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Unexplained booms, bizarre earthquakes–the first 12 days of January are almost beyond explanation. Learn more in this special 1 hour Dreamland. The second half hour is the section normally reserved for subscribers. Please enjoy it, and consider subscribing to

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  1. That’s the same feeling I
    That’s the same feeling I had, Whitley when I first heard about the reported booms around the world. That there is ‘Someone coming and going’.

  2. Could be… Like a
    Could be… Like a dimensional “Sonic Boom”, mebbe’?
    I hope that we find our inner Godhead – Soon!

  3. Very well done – all parts of
    Very well done – all parts of the program.

  4. One of the best shows ever!
    One of the best shows ever! Great job, Linda and Whitley! I must say, Linda, imo, you really outdid any of the times I have previously heard you, with this show. Kudos!

    I think there are different kinds/causes of “booms”. Some are above ground (I actually resonated w/the remote viewers assessment of what might be causing some of them — with a few minor adjustments) — altho I don’t think their explanation accounts for all of the above ground booms.

    Others booms people hear are caused, imo, by the earth’s axis moving (crust slippage, etc.) In addition to the rotational axis moving to a lesser degree status, the Great Lakes may be tipping southward (as Cayce predicted). So a lot of crustal movement/displacement is going on. The crust is also slipping on the mantle. Its possible that as the axis moves — the resulting movement affects the atmosphere above causing pockets of turbulence that cld also result in booms. Frightening as these booms may sound — it is really quite spectacular that things are moving so smoothly 🙂 It seems that God, the Sun, and earth are more pleased with humanity than humanity gives itself credit for . . .

  5. Here’s some
    Here’s some speculation.

    Remember those Drones some years back, and how some said they disappeared in a blink of an eye, and became invisible, were they the first test vehicles for their new acquired invisibility cloak , if so where did that technology initially come from.

    Lets assume that is the case, and they have now perfected this invisibility cloak system.

    What might have been the next stage in its use, the obvious use that springs to my mind if i was in the military would be to augment the existing Air Force with that capability.

    And maybe, this is what is going on in all these different NATO countries, they are testing to see if the invisibility cloak still works at super sonic speeds and above.

    I would be interested to know if these booms are being heard in none NATO countries.

    We had some booms over here in the UK a couple of days ago, they thought it was an earthquake, and the BBC were interviewing a guy live on television , and just as he said it started with a loud B, and just as he was about to say Boom, the broadcast was cut dead, coincidence ?, maybe , or some group did not want to connect these events with the word Boom, as i think we are talking about sonic booms from above.

    So putting 2 and 2 together one can really only come to one conclusion that its home grown with a little help maybe from an outside source, who ever they might be.

  6. I have experienced these
    I have experienced these ‘booms’ here is Central Texas. I too have had those very loud thuds that shake the house and sound like they are coming from above on the second floor. Back in May, my boyfriend and I were watching TV early one Sunday evening when we heard what we thought was a boom box blaring loudly and coming from a distance. I remarked, “Those boom boxes can be a real nuisance!” I barely got the words out of my mouth when the boom seemed to come from directly above the house and resonating down to vibrate the house. “That’s no boom box!” My friend ran outside and saw and heard…nothing. No one else had experienced it, no neighbors outside, no cars, and no apparent cause for a boom that shook the house and alarmed my dog and cat.

    My sister lives up in East Texas up near Longview and they hear what sounds like explosions that are ongoing and no one, including authorities, know what is going on, but you really don’t see Linda getting reports from Texas, although we are getting unusual earthquake activity up near Dallas and Ft. Worth. I believe this problem is widespread, and a lot of people aren’t reporting it or are simply ignoring this phenomenon. (Here in Texas, few alarms would allowed to be raised due to the political climate here. Just sayin’… and I was born and raised here. As a state, Texas is not particularly enlightened or willing to take on a controversy that cannot be explained, plus they are afraid of running off business, particularly oil and gas drilling. Long live the Texas Railroad Commission, emphasis on ‘Railroad’, not the definition that is about trains and transportation! (Sorry, I’ll get off the soapbox now. Whitley knows, which is why he and Anne now live in Southern California!)

    I will allow one thing about my particular location: I’m pretty sensitive, have quite a few odd, ongoing experiences, and I am aware of, for want of a better word, ‘portals’ in this area.

    If you are not going to Linda’s daily, you are missing out on a lot of important information.

    1. Cosmic Librarian,
      I too

      Cosmic Librarian,
      I too have heard the booms and have seen strange dancing lights in the sky associated with them as well as other unusual phenomena. I live in south central Texas area, and wonder if it isn’t a combination of our technology and theirs creating the sounds. I’ve also been reading Starfire Tor’s page regarding sun activity and time slips, etc, I also wonder if the weakening of the earth’s geomagnetic field is contributing to increased activity in the core because of the influence of outer energetic structures effecting it. It reminds me of an MRI machine with the booms that you hear when the large magnetic is running. Just random thoughts…

  7. Relating the “greys” to a
    Relating the “greys” to a fungal infestation – now that’s a scary thought!


  9. Sheila – are you certain you
    Sheila – are you certain you were not hearing booms from Aberdeen Proving Ground?
    I live in Nottingham, not far from Parkville, and for years (long before 2011) have heard booms a friend and I have assumed have been originating from APG. Some rattle the house. (I’m not a disbeliever in the booms Linda reports on, and of course I do not know the timing/nature of what you heard.)

