurring, for those who know where to look. Suspicious Observers is one YT channel who has come out and stated he is also being assisted by those in academia and NASA who might catch flak for publically stating as much without anonymity. For what it is worth…

          1. Thanks for sharing your point of view. It’s very useful, and as sobering as the information is, we do need to look at it head on. The tragedy to me is that, as you say, the info is there “for those who know where to look.” It should be openly available to all; it’s surely more important than the lives of the Kardashians, and other such nonsense.

            That said, I think it’s really irresponsbile to adopt the viewpoint that we should not concern ourselves with how we conduct ourselves on our home planet with regard to energy sources and use of them, and how they impact the biosphere and all creatures on it. While Dolly stopped short of saying, “forget about worrying about fossil fuels”, clearly it was implied, and that’s a big mistake on the path to developing compassion and empowerment. We care about the impact of what we do…or we “should” care about it…until our last breath. We cannot control the situation with the sun, but what we can control, we should attend to with the utmost care and attention. I agree with Whitley; we need to be compassionate, and that’s arguably one of the main reasons we are here, in this situation: to learn how to do that. Would not such a talent and active practice grow a strong soul?

  28. At about 1:21 Dollly explains that climate change is being caused by the fact that, about 80 years ago our sun changed its polarity and there are coinciding cycles occurring and that it’s not man made climate change or pollution but friction from the sun and other factors over which we seemingly have no control. Interesting food for thought there.

    1. Rubbish. Co2 emissions since 1850 are caused by human industrial activity.

    2. Firstly, since 1976, the Sun’s magnetic field has flipped (apparently known as a ‘grand reversal’) four times, the last of which was in 2013. It happens every 11 years on average, which means the next one is due in 2024. They happen at the solar maximum when the sun is at its most active. This seems to fit with what the remote viewer Buddy Bolton (interviewed on Earthfiles) suggested, that there would be a large solar flare, in 2024…but this is probably an educated guess based on scientific studies of the Sun’s known activity cycles.

      Back to the solar polarity flips…When a solar pole flip happens, appently it causes ripples in something known as the Sun’s ‘current sheet’. Here is a quote from the below NASA article…

      “…During field reversals, the current sheet becomes very wavy. Scherrer likens the undulations to the seams on a baseball. As Earth orbits the sun, we dip in and out of the current sheet. Transitions from one side to another can stir up stormy space weather around our planet. Cosmic rays are also affected. These are high-energy particles accelerated to nearly light speed by supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy. Cosmic rays are a danger to astronauts and space probes, and some researchers say they might affect the cloudiness and climate of Earth. The current sheet acts as a barrier to cosmic rays, deflecting them as they attempt to penetrate the inner solar system. A wavy, crinkly sheet acts as a better shield against these energetic particles from deep space…”

      So, it seems that a solar polar flip can actually enhance Earth’s protection from Cosmic rays… the downside being that Earth’s space weather can get a bit hectic.

      1. I am not arguing against the main cause for the acceleration of climate change on Earth being man-made…However, there is a known indirect link between solar magnetic pole reversal and climate warming. The solar polar flips cause a reduction in cosmic rays hitting the Earth, which in turn has the effect of creating less low cloud cover in the atmosphere (cosmic rays can cause the creation of low lying clouds) which in turn could create warming effects of weather systems on Earth. I do not know how much of an exacerbatery effect that may produce….but please read the below article for more information, which shows the link but also suggests that more study is required.

        So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, by saying solar activity has nothing to do with climate change on Earth. But also, don’t use this as an excuse to absolve yourself of your responsibilities to the Earth and the pollution we are creating, which is having a clear and measurable effect on warming and climate instability.

    3. “Friction from the sun”. How hilarious. And presumably Preston buys all this since he even wrote a book featuring Dolly. Ufology truly is the land of the scientifically illiterate presuming to speak with the authority of aliens (who come here from vast distances or other dimensions to spout Hallmark Greeting Card sentiments to us and tell us that QAnon is right). It never ends. I doubt I will be buying another Preston book any time soon.