    I grew up in Parkville. : )

  10. After the interview with
    After the interview with Linda Moulton Howe on Friday January 23, 2015: (Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift), I wanted to post a comment but received an error message that would not let me do so. Still having a problem and am posting from my tablet OR trying too. The point being is I have never had this message before. While in that moment the thought crossed my mind that it could be a message for me to act on something especially when reading the word comments. THEN, I remembered AJAX from the Cayce readings. This felt synchronistic to Linda’s interview on January 23rd.

    The error message read (error occurred…ajax/comments) or something to that affect. THEN, I got to thinking that maybe Ajax/Ax-Tell had something to say in regards to this weeks ‘DREAMLAND.’ I checked out what Edgar Cayce had to say about him and am giving AJAX a voice with this post…..

    I am familiar with and have read about the Magnetic Pole Shift BUT if the SHIFTING of the EARTH’S AXIS is the real deal then what might the Earth feel like a short time before it happens? Would we notice anything different? Would the flip happen quickly or would is be a slow process? Just wondering.


    Ax-Tell and Ajax were one and the same.

    In Atlantis, he was known as Ajax. Apparently, when migrating to Egypt, it was fairly common for Atlanteans to take a new name befitting the new life in their adopted homeland. So it was for Ajax who became Ax-Tell.

    Thus Ax-Tell was a leader within the Law of One group that migrated to Egypt just prior to the final destruction of Atlantis.

    Some of the Atlanteans that were arriving regarded the native Egyptians as lower class comparable to the (“THINGS”) in Atlantis.

  11. Carollee, “if the SHIFTING of
    Carollee, “if the SHIFTING of the EARTH’S AXIS is the real deal then what might the Earth feel like a short time before it happens? Would we notice anything different? Would the flip happen quickly or would is be a slow process?”

    imo, it is happening — WIP. The high strangeness we are experiencing, the breaking down of societal structures (both good and bad), extremes, UFOs, the strange grinding sounds, the booms, sasquatch living in our forests, animals, plants, even humans thought extinct reappearing/disappearing, etc. are all part of “what it feels like”. Climate change — without a doubt — the most visible and tangible aspect.

    The rotational axis is moving towards a lesser declination. While some of the movement is gradual, there seem also to be some rapid skips as we move closer to the goal. As I have said many times before — while the scientists say that the very large earthquakes we experienced (Peru, Japan) moved the axis slightly — imo, it is the axis moving that caused the earthquakes (and continues to cause them). Big earthquakes signal big/ger, more rapid changes.

    Here are some observations of the Inuit People. (I treasure observation — its a highly underrated tool in our modern scientific world.)

    Re: Hopeful news about being/s that are defending our planet against those who wld do the earth/its inhabitants permanent and lasting harm — this is good news! Why is it so hard for some/most? of us to embrace the positive, [Whitley]? Aliens — yes? Advanced spiritual beings defending humanity — no? Why? (I differ w/remote viewers conclusion that the defending being/s are “alien”.) The remote viewers refer to a “spiritual” power that is “unstoppable” (hope I got those words right . . .). This, imo, can only mean a universal and completely spiritual power. I think we shld embrace such action and add our intentions/prayers/hopes to the cause of good overcoming evil in our mutually shared world/s. No tools or specially acquired knowledge required. One need only align w/the divine in all of us and do the best we can to promote peace, freedom, and good will on earth (and, if one is so inclined, throughout the universe). One’s actions shld align w/what is best for humanity as a whole and the earth/universe as a whole.

    What not to do (just as an example) is technologies (of any kind — physical, mental, emotional, etc.) that are used to promote the survival of one group (or one timeline) over another (for the good of mankind — sic). Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way. It really is “one for all – and all for one”. Let the universe sort out what/who goes where. Just do your best to do what’s right and try not to go down any dangerous, incoherent paths, or directions which do not lead you to where you want to go — or you may find yourself unable to return when the doors leading to those pathways close.

    earthMother wld love for everyone with a love-filled heart to experience paradise (on earth). While some may refuse to see this as anything but a childish pipe dream — this dream is a vision of a future that is, imo, still possible.

  12. Blue, I did see/read your
    Blue, I did see/read your excellent post last week; we must have been thinking similar thoughts at the same time…..

    You included this today and I would suggest that everyone view it.

  13. Great interview with Linda.
    Great interview with Linda. Mind-blowing and terrifying at the same time. Love it!!

  14. ok, we’re living in a matrix.
    ok, we’re living in a matrix. let’s ask questions, lets write to our cong. or sen. leaders. If that’s a dead end then do all the spiriatual tacticics like prayer, meditation, and fasting (for the hardy) . OK now, what happens? Nature will take it’s course (of course), but on the more creative side, things will not happen as expected! Butt it is still changing!, That’s how we know Whitley is on top of the lie and the truth, because he is examining,what is established as truth.