  29. Author

    People want to blame anything except the actual cause, which is CO2 and methane emission into the atmosphere due to human activity. It has nothing to do with solar polarity or “friction from the sun,” whatever that may mean.

    1. Whitley, would you say that this podcast has generated more comments than most? It seems to be the case for the short time I’ve been tuned in.

    2. See my comments and links above, regarding research into the link between solar pole flips, cosmic rays, and Earth’s weather systems.

    3. BRAVO WHITLEY!!! Did you have a “come to Jesus” moment recently? I am incredibly impressed by how you are now sharing your actual views on topics, letting the chips fall where they may. THANK YOU.

  30. Notice she said her father was in the military? These stories are being used by the OneWorlders to promote the climate change hoax and the one world government. I am suspicious of all these UFO stories because of that.

    1. Yes, I am sure 97% of the scientists who have made climate study their life’s work after years and years of advanced education are wrong, but some conspiracy monger like Alex Jones or QAnon is right. Uh huh. Gotcha.

  31. Anyone who considers climate change a hoax at this point in time is either a fool, some kind of Russian agent, or a demon. We lost our house two weeks ago. The first tornado we have had in our community in living memory. I blame people who deny climate change. They are the tools of the super rich and the oligarchs who can afford to build shelters while the rest of us see our homes destroyed.

  32. Conspiracy theories are mostly nonsense. They originate as clickbait for the gullible. A case in point: there is no “one world government” except in the minds of fools who are duped into putting their money into the pockets of crooked politicians and internet con artists.

    1. Not yet… but there should be! We need a Star Trek style world government! We need to make Star Trek our future! Minus the nuclear war, though… preferably!

      1. Speaking from the Star Trek scenario, we need some “Q” level entities (with seemingly magical powers) to help us. Right now I think the people who care are in the minority. I don’t blame most of the planet’s population because they are living from day to day just above a survival level. It reminds me of this old skit I saw on Ed Sullivan as a kid. Some crazy guy had all these poles. On top of each pole he twirled a dinner plate. His entire act consisted of him running around frantically to keep all the plates spinning before they crashed to the ground. We were simple people back then. We loved it. But I always saw a metaphor for how this world is dealing with problems through out history. But to make it a perfect metaphor, there would need to be a second person in the Ed Sullivan act whose intent was to actively push the plates off the poles. There are people like Putin who seem to want destruction and chaos.

  33. Truly enjoyed this interview. Thanks Whitley, Preston and Dolly.

  34. Applause for yet another engaging thought-provoking show.

    Dreamlanders: Whitley has made it quite clear that he wants to have a range of guests on the show that may not always have ideas that agree with the consensus. If this site is not a place for being able to put such experiences forward then where, I ask?
    To complain when someone brings an impossible story to the table or to demand “scientific backing” undermines the adventuresome nature of the podcast, IMO.

    I had a hard time believing outright some of the things Dolly mentioned myself; however – and it’s a big however – her description of the craft she said she piloted is remarkably similar to experiences I have had in my explorations of soul anatomy, particularly the sahu.

    In 2017 I saw what I can only describe as a craft in the sky which I filmed. Not long after, a deceased mathematician told me in meditation that this was him, and that is how he gets around now.

    I am not a fan of prophecy as such so did not engage with that part of the conversation. I do intend to get Preston’s book when it is released as an audiobook because there was much in Dolly’s discussions that I would like to further explore.

    Whitley: besides the solar flare book, what was the other one you mentioned that you said no one ever read please?

  35. I’m very confused here at the end by the polarizing speech and broad generalities about “the people” needing to “wake up” and Dolly’s shift to a smug, abrasive tone for awhile, a little angry sounding. She seems very invested in the physical body for someone who claims the experiences she’s had. Do we need physical ships to “go?” Really? I thought Whitley handled all that very well inspite of her jumpily inserting “yes” and “right”. I smelled some of the black box childhood experiences from the beginning with her description of her father’s work and his coaching her. I suspect there is quite a bit more. Side note, the earth’s core has always been hot. Since everything is connected, that solar burst polar flip is related to humanity’s malware in our brains. We are responsible for the imbalance, not victims. Being stuck in a victim/perpetrator is not freedom and is a symptom of abuse. She needs to work on her polarized thinking first.

    1. I would like proof that WE are responsible for thermo events. Does this mean before there was human consciousness there were no earth upheavals? I wonder how the land near me became tipped at a 45 degree angle millions of years ago? Were the dinosaurs just having bad thoughts or bad vibs? The exit I take off the freeway to my home was cut through a hillside. The many sedimentary levels are there for all to see, but they are all tipped sideways about 45 degrees. Were the Flintstones and the people of bedrock having a bad day? When people repeat this New Age dogma about how WE are (with our puny little thoughts) responsible for EVERYTHING that happens, I just roll my eyes and close down. Yes, there are victims in the world. Many of them are in Ukraine right now in mass graves. Sometimes I think that the people who claim there are no victims are people who are MORE terrified of being a victim than the rest of us, so they flee into a facile philosophy of denial of how uncertain life actually is. Sorry, but I refuse to take personal responsibility for Old Faithful and earth changes, although I know New Agers hold this as a basic tenet. I was into the New Age at a deep level for decades. And at the end of it, I still had not been able to use my thoughts or emotions to move even 1 grain of sand.

    2. The shift in presentation you described…I noticed that too. As a retired mental health professional, I have to say, it reminded me of a fixed delusional disorder; much like QAnon in otherwise “reasonable” people.

  36. Sometimes I get frustrated with Preston Deneett. I have not met him but it just seems that he has no sense of discernment regarding this subject. He has published many books and I have bought some, but at times I have scoffed and thought “Oh, come on now, Preston. You aren’t really buying this, are you?” He just seems to believe every story given to him and runs with it.

  37. What concerns me is that each experiencer comes “loaded” with programs from their local culture, their family, their respected authority figures. In the USA, this can lead to a person who is progressive while another person is ultra-conservative. Alien experience is filtered through this. So we have experiencers babbling about QAnon talking points (claiming that the aliens agree that Donald Trump is our savior on earth and that fascism is the ideal form of human organization) versus a very New Age message. So how are we to possibly discern a real message when each experiencer comes “programmed’ by society and sees alien experience as a reinforcement of previous dogmas. For any alien to say that Biden, for example, is the enemy of humanity, is just ludicrous. But this is standard belief for half the electorate. So are there Greys out there wearing red MAGA hats? Just a few points. WHY oh WHY do these aliens always have B-grade 1950’s style “Space Names”? If a visitor asked me to name him, I’d just call him Fred, not Tolatta or Nordak or Tordar. Secondly, IF her videos are REAL, then there is an underlying experience, but I just bristled as she described her experience flying a craft. It was so “earth like”, e.g., going through these protocols and talking about magnetic fields. Give me a break. I will be blunt. I think there is so much BS layered on top of what might be a real experience that I find it ridiculous. But this may NOT be her fault. She may not be confabulating. This entire phenomena comes built in with a level of absurdity, as if to trigger the giggles and scorn. And if all these “paranormal powers” are naturally ours, and we don’t have them because, as Preston absurdly claimed, a big bad terrible government is oppressing us, then how come we see no signs of this ANYWHERE like Amazon tribes (with no contact to these big bad governments) and island cultures with no contact with these big bad governments? So many facile statements!!!!!! Sexuality is a natural part of the human being. And religion and government has tried to suppress this for various reasons, but it reigns!!! If these paranormal abilities were actually so natural to us, like sexuality, then no government could stifle it.

    1. No, YOU are personally responsible for Ukraine genocide. Welcome to the NEW AGE!

      1. On the one hand you are absolutely right to challenge me, on the other why will nobody actually consider the root cause of this awful human tragedy?