  15. The Super Natural: a New
    The Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained
    WHITELY, you asked for feedback on your new book..well, simply put I think you are on the exact right well-articulated track and it sounds very promising indeed!! Can’t wait to read it when it comes out! 😀

  16. Totally agree with MoreFun. I
    Totally agree with MoreFun. I am greatly anticipating reading your book.

  17. Whitley, frequently I feel
    Whitley, frequently I feel frustrated that you do not come down on one side or another regarding the extraterrestrial origin of the visitors. However, at other times, I congratulate you (in my mind) for having the strength of character not to capitulate to any one theory. You ask for feedback regarding the new book. Your insight into the Ancient Mind is brilliant and I hope you develop that concept more in the book. You write that this Mind “has injected itself into physical bodies.” I would suggest you simultaneously explore the very concept of “Body.” For what is more integral to the encounter/abduction experience than physical bodily effects? The immense range of alien body types is staggering. What occurs during the abduction experience, as you well know, can be excruciatingly physically painful or ecstatically pleasurable to one’s body. The naked body is examined by the visitors. Implants are placed into the body. Women have been shown hybrid babies. Marks are discovered on the body by the abductee following the experience. Even a visitation by a ghost often involves seeing images of a shadowy body. And as you write, “Rape is not a joke.” We even explore the mutilations of the bodies of animals. For some reason, Body is of extreme importance in this whole matter. The visitor experience is not only the greatest intellective enigma of our lives, but it is very much connected to the very nature of Physical Form and to our own Human Bodies.

  18. Laurence,
    I recommend viewing


    I recommend viewing of a movie that came out in 2013, ‘Under the Skin’. Many of the themes mentioned in your post are addressed in this compelling, yet disturbing bit of cinema. The first half hour of this movie will have you scratching your head and perhaps tempt you to discontinue viewing, but then it reaches out and grabs you, and may haunt you for a day or so. Not your typical sci-fi movie, and it also goes in unexpected directions. Check it out…

    1. Thanks Cosmic Librarian! I
      Thanks Cosmic Librarian! I love it when friends recommend books and movies to me. All the best, Laurence

  19. In Whitley’s Room from Jan 5:
    In Whitley’s Room from Jan 5: Whitley Strieber on 2015, our changing planet, changing human consciousness and the emergence of the new man. (He has delayed this because he wants to comment on a story that is still developing.)

  20. Could someone give me a nudge
    Could someone give me a nudge in the right direction concerning the events in Colorado that were not explained in the episode? I was recently listening to Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind: Selected Writings of John A. Keel and was surprised to learn that John Keel also saw the pink light like Whitley and Philip K Dick.

  21. I was wondering why UC did
    I was wondering why UC did not pick up the following story, in light of its significance…

    Scientists have slowed down light before, but this experiment did something unprecedented: by changing the shape of a photon, it changed its speed in the VACUUM itself. In earlier experiments, light speeded back up to its usual speed after it was slowed. By mutating the photon’s shape (changing its structure), the experiment was able to endow the photon with a permanent slower speed, even while it traversed the empty vacuum.

    This supports a notion that I have been working on for quite a while, that one’s relationship to time is definitively founded by structure. Where there is more order, time slows down. When there is more chaos, time speeds up. The best example of this is depicted by a youthful and elderly body: when one is young (generally more ordered, denser in body and mind) time perception slows down, and time appears to move more slowly. As one ages, the body energies become more chaotic and less dense (“thinner”); time appears to move more quickly.

    Also, this guy named Rupert Sheldrake did a lecture on the subject of Scientific dogma. He mentioned that it is assumed that light speed is a constant in his oratory. Looks like he was right, light speed is NOT a constant.

  22. I am curious if Linda is
    I am curious if Linda is performing analytical work on the relationship between the booms/sound locations to look for patterns against the following: The proximity to the mass animal deaths; sightings; ley lines, whether there is any mathematical pattern (or time pattern) to the noise incidents themselves.

    After this report, I will be visiting more often. Thank you for the hard work on bringing this report to us all.

  23. This has got to put in the
    This has got to put in the Top 5 all Time best Dreamlands!!!!

    I agree about the remote viewers seemed a little like Star Wars, I think it is stranger than that, but then again could all of them have been tuned in to the same frequency matrix?

  24. The book sounds great, but
    The book sounds great, but before going with the gnome is real hypothesis one may want to explain why a background branch overlaps a foreground branch in the photos. Not saying it’s a hoax but if that cannot be explained then I don’t think it will hold water in the logical secular world. Maybe get a second expert to take a look at that particular part.

  25. Whitley. WOW! I am utterly
    Whitley. WOW! I am utterly speechless. Welcome to ‘The Age of A queer ius’ it just keeps getting richer and richer with each and every GOLDEN NUGGET you find within the confines of that mysterious forest path you continue to tread upon.
    Beautifully read Whitley. Captivating I felt myself gulping a few times and laugh out aloud too. Little Blue men? You didn’t mistake him for a Little Blue Smurf?
    Thank you for sharing.

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