        I’m not blaming Americans, more successive American Administrations.

        If we don’t confront the root cause of this heartbreaking situation then can anyone hope to see a way out of this?

  38. (Posting again here with a few added thoughts)
    As a scientist who has been paying attention to peer reviewed literature for over a decade (pertaining to our sun and magnetic shield), her predictions are already what I expect. Climate change is real, but also cyclic. Years ago, when I watched “An Inconvenient Truth”, I noticed that the CO2 plot was trailing, not leading, the temperature trends. Guess what? Most recent peer reviewed literature (i.e. refereed journals) actually support the conclusion that global warming was real but also part of larger cycles across time, and our entire solar system is undergoing a shift now. As an experiencer, I suspect that we may awaken more deeply as/when needed in order to make the best of what is about to unfold. Thanks for having this guest on Whitley. I agree that we are causing lots of problems via pollution, but her claims about larger cycles ARE backed up in the most informed publication analyses I’ve seen. Time will tell, but folks should know that our next solar max is around 2025, and with our magnetic shield weakening, well, your vision (Whitley) mentioned years ago of a future where the sun was being monitored much more closely seem to be precisely what has been occurring, for those who know where to look. Suspicious Observers is one YT channel who has come out and stated he is also being assisted by those in academia and NASA who might catch flak for publically stating as much without anonymity. With a college class of mine we once checked into every paper mentioned in an important video from that individual, and every single one checked out as legit and implying what he was summarizing. For what it is worth, he has been warning about exactly what Dolly was speaking to, and what someone above mentioned a remote viewer was seeing. Could it all be a huge conspiracy to dupe us about the true cause of climate change actually being us? I guess, but my own childhood experiences seem to have been a “heads up” about looming cycles coming home to roost anyway (along with the mess we are making not helping at all) so I am learning about indigenous lifestyles and skills as time permits. Acorns are healthy when properly treated first for example, and super sustainable! Still, I might transition sooner than I suspect regardless, but I recommend the book Whitley wrote a foreword to (the Omega Project by Dr. Kenneth Ring) as an excellent resource to remind us all of the similarities between our experiences and those of near death experiencers. I had a nearby death experience myself when my sister died in a car crash as a kid, so I found that book extremely interesting/reassuring. Wonder awaits us all no matter what happens here. And folks like Dr. Ring and W. Streiber deserve Galactic Nobel prizes for their contributions!

  39. When I was a kid my mom would ask me to make my bed and I’d think “why? I’m just going to sleep in it again anyway!” Discipline, discernment, care, love, gratitude, seem like appropriate responses to my home now. It shelters me, provides safety, brings me peace and I want to honor it by being aware, self aware enough, to know that the benefits of showing up and caring go far beyond physicality. I always make my bed now, recycle, try to limit my footprint. I understand the futility of these small insignificant acts but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t commit to doing my best.
    If we knew for sure that climate change was being driven by cyclical forces beyond our ability to impact, as well as our emissions, would we just give up and trash the place? It seems we have our answer because at some level, this is what climate deniers believe. Personally, I find most folks are so overwhelmed they’re barely hanging on these days let alone able to figure out how to heal our planet. Given our widespread disagreement over, well, everything, I just keep encouraging the people I know to make their bed anyway.
    I have followed Ben Davidson for years and agree with JQPUB, there is a scientific basis for what’s occurring as well as humanities continued disregard for our home. None of this will change my commitment to cleaning up my act, and yes, understanding that from a soul perspective, my environment also includes my emotional maturity and ability to forgive myself and others. New age-y perhaps, but I’m committed to this place, brother, sisterhood and being a good planetary citizen. I do my best to show up, impact and influence where I can but ultimately, I can only do the work for myself, by myself, in community with people I respect. I appreciated this show and all the many thoughtful, heartfelt responses. SecretHarmonies, I am so sorry for the loss of your home.

  40. I wanted to share an experience to illustrate how these interviews can have a real-world, tangible impact.

    I was able to use some of the ideas regarding consciousness and time to solve a couple of difficult, technical problems at work recently.

    The problem was an issue with an application that I had taken over the development of; one that had several authors of varying capability. I was tasked with standing up a new development server, and copying over the application to the new environment. As it turns out, I ran into several technical challenges that took up a significant amount of time. After listening to this podcast, I tried a diffferent approach; to shift my perspective, and contact a “me” who had already solved the problem. After a period of rest, insight into the solution came in a flash.

    This is how I accomplished the task:
    – I first set up protections; this is an absolutely necessary step. In my case I used reiki as my modality of choice.
    – Shift your perspective to a meditative state.
    – From this state, I move to a visualization of time as a series of intertwined tubes, in a vast expanse.
    – Concentrate on the outcome; in this case, communication from the “me” that found the solution.
    – Form a heart to heart channel, to the future self, and ask for the solution
    – You should feel something (subjectively). It may be a feeling, a visualization, or some other sensation.
    – Thank your future self, and those who helped facilitate the communication
    – shift your perspective back to the body
    – Take some time to normalize in whatever way seems best for you.

    I hope this is of service.

  41. I happily subscribed to unknown country today after hearing Whitely’s plea about losing subscribers to extremist conspiracy believers, and, also to hear the last part of this interview. Happy to be part of the “moderate” and grounded UFO phenomenon world.

    Then I hear the guest cry “Soros!” (Like I’ve heard extremist do in the past.) Oh well, I guess it’s good not to run away from all points of view. Funny thing, she sounded like a completely different person when going off on the Soros! tangent, then when she was discussing her alien contacts.

  42. Very interesting…I’m sure there are some true things in what Dolly presented, but I’d like to point out that the End of the World scenario she outlined, complete with ETs rescuing certain people, was the conclusion to the movie “The Knowing”, starring Nicholas Cage, that was released in 2009.

  43. I listened to this show last night for the first time, 10 months after it aired, following Whitley’s suggestion in the January 21, 2023 show with Preston Dennet. The comments on this 2022 show are fascinating and as interesting as the show with Dolly, itself.

    Did anyone else notice the apparent conflict between Preston’s observations and Dolly’s? Preston notes that ET/alien/visitors have been telling experiencers for decades “you are destroying your planet.” This is truth, both in the sense that we know that our energy sources are contributing to accelerated warming, and in the sense that many experiencers have been given this message. Then Dolly’s message is, “We are not destroying our planet; it’s a natural occurrence from solar activity and changes.” Both can’t be true. Unless both are true, but why isn’t the whole truth coming out from all experiencers? It generally seems to be slanted one way or the other.

    I think about other experiencers and the messages they have brought. Sherry Wilde comes to mind. She reported that in November 2009, we all made a choice about whether or not we each wanted to remain on Earth and shepherd in a New World after the changes or leave the planet, though we don’t all know or remember this choice event. And there is no description of what, exactly, “leave the planet” means. It could be relocation, but to what, and where, and why? Could be physical death, but what about our souls? Who knows? She’s not saying.

    I recall the experiencer Leah Haley, who spoke at the Ozark UFO Conference in the early years of the 21st century. She wrote two books about her abduction experiences. But in 2006, she attended the conference and did not present; simply offered her books with a leaflet disclaimer that reported that she came to believe that all of her memories of abduction were fabricated, and that she was a victim of a mind control program conducted by the CIA. The statement seems sincere, and not simply a disclaimer made out of fear and a desire to retract her story due to possible retaliation. She admitted that she doesn’t know if aliens really do exist, or not, and she has accepted that many of the questions that she is left with will likely never be answered to her satisfaction.

    Who to believe? What to believe? Anne had it right: we’re too young (don’t have enough information yet) to have beliefs. We do, indeed, need to be asking a lot more good questions. Keep an open mind, folks. And thank you, Whitley, for your excellent questions and your compassionate focus on this strange journey of humanity.

